Thursday, February 3, 2011


Ok ~ I will be VERY honest with you guys! NEVER in my wildest dreams, did I think the majority of you all wouldn't know what corn bags are!!! But really I think you do :) I will just "remind" you LOL Some may know them as "rice bags" or "flax seed bags" but However you know them .... They are bags that you warm in the microwave and lay them on certain parts of your body (ie: your leg, your neck, your back, or your tummy or just wherever you might be aching.) They are also wonderful to heat up and place in your bed to warm it up before you jump in!! Sooo....see you knew what they were didn't you???!!!??! I knew it!

In our house we use the corn bags ALL.THE.TIME!! The last batch we got we have literally heated them up sooo much so that the corn inside the bags is BURNT!! LOL So Instead of buying more of them we decided to make our own. Here is how it's done.

Choose your material....a good cotton or even a flannel is nice
1/3 of a yard will do two corn bags.

Cut it in half

Turn the fabric inside out and sew around the edges and make sure you leave.....

a 4 to 5 inch gap in which you will fill with the corn

turn your bag right side out and make sure you pull your corners out completely too

fill it up with corn or rice or flax seed and then sew it up.....very carefully. I sewed it on the machine but if you feel more comfortable you can do this final bit by hand. Purely your choice!
(NOTE: We use Deer Corn that we purchase at a local feed store)

Heat in microwave and ENJOY!

For this size, if you use corn I would recommend heating for 3 minutes. Test to see if it's warm enough. Depending upon your microwave some may require more time, some less time.


The Real Me!

Great tutorial my friend. And even though I "know" what it is now, I still never called it a corn bag. LOL! I like the thought of using it for heating up the bed. Well I did, it was 84 here yesterday so it didn't need any help. BUT if it dips back down, THEN........well I have to make one first.
Have a fabulous day my friend.


Thank you, Loren! Wish my sewing machine worked! I would definitely try making those on this 3rd snow day in a row!


yeah...I am one of those who had no idea what this corn bag was that you were speaking of. however, I figured I was the only one, so I avoided mentioning that I had no idea what you were talking about. Great idea! I think I may have to get out my sewing machine a whip one or two up. Thanks for the visual instructions!

Betsy from Tennessee

Well for goodness sakes... I truly have never heard of these. I had heard of some heating type bags you could purchase for your neck pain, etc.. I just had never heard of calling them corn bags --nor did I know that they were filled with corn. Duh!!!!! ha ha

Thanks for the education, Lorin.


Thanks for the tutorial. I could definitely use something to warm the bed before I get in at night. Those sheets are cold!


Beyond awesome, love it.


I hadn't heard of these either but I use a magic bag all the time so I guess I just knew it from another name. Great post my friend.....:-)Hugs


I have three different sizes; a little one for a handwarmer, a square one like you make, and a long skinny one to go around my neck! Love them all!! :) They are also good to put in the freezer during summer to cool off.

christy rose

We could use a few corn bags around here about now too!! :)


Fabulous tutorial. I think I may have to make some of these little beauties. I love the idea of using them to warm up the bed before you dive into the cold sheets at night!!!

Beth E.

I have one I put around my neck. It's filled with buckwheat, I believe. It's called a Bed Buddy and I bought it at it!

Girly Muse

i think greyley needs to get going on these. she'd have relatives lining up for miles...we need warmth wherever we can get it. :)
thanks for sharing. by the way~ i have given away that lotion from the recipe you shared to a handful of friends now and they all LOVE it just as much as i do. it's truly changed my skin this winter.

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