Monday, September 20, 2010

So Very Proud ~ Homecoming Queen pics

This week has been so full of Fun, Decorating, Riding in the Parade, Pep Rally and finally .... the Coronation!

Back in 8th grade Jenna had a Coach suggest & recommend her to be a "Trainer" Here we are 4 years later and Coach Holleman has encouraged her every step of the way! He is such a special man and Coach. He has a Son that is also a Senior this year and Loves these kids like his own. He also leads by example! Thank you Coach Holleman for believing in and supporting Jenna all those years ago!

Thursday was the Homecoming Parade. My moms boss has QUITE the Collection of cars! Porsches, Corvettes, Mercedes, and even a Smart Car! My Mom jokingly told him that she signed Him up to drive Jenna in the parade and He said"Well, I would do that!" WHAT?!?!!? Really?? and so he did! In His 1964 Silver Blue Corvette!!

He also let my son ride in the passenger seat and toss out candy as well!! :)

The next day was the Pep Rally ~ Here are the 3 Senior nominees and the junior and sophomore attendants
The 2 on the ends are the Senior attendants and to the left of Jen is the junior attendant and the right is the sophomore attendant.

Friday Morning we were up early and began decorating the Stage for the girls! Brian had taken the day off as well as my Mom and we met all the other mothers and some Dads too to begin decorating! Everything was donated! I had a friend @ one of our Flower shops give us these white trees and we put red & white lights on them. I also had a friend who had some white rod iron furniture we were able to borrow for the evening. We also had lots of balloons too :) None of the pictures do the stage justice but believe me looked AWESOME!

Here are the girls just as they got dressed for Coronation! Don't they look Beautiful! We are missing Rachel, one of the Sr. nominees.

Here they are with the Little Ones who were in the Homecoming Court as well. Aren't they darling :)

Now, it was finally time to announce who would wear the crown and be Homecoming Queen 2010. The crowd was HUGE as we were playing one of our largest Rivals! We also had a media frenzy on our hands as 7 of our starters were suspended for disobeying school policy. It was proving to be a Homecoming to remember for sure! We waited with Great Anticipation silently praying for nothing but Gods will to be done! Truly, words cannot describe how proud her Daddy and I were when we heard her name announced! The tears fell and could not be stopped and my heart was beaming for my daughter! We were all there! My Mom & Stepdad, My Brother & his girls, of course Krista, Rylee & Jantzen too ! Even Angel and her family came to cheer her on & support her! It was wonderful to be surrounded with Family and Friends!

Here she is with her escort Nathan

2010 Homecoming Queen

Jenna couldn't get to her Rylee quick enough!

Sisters ♥

We are sooo very proud of you Jenna Marie!

We LOVE you with all of our ♥'s XOXOXO
Mom & Daddy

Thank you ALL for your kind words and congratulations!!! God has done amazing things as only HE can do during this week! He has shown HIMSELF Strong and HE has taught all of us so very much. We felt HIM in all we did and I am so proud of how Jenna has handled all of this. She has given honor to the Lord and is and has been very humble every step of the way. Thank you Lord for ALL YOU have done !!



Congrats to Jenna. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. What a heart-warming weekend.

Nana's Nuggets

GOOD Morning Loren! hope this works now! these pics are beautiful! And Congrats! to Jenna; she is so pretty! I knew she would be because she has a beautiful Mom! Oh, the Blessings that we have! That picture of her and Rylee is priceless! Just adorable! Have a Happy Day:), and remember as I told Becky; Some one in Texas Loves you! and so Blessed to call YOU Friend!


All that hard work definitely paid off!! So glad we were there to celebrate with you all!! Hope this week is quiet for you!!

Love you!!


I remember the joy of having a homecoming queen daughter myself, and there's nothing quite like it. Congrats to you all, Loren. Happy times.


What a beautiful daughter. You can tell her heart is just as warm, and as huge as her beautiful smile!


Congratulations! Jenna is a beautiful young woman, to me she looks poised and confident with an inner beauty shining through as well.

Steph T.

Oh she just looks amazing! Beautiful inside & out and all for Jesus!! So happy for your family & this whole experience!! Glad I could be there to see it all happen.


Rejoicing with you in Jenna's great accomplishment. I'm sure she is beautiful inside and out.


Congratulations to Jenna! May you always remember God's goodness [like this special blessing] in all the days of your life. You are made by Him, specially for His glory! God bless and protect you.

Have a great day sister Loren. Those pics are awesome! God bless.


Jenna is beautiful. Her dress is stunning! You did a great job, Loren! I am so happy for her and thrilled you shared all the details!

Girly Muse

Jenna looks radiant...absolutely beautiful. Congratulations! A night that will never EVER be forgotten! LOVE you, sweet Magoos!!!


Oh what fun! Congratulations. All of the girls looked beautiful but Jenna was radiant!


Oh how beautiful she looked! What a special time and a memory you will treasure always. How exciting for you all. Soo happy for you, and congrats to Jenna!


How exciting! She looks beautiful, Loren. What a lovely day and a lovely memory.


So Beautiful!!! Wow, thanks for sharing this with us! You must be thrilled! Congrats Jenna!!!!!

Beth E.

Congratulations to Jenna! She's absolutely beautiful, Loren. I know you, your hubby, and family are so proud!

He & Me + 3

Omgosh Loren! She is absolutely beautiful! What a fun fun time. I loved all the pictures on facebook too. I was just checking them out. So gorgeous.
Congrats to Jenna! What a Beauty!


Congrats dear Jenna, she is so lovely.

Warren Baldwin

Copngratulations, Jenna. What a great day for you. We had a daughter win this 3 years ago, and we remember well how it exciting it was, and are glad you and your family got to experience this. wb

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