Thursday, November 4, 2010


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Good Morning My Dear Friends ♥ I pray you have had a blessed week! I know how everyone loves Giveaways and that is just what is going on today! MY BLOG SPARK has blessed me yet again! They have joined w/Hershey's & they gave me an awesome PRIZE PACK and I get to share it with one of you!! What is it you ask??

Well, you get a Modern Nation t-shirt, a journal to record your calories and take notes for recipes and also record your activities, and last but certainly not least ~ some HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE

Hershey's has provided us with some awesome information, some excellent recipes, and just overall great tips for all of us who are on the go! Read below and go check out the Modern Nation website! Tell me what you think and how it could benefit you best and leave me a comment and that will enter you into the GIVEAWAY!!! If you would like to blog or Facebook this give away that will give you 5 additional entries! I will close out the giveaway as of this Sunday night November 7 and will announce the winner Monday morning, November 8th :) PLEASE BE SURE TO LEAVE ME YOUR EMAIL SO I CAN CONTACT YOU :)
Also, I have downloaded the FREE APP from Modern Nation as well as the other Hershey Free app on my IPHONE and they are excellent! You can do the same when you go to Modern Nation !!

Between your busy schedule and responsibilities with work, friends and family - it may be challenging to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, especially while on the go. However, what if you had easy-to-follow advice and resources right at your finger tips?

With Moderation Nation, a new national program created by the Hershey Center for Health & Nutrition, (HCHN) in collaboration with the American Dietetic Association, you can now have access to a variety of tools that will help you achieve moderation - and you don´t even need to give up your favorite foods!

For on-the-go needs, the new Moderation Nation iPhone app, free and available on iTunes or via, will reward you for the activity you´re already doing, while encouraging you to do even more in a way that suits your busy lifestyle. With an easy-to-read tracker and a comprehensive list of activities to choose from, you can earn badges for your progress and go from a Starting Gun to a Healthy Hero!

The Moderation Nation Web site ( provides a host of new tools for you and your readers, including:
Recipes and Expert Tips. Here you´ll find advice from Cheryl Forberg, registered dietitian (RD) for NBC's The Biggest Loser, award-winning chef and New York Times best-selling cookbook author

Additional recipes and tips from Regina Ragone, Food Director at Family Circle magazine; Keri Glassman, author of the O2 diet; and Liz Ward, author of Expect the Best Pregnancy.

Moderation Menus. Seven-day meal plans - with snack ideas - that will help you plan out your week. Each menu is based on an individual lifestyle, such as Single, Adults with Kids and Adults with No Kids.

Balance the Meal. This cool balancer tool allows you to input your main dish and its preparation method; in return, you´ll receive ideas for complimentary side dishes that round out the meal smartly.

Useful Facts. Here you´ll find everything from a "portion distortion" guide - providing cues on what actual portion sizes should look like - to a grocery shopping fact sheet - to a guide on how to start and maintain a food journal.



The Real Me!

Looks like a super resource my friend. I'll have to check it out.

Big hugs to you!

suburban prep

I love the Meal balancer. It is a tool that would help me to portion out the items of the meal. It would probably help me in deciding what o even have for dinner .
msgb245 at gmail dot com


Oh, I like the app for my phone!!! I also like the yummy sounding recipes they have scattered around. Not to mention having a menu planned out for me!!

You got my email friend!

Girly Muse

I love the tips! Looks like a great site. Thanks for sharing. I love me some chocolate!!! ;D

Warren Baldwin

Well I feel better about some of this Halloween chocolate I've been eating. But not about the 2 pieces of pie I had tonight :)


Wonderful helpful information.
Thank you, Be Blessed!

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