Thursday, September 30, 2010

3 Friends and a Prayer

When I woke up on tuesday morning I had 3 HUGE Fever Blisters! I look like I have been in a bar room brawl LOL It is simply awful! My Lip is HUGE!!! I have taken sooo much L-lysine and also got some anbesol for fever blisters! These things couldn't go away quick enough!!

I get to have Rylee again today so her momma can work extra @ the Salon! Twice in one week is such a blessing!

I went to my Pre-Op visit on wednesday because I will be having rotator cuff repair surgery on my OTHER ARM in a couple of weeks. It was suppose to be this Friday but bc DH is out of town we rescheduled it. I am soooooo NOT looking forward to this. Your prayers would be coveted at this time! The pain and the recovery time are my biggest concerns! Thanks you guys!!

Always be on the look out for divine appointments!! Sometimes they come by the name of Fern. I shared with you guys about our breakfast on Monday with me, Angel & Steph. Here we all are :)

As we were leaving, we said good-bye to Steph, & Angel & I were talking and I happen to notice a very tiny older woman off in the distance, WALKING!! I told Angel to turn around and look at her. We both thought she was just adorable and continued to chat away. Within a few more minutes we noticed her standing about 2 rows of cars away from us so we headed over to see if she was ok. She explained she was there to ask people for some grocery money. She told us she was 89 years old and had taken the bus to this location. She can ride the bus for free she explained and was thankful for the transportation. Fern shared with us that she lives with her Son and Daughter in law who is very sick. Fern does the cleaning and cooking for them but like so many people these days money is tight. In this family it is more than just tight. I cannot imagine any 89 year old out asking complete strangers for money! Fern was a tiny thing! She was probably about 4'8" and she had no teeth to speak of and the wrinkles were plenty. She explained she waits and asks only the people who have already eaten(at whichever food establishment) for money because she doesn't want anyone to go without on her behalf.
You know I have seen plenty of people who hold their signs asking for money, standing on street corners begging and while I try hard not to judge whether they are sincere in the quest for whatever we can spare I can say I have never seen anyone over 50 or even 60 let alone 89! Fern didn't mince words nor did she beg. She asked once and if you don't give she thanks you anyway. She was straight forward with all the questions we asked and when we asked if we could pray with her she said that was the best thing she could receive at all!! She grabbed our hands in that parking lot and we lifted her and her family along with their situation up to the Throne Room!

We were all touched in this divine appointment! I will never forget her sweet face and I noticed when we were leaving 3 gentlemen walking by her and ALL of them had out their wallets blessing her with a few dollars from each one! I know the Lord will provide all she needs. I am just thankful for the opportunity to have met this sweet and strong woman. She blessed Angel & I far more than words can say! Please pray for Fern and her family today won't you!



I will be praying for your surgery to
go well start to finish, a much easier
time with the pain, and a supernaturally
fast recovery. God wants us to ask BIG.
He will be with you every step of the
way. I will also lift up sweet Fern and
her family.


this is so sweet. Divine Appointment... i like that!

you and Fern's family are in my prayers!!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU

Bless sweet Fern's heart. What a strong woman. I love that she said the best thing you could do for her is pray! We will pray for Fern and her family. And praying for you dear friend that your pain is not an issue and your recovery is quick! Rylee for 2 days... YAY!! :)

Love you,

The Real Me!

Oh my friend I'll be praying for your surgery and quick recovery. And yuck on the fever blisters!
And I was reading about Fern over at Angel's. I know God put you all there for a reason. It makes you wonder who was truly blessed by it, huh?
God is good!
Big Hugs!


Loren, Your encounter with Fern blessed me also. I have already prayed for her and her family. BTW, for your fever blisters....immediately go purchase a tube of "abreva." It's a little pricey for such a small tube, but you only use small amounts and it works! Have a fabulous day. Blessings, SusanD

Girly Muse

What a lovely picture!

So glad that you met Fern. She touched your lives and I know you touched hers. Will be praying for her.

So sad about your 2nd surgery!!! Praying this will not be like the last and will be an EASY recovery!

Love you!


I just stumbled upon your blog from my dear friend, Jeanine over at peacefullysimple.
I love this story!! God has so many things penned in our daytimers if we'd just stop and see them in front of us. I am thrilled that you prayed with Fern. I love that! I love this example of being available, not too busy, to be whatever God brings your way!
I am enjoying your blog...thanks for letting me poke around. I'll be back!

The Not So Perfect Housewife

Bless your heart. What a wonderful post.
So many times I see people looking so downcast and I just want to walk up and pray with them, but than I get nervous..
I pray that God would pour blessings on the dear woman and her family this day..

and also on your family.. may we all always be open to God appointments in our day to day lives


Oh poor you with those fever blisters. I am believing they will be gone quickly!!

I have still been praying for Fern, what a sweetie!!

Love you


Meeting people like Fern makes us realize how blessed we are.

Wow! Rotator cuff surgery. That's a tough one. You'll be in my prayers, Loren.


I know how you feel about the cold sores! I have had mine for two weeks, and It's finally almost gone!


There but for the grace of God go any one of us! Lots of prayers winging their way around today to Fern and to you. Hope your surgery goes well and recovery is quick. I get fever blisters and cold sores, too, and it always feel like there's a basketball attached to my lip ... but 3 of them!!! No fun at all.


I will be praying for you, and for dear Fern. I love you.


So many in need. But the Lord knows it all. And I know He doesn't sleep so He's constantly working mysteriously 24/7.

Thank you sister for also coming by and praying for a precious friend/sister.

Keeping you in mine, especially for that shoulder to be restored in no time!!! Take care. Love and blessings to you. The pic is awesome! What joyful glow from your guys' eyes!

[Did you know I was right there behind you? LOL. "in Spirit!"... :)


Divine Appointments are God's way of connecting us with those in need. Love this story - but I believe it won't end here. Seek God's heart in it and see what ELSE He might bring from it.

Last year my Bible study group and I had a dinner for strangers here in my Gathering Room. We invited people off the street and cooked a feast of a meal. We had goodie bags for them to take home - there were 31 people! It was precious and we did it on Dec. 13th! One of the women was a grandmother and a nursing student who was also taking care of three grandchildren full time. It ended up that we gave her a Christmas - we got decorations and pulled names for each of her grandkids to buy clothes and toys for them. One thing just led to the other - but it was really special I can tell you that!
This woman did not even own a coat - she only wore a worn out sweatshirt. Someone purchased a brand new one with a hood for her! She later went on to graduate last Spring from Nursing school.

So glad you shared this ... I'll be praying for the next thing...

Blessings, Stephanie

Sassy Granny ...

Such difficult times for so many! It hurt my heart to think this old woman has lived her entire life only to find herself dependant on the largesse of an often-cynical public. Thank God you seized upon the divine nature of that appointment!

I pray your surgery goes smoothly.


Steph T.

I can't believe I missed Fern!! What a blessing! WOW! I had such a delightful time with u ladies. Thanks for sharing the morning with me. I am so glad your surgery got postponed!! yeah!! Let me know when it is.


I have tears in my eyes for this beautiful older lady who finds herself in such a situation. I will pray for her and her family.
Also praying that all goes well with you sweetie, cold sores are horrible. I use to get them all the time but honestly it has been over 20 years since I have had one. I remember not going to school because of them, and having to drink out of well my friend.

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