Thursday, November 18, 2010

Makin Blankets Tutorial

I shared on Yesterday's JOY post that I have been making blankets! Alot of you asked for pictures and instructions! They are sooooo SUPER EASY! Trust me, If I can do these.... ANYONE can do them!! & YES Mom, your daughter is giving a Tutorial!! Can you even believe it ;)

For my new grandbaby that is coming in January I chose this adorable doggy pattern fleece for one side and just plain brown fleece for the other. I got 1 yd. of each for this one.

This is the FABULOUS and oh so yummy Fleece!(it's a deluxe fleece and a bit more costly than the regular fleece but boy can u FEEL the difference!!) I bought two 3 yd. sections for this one. It is HUGE.

Choose your fleece. You can choose the same pattern for both sides or 2 different ones. My Snowflake above has the same on both sides but this is the ONLY time I have ever done this.

Depending on the size you would like:
for a personal size "Throw" blanket you will need 2 yds to 2 1/2 yds. x2 (one for top and one for the bottom)
This is the soccer blanket that Jen is making and it's not complete so it's perfect to show you all the How-to :)

Lay your fleece flat on the ground 1 on top of the other making sure the edges are even with one another

Begin cutting. Cut the edges of the fabric about 3 1/2 to 4 in. into the blanket. Now go 1 in. over and do this again.

Tie those two pieces together, repeat cutting and tying all around the blanket

to tie it is as if you are tying your shoes without making the loop but you tie it twice without the bow...hope that makes sense!

Viola!!! A Warm and Cozy Blanket made by YOU ♥

Thanks guys :) If you have any questions please let me know!



Wow Loren, this look quick, easy and fun! Beautiful blanket. Your grandbaby will love it I'm sure.



What a great idea and "no sew."

The Real Me!

Don't you just love those no sew projects? I made a pillow like that before and it's so quick and easy. I love that snowflake fleece. It just looks so cozy!!! You did a great job!
Big hugs to you my friend!


Don't you just love these? I have several I've given for gifts. AND...They have such a wonderful variety of patters to chose from...AND they frequently put this fabric on sale, making them a little more affordable. Your baby one is adorable.


OK....I have no doubt that my girl could give a tutorial & a fine one at that! that you have shown me the ease in which you make these lovely blankets, I would like one for Christmas!! XXOO Mom

Warren Baldwin

Will show this to my daughter who likes to make blankets.

Just put a plug for your book review on Family Fountain. And thanks, it was very good! wb


I'm thinking "Oh No! Not for mwah..." 'coz I don't know how to sew [never liked it :)] though my mom was a great dressmaker.

But you explained it well and this was easy. That is a great gift too to make...Hmmm...Fabric? Cutting? I still don't like it. :) Maybe I'll try...But thanks for sharing and God bless you sister.


These tie blankets are the BEST! I have never made one but we have a few and they are just so great for snuggling up.
Thanks for sharing how to make them! Might have to give it a try!
Peace and blessings to your day!


That DOES look really easy! Thanks for the tutorial. I bet you look forward to wrapping that new baby boy in that puppy dog fleece soon!

God bless,

Steph T.

I love those blankets! I made them a couple of years ago for Christmas. They are sooo easy! The Snowflake pattern is adorable!!


OH! how warm is fleece, I have seen these and wondered how they were done, thanks for sharing. Loved all of yours, and just think how wonderful to hold that grand-baby in something you made with so much love. Awesome!


What a fantastic idea, especially if you're not in the mood to sew. I love the tied edges and the contrasting fabrics! Thanks so much for the pictures and tutorial ... nicely done!

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