Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Spreading the Joy ♥

Being in the "Thankful" month of November I am thinking how very special my JOY posts will be! If anyone wants to join in go here and link up with Angel @ All the Mus!

I count it all JOY today because I will be going to the Doctor about my shoulder and will hopefully be released to DRIVE!!!

I count it all JOY because my daughter is looking @ colleges and just this past week she felt the Lord drawing her to a Christian College which is only 20 minutes from us! Even though she will most likely be living on campus it is so wonderful knowing this is a possibility! We are all praying and know the Lord will continue to guide and direct her in her choices!

I count it all JOY because Jenna wrote this post on her blog and well, all I can say is my heart spilled over with soo much love and boy did I need the kleenex!!!

I count it all JOY because tonite our Rylee and Krista will be coming over for dinner and to visit NONI & PAPA

I count it all JOY that my Brother is in the 2011 FireFighter Calendar that helps support the Educational Clown Program

He has done some SERIOUS training to get his body in shape! He is amazingly diligent and obedient! My dad was the same way! If you say not to eat sugar or have any caffiene then by golly it is weaning themselves off of it! They just don't drink or eat it! It's a wonderful trait my brother has! I am certain he got that from our Dad ♥

What about you? What Joy have you experienced this week? Join in and help spread the JOY!!


The Real Me!

I remember one time for whatever reason I didn't drive or leave the house for like 3 days (I think I was sick or something) and when I finally did it was really weird driving. LOL! Like I almost forgot how or something. HA!
And kudos to your brother for his diligence and discipline. They are beautiful traits to have.

Love you my friend.


WOW...So many good things here not sure where to comment...I love that your daughter is considering a Christian college. I wish my daughter had looking back. Her education up to that point had been nothing but Christian schooling, and I think she really wanted to see what public education would be like. She went to an excellent university and got her degree etc., but WOW was she EVER shocked at what went on and what was taught as fact from the professors...she too really wishes she had gone the other route as many of her friends did. A really different experience. And yet, she lead 2 of her friends to the Lord during those years too. But the Christian colleges were sooo much more expensive as well. I pray your daughter makes the right choice (and by right I mean wherever the Lord might want her) I am anxious to go read her blog. My daughter writes one too and I LOVE visiting it...And your brother? WOW is all I am going to say to that....WOW....HAHA Have a wonderful day and I'll pray you will be driving on home... = ) HUGS


OK I had to come back and tell you that post was just adorable....what a real sweetie you have and you must be soo proud of the young woman she has become. Mel just turned 24 and yet it seems like yesterday she was in her senior year with all the same thoughts. It is such a wonderful time watching them flick back and forth from teen-age girl to young woman. I miss those days...ENJOY your sweet girl as it is soo near now she will spread those wings and fly as you've done your job well.


I assume you are talking about ORU!?!?! If so, how exciting!!

That brother of yours... Your dad always amazed me and now I guess Tony will!! Too bad it didn't rub off on us, LOL!! If someone says no sweets to me, I seem to want them more!!!

Love you


Can't say it any better than Debbie did. Thank you so much, Loren, for sharing all of this, and I did go and comment on your sweet daughter's post! I hope you did get released to drive today and are having a wonderful, JOYful Wednesday!
Love you!


Such great joy.


You know I love this one, Loren! The JOY of God's Presence in my life every day tops them all!

Choosing JOY, Stephanie

Nana's Nuggets

Hi! Loren, ok I read your daughter's post! WoW, it made me think of my daughter when she grew up! yea! you have a right to tear up!! That was so precious! Loved it! Hope you get to drive. Have a great evening! and To God Be the Glory for all our Blessings!


Your JOY posts always make me feel better ... so you can add spreading JOY to your list! =D Hope you get good news from your doctor. It can be very frustrating to be dependent upon others, especially when you want to get out of the house for a while.


I hope you got a good report from your doctor

My daughter went to college in the same town in which we were living. She lived on campus, but everything worked out well.

Michele Williams

You have so much to be joyful and thankful for. Thank you for sharing. God bless you.

Girly Muse

Well, my my...just never know what I might see coming over here. Ahem. Bless him.

Jenna made me cry~ I had already read that and couldn't wait to hear what you'd say when you read it! What a beautiful, sweet love letter to you and your wonderful husband.

Hopefully you've got the OK to drive soon! Woohoo! And that's exciting stuff about colleges closeby, Christian ones, to boot. Will be praying for her as she makes these big decisions.

Love you!! And I'm off to cut sugar and caffeine so I can have those abs...OK, maybe not, but man...wish I had that discipline!


I always enjoy sneaking a peek of these Joyful post you do, because I always leave with a desire to look around more at all the blessings that bring joy to our life. Your daughters post had me in tears too...what a great set of parents you have been and what a beautiful young lady she is growing into.


Dearest Loren,

I count it ALL JOY!!! Praise the LORD!!!

Your message is such a blessing as is your precious Jenna. I popped over, read it and commented and then returned here to comment.

Your family is full of JESUS and that's beautiful.

As for your brother, my husband is the same way. Unsure if it's a parent/child trait or a gender thing (smile). Men just seem to be able to just say no to all those treats and often us girls struggle a bit.

Did you know that since I was a little girl my dream was to meet a Fire Fighter in person, take a photo with him and ride on the truck? My husband thinks it's cute that whenever the Firemen are fund raising and they stand out on the street with a Boot to collect the cash, as I'm handing them money I thank them for their service...tears and all. The Firemen are so polite because they just smile and thank me but I'm sure they are wondering what is with this lady. For years I've talked about "adopting" a fire house team and feeding them my big pans of Baked Ziti once a week but I've not done it. Maybe one day...

Ok, I've rambled on but glad I shared with you today. Praying still for your full recovery my friend.

Loads of love!


Hope you get released to drive soon and wow, wonderful news about your daughter. Hoping you have a wonderful weekend Loren. Love ya,

Steph T.

WOW!! Jenna is thinking about going somewhere close...that would be so cool!! I am praying you get released soon to drive. I know that is so hard for you!!
Blessings & love my friend!

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