Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Do you bow down to the god of "Happiness??" I believe in you ~ Part 2

How many times have you either Heard someone say or maybe have even said yourself......


I am guilty of saying it and even thinking it for myself. Remember last week Pastor Craig Groeschel discussed how this generation of kids have a sense of Entitlement? He also shared about how our parents were willing to do 'WHATEVER' it took to make us "Happy"

This week He shared how our culture says "Success" is raising ~ well rounded, educated, and "happy kids"

I don't know about you but in my life sometimes it is the trials of life that have led me into a true happiness! Going through the fire is the hardest thing to do but on the other side of the mountain is victory and Joy! Why would we raise our kids keeping them from facing trials and only experiencing "Happiness". This is so unrealistic and they will not be prepared for real life nor have any idea how to handle the tough situations that are bound to come!

We need to Impart Spiritual Life into our children and to do this we must first understand we cannot do this on our own! We need others to come along side of us and our kids and speak Life into them as well! Sometimes our kids can hear from us one thing and then someone else comes along saying the same exact thing and it's as if a lightbulb goes on in their head!

We are called to Unleash Single-minded, Christ-centered, Biblically anchored WORLD CHANGERS!

There are many forces that attempt to come against us raising our kids in this manner! We must raise our expectations of what our kids are capable of! Just think about our past generations..... they were married and raising families @ a very YOUNG age and yet they did it! As I grew up my generation was quick to leave home and even though we weren't married @ 12 or 14 we still were a generation that at least left home close to 18 - 21 and got degrees and Jobs that supported us. We never considered staying @ home to live past that age. This generation however still lives with their parents even in their mid to late 20's!
Somewhere we have lowered our expectations of our children! We can't rob them of being adults the live & contribute to the Kingdom and life!

Finally if we want your kids to do something....we must encourage them, support them and most importantly we can't say one thing and then act completely opposite! If we want our kids to be in the Word, they need to see us in the Word, we want them to pray and seek the Lord, they need to see us doing the same! Being bold and professing Christ comes more with our actions and heart than any words we might speak! One thing for sure ~ this generation despises hypocrisy!

God has provided every single one of us who have children All we need to do HIS will in their lives! All we have to do is seek Him, listen and follow through with all we hear HIM saying!! It is a Privelege HE has given us when HE places those sweet babies in our care from the moment we see their precious faces until they move out of our homes ready to face this world. For me, I know It is only through HIM that I can accomplish this!!



Such a truthful post sis.

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