Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Joy ♥

Each and Every Wednesday Angel hosts Why We Count it ALL JOY If you look at my header it reads: Let us Spur One Another towards L♥VE and Good Deeds Heb. 10:24. Spreading JOY to me is just that! Spurring one another on with one of the fruits of the Spirit..... ♥ JOY ♥

This week I count it all Joy because:

Our Highschool Football team WON the first Play-off Game after 5 (yes FIVE) OVERTIMES!!

This time next week everyone will be off of work and out of school! We will ALL be together preparing for Thanksgiving!! WOOHOO

My dear friend Amy who works @ my Physical Therapy has started herself a blog!! You should go say hello and share some JOY with her!

This will HOPEFULLY be my last week to sleep in my recliner! I can't even BEGIN to express the JOY this brings me!!

While my Stepmom was here I made some Fleece blankets ~ One for my new grandbaby :) One for my Nana for Christmas, and one for home too :) They are soo much fun to make and it gives me such JOY! My daughter made a HUGE one for all the Soccer games she will be working. This will be such a blessing because it gets soooo unbelievably cold at those games! They don't cancel for hardly anything!

May your hearts be filled with JOY and may you be Blessed in ALL you do!

But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness


The Real Me!

Um..don't you know that if you ever make anything you must take a picture and show it to us fellow bloggers and friends? Hello?! LOL!

I bet you'll be glad to get in your own bed.
Big hugs to you girlie!


I'm always so interested in what everyone is crafting. Would you share some instructions and pictures on your fleece blankets? Joy to you as well, Loren!!!


Did you see the sunrise this morning? That is a great definition of joy! AND I get to see YOU today!!!!!!

Love you!!!


Overflowing joy here! Glad to hear you're doing okay! Yeah, can't wait for that break next week! God bless and protect you sister. Take care.


Love your joyful list...We made some of those blankets last year for Christmas gifts too...sooo cozy and warm Have a good, joyful day...OH, and yay on getting out of that chair!

Nana's Nuggets

Hi! Loren, first of all where are pics of the blankets?? We want to see them please!! and yes it is time for family and friends to celebrate Turkey Day! Does it not already make your mouth want the holiday food! Love it!! And thanking God that you may be able to rest in your Bed! Have a happy evening:)


Five overtimes?!? Are the overtime rules for high school the same as they are for college? If, so, I imagine everyone was on the edge of their seats by the time the fifth overtime started.


5 overtimes... WOW!!

How exciting that you made blankets, love doing stuff like that!! So glad you are going to finally get back into bed and out of that recliner!!

Love you!!

Girly Muse

5 overtimes?! What the world?! Goodness, I bet you were extra glad they won after all that! ;)

Yes, I do believe we need to see a picture of these wonderful fleecey blankets. Love those. Greyley did one last year with zebra print on one side and pink on the other and I want to let it be mine. :) I keep sneaking it out of her room. heehee

Thrilled you get to move off the recliner. Thank the Lord. And thankful you have such a sweet girl like Amy to work with at physical therapy. God is good.

Love you. XO

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