Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cinnamon Burst Cheerios Coming SOON!

Our family was one of the lucky few to try the NEW Cinnamon Burst Cheerios before they hit the shelves & MY OH MY ~ Are they EVER DELICIOUS!!! We loved them! Cinnamon Burst Cheerios are made with real cinnamon and provide your family with a yummy AND nutritious Breakfast that is certain to Jump-start any morning!!

Not only do Cinnamon Burst Cheerios make a great breakfast but they are an awesome snack too!

You know teens ....they are ALWAYS HUNGRY! I love to find something that we can all agree on and Cinnamon Burst Cheerios is a cereal that meets all our needs! Whole grain goodness and a taste we all L♥VE! We will be anxiously awaiting for these to arrive on the Stores shelves! MyBlogspark & Cheerios provided me with the free box of Cinnamon Burst Cheerios AND a Flip camera so that we could share our review of the cereal! Hope you Enjoy!

Thankyou MyBlogSpark and Cheerios! I LOVE my Flip Camera :) and we all LOVE the Cheerios !


Country Wings in Phoenix

Good Morning Sweetie...
A beautiful and tasty share this morning. I can't wait to try these. I love cheerios dry, for a snack, so I know I am going to love, love, love these cinamon burst tasty Cheerios. How exciting to be one of the first to get a taste and a camera to capture the moments. How fun is that?

Hope you are well and warm today sweet friend. It is going to be another beautiful day here in the desert. Upper 70s, and yesterday we hit 80. It was great. One of the reasons that keeps me here in the desert.

Happy Tuesday sweetie. Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry


Oh Loren this was GREAT!! I loved it...And you've sold me on the Cheerios, haha...I am sure it is a great snack too. When my 3 boys were teenagers they'd come in for a snack and pour a box of cereal in a MIXING bowl and practically a quart of milk, scarf it down and then eat dinner a half hour later. I'd buy cereal that was good for them (with little sugar) or they'd EACH eat an entire box instead of just a box between the 3 of Have a wonderful day...HUGS


Wow!! They gave you a camera, that's cool!! Cheerios is my favorite snack!! I started eating them when Lindsey was little. A great snack little ones can pick up by themselves. The funny thing, the kids don't care for them too much anymore (unless they are sweetened), but I eat them all the time, dry and for a snack!! Weird!! I will have to pick up some of these when they are available, I'm sure with the cinnamon, the fam will be cheerio lovers again!!

Dan and I stopped at OUR Panera last night while out shopping, sure thought of you!!

Love you


I have to have the craziest bunch of kids known to mankind!! Glad you all had such a good time putting this "commercial" did an AWESOME job!!! XXOO Mom/Nanny


I just hope these cinnamon burst Cheerios give me the same energy!!!!!!!

He & Me + 3

Thanks for the giggle. You all are adorable. I love it. Great job with the video and the editing. Too cute.
ARen't they so yummy?


We've been putting cinnamon on our cereal for quite some time. We'll have to give these Cheerios a try.


Honey Nut Cheerios have been a family favorite for years so we'll have to give these a try.

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