Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This instead of That ;)

I am perplexed! What to do now that our Thanksgiving plans have changed!??!! What am I going to cook for Thanksgiving??? I have NEVER made a turkey in all my life! Now now, before you get all excited and say "NEVER?? Girl, you need to learn" or something to that affect....Here is a secret for ya....shhh! I don't like T.u.r.k.e.y!!!! (well, ok I do like turkey IF and only IF it is a deep fried turkey! YUMMY!!) I guess I will be a rebel this year and maybe fix some soup, or possibly roast a chicken, or better yet...I might just have my DH make some Homemade Tamales! Oh my! they are to-die-for! and His homemade Salsa! Scrumpdillyumpscious!!! (Oh the spell ck is having a fit with that word!!)

As for the rest of the time.... you know, shopping at the outlet malls that we would have done, going to a show in Branson...hmm, I guess we could go to a movie here at home and save a ton of money since there are NO outlet malls here! There is nothing that could replace missing my Mom and Stepdad..Nothing. ZIP. Zilch. NADA! That is the worst! They are going ahead with the plans and I hope they have a wonderful trip, just the two of them! My Moms sister moved to Branson just about a year ago so they will go visit her & her husband, have desert, and who knows what else the four of them will do!! LOL

We will put up our tree, decorate the house and get the lights put up :) We will go to the Playoff game and Cheer our boys on! Be proud of them no matter what the score is! They are the one of four teams that have EVER made it this far! That is something to be thankful for! Something to be VERY PROUD OF for sure!

Yes, as my dear friend Darcie said "Thanksgiving is what you make it." We have sooo much to be thankful for! God has blessed me beyond my wildest imagination! No matter where we are ~ I am Thankful!


Nana's Nuggets

Hi! loren, oh! girl; I know you will make it fun:) no matter where you are! Remember we are quick to make our own Plans, But God directs our footsteps! and about that Turkey thing, I just do a Turkey Breast, Cause I do not like dark meat! but with your Thankful Heart! I know you will be ok, Love and Blessings for a Thankful Day!


Holy smokes that is a huge turkey!!!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving....


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and good luck to the team in the playoffs!


Lot's of yummy possibilities it sounds like. Turkey is probably my favorite but only if it is SUPER moist. Love it...but the "fixings" that go with it? Now they really can't be beat, haha...ENJOY your week-end Loren..your friend is soo right...Thanksgiving is what you make it. Hope the game goes well.


It's tough when your plans change like that or just doing something out of the ordinary. When our girls were in high school, we went to Lake Tahoe to ski for Thanksgiving week. We ate Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant -- a very nice restaurant -- but it just wasn't the same. As soon as we made it home, I bought all the fixin's and cooked our own T-day dinner so we could get back to normal and have leftovers. =D


I started fixing Thanksgiving dinner (turkey, ham, and all the fixins') for just us and the kids about 10 years or so ago. This too was due to unexpected plan changes. Since then, it has been a tradition we all love. The other thing we do, is on Friday or Saturday evening we have what we call "leftovers and laughter", so much fun and I love the memories we are making with our kids and now grandkids. If you need any help, advice, or recipes, holler!! I know whatever you do, it will be fun!!

I have to say though, I would love the tamales!!!

You know you could always throw in going to see the Muly's as part of your plans!!

Love you


That is one giant bird! But you must be a girl after my own heart...I only really like fried turkey too!


That turkey can feed the whole state of OK!!!

I don't like turkey too but decided we must have some this year...Of course I'm not cooking. Thanks to Honeycutt. I ordered smoked turkey! :)

I know you'll have lots of fun...Because you're always filled with His joy, no matter where you go, no matter what you do. God bless you sister and have a wonderful "Thanksgiving"...Love to you. And thanks be to our good God.


This is my hardest holiday to get through without my husband. But no matter - I am thankful that God is with me and He is now my husband!

Blessings to you and yours,

Girly Muse

whatever you do, do NOT attempt to make the above turkey at home! ;) you'll be off of turkey fo sho!

praying for extra goodness, extra fun, extra joy, extra laughs this thankful for you, my friend. love you so.


It sounds as if you will have a great Thanksgiving Day. We will have a quiet day at home. We'll fix a turkey breast with most of the trimmings and then work on putting up Christmas decorations.

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