Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Spreadin the JOY♥

While my husband has been gone this week and Rylee was here we went outside to play and enjoy this wonderful cool weather! Jantzen got out the sidewalk chalk and they went to town. After a little bit I noticed that instead of it going on the sidewalk, they started coloring EACH OTHER!! LOL It is so precious to me watching my children and Rylee together!

My friend Steph was selling Blue&Gold sausage (well, her daughter was) and We LOVE B&G sausage! This year they had quite a variety of new items! One thing my husband wanted was their sausage biscuits and they were sold out but Steph found some for us!! When she delivered them and we took them out of the box ~ this is what they look like! I don't know if it is just me but they just cracked me up!! Those sausage patties are HUGE!!! Just made me laugh!!!

We bought Rylee some cool tub toys and one cool item was colors that she can write on the tub or tile and it washes off. I had them in the shower for her as well. One morning I woke Up and my Sweet Husband had left me a message on the shower door saying I LOVE YOU! Isn't that soooo sweet! I just L♥VE that man!

I was sooo filled with JOY this week when I was able to have coffee/breakfast with Angel and Steph
I know this won't surprise you all AT ALL but as we were checking out the waiter came over and handed us the Lunch menu!! LOL We had been there sooooo long talking, laughing and fellowshipping he just knew we were going to order lunch too!!!

It brings me sooo much joy each week when Rylee and I sing our song.... (this is a song my Nana and my Mom sang to me as a child)

I love you a bushel & a peck, A bushel & a peck and a hug around the neck, A barrel & a heap and I'm talking in my sleep
about you ~ about you

Well, ever since I have sang this to Rylee she has always sang the second "about you" back to me and let me just tell you
It is P.R.E.C.I.O.U.S!!

How has your week been? I pray you have some JOY to share and spread with others! You can go link up here @ my BFF"S Angels blog ! She would love for you to join in!

He will yet fill your mouth with laughter
and your lips with shouts of joy

JOB 8:21


Steph T.

I know! Those sausage patties cracked me up too!! Usually u can't find the sausage for all the biscuit....those were totally opposite!! Hope they were good!

Thanks for breakfast...I so enjoyed you and Angel & it filled me with JOY to chat with you both. Too bad I left before it got all exciting with Fern!!!

Let me know what they decide about your surgery!!
Love you!


Feeling your joy overflowing even through this monitor sister! Glory be to God!!!

Precious blessings are our families and thank You Lord for these wonderful relationships that encourage us and bring us joy.

Not only your DH did a great job of writing those "I love you's". He surely didn't want you to miss reading it right that he wrote on the shower door on both sides! :) God bless your man!!!

Those biscuits look good and those patties, oh my goodness! Sooo big!

Praying for the Lord to bless you more and protect you and your family. Take care sister Loren and love to you.


Okay the sausage biscuits are hilarious!! They never seem proportional.

Love the picture of Jantz and Rylee!! Too cute.

Dan leaves me sweet notes like that too!! They are wonderful

Hope you have a great day
Love you

Girly Muse

Those are some MEGA sausages!!! hahaha

Love the sweet message from your honey. So very sweet.

And your precious kids. My nephew was born when I was about Jantzen's age and I treasured every moment. It's so fun to see how crazy they are about Riley.

Have the best day. Love you.


I sing that song to my grandbabies too! Isn't being a Nana the greatest!


Our "Bushel & a Peck" song keeps going round & round, and hopefully will never stop! There is nothing in this world more precious than our kids & grandkids, and my heart is filled with joy that you have experienced these gifts. You've certainly been a gift to me 'punkin from the first day I set eyes on you!! Love you so very much, Mom. XXOO


Thanks for sharing your joy.


Random love notes from the spouse are the best! And being surrounded by the kids and grandkids is true joy! My mom used to sing us a song that went "Put your shoes on Lucy, don't you know you're in the city; put your shoes on Lucy, don't you know you're lookin' pretty; but Lucy won't wear shoes wherever she goes; cause she likes to feel the wiggle of her pretty little toes." I have a video clip of my granddaughter singing this when she was 2. That and "You are my sunshine." Totally precious!

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