Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I got the Joy Joy Joy Down in my Heart! :)

I got that Joy Joy Joy Joy down in my heart......WHERE?? down in my heart ...... WHERE? down in my heart to STAY!!

Now that I have you all singing with me ;) I will share my JOY with you!!

On Monday it was an Insane day running EVERYWHERE and I got home REALLY late, obviously Having not cooked dinner for my family BUT my SWEET and OH SO WONDERFUL Husband had dinner waiting on ME!!!! Grilled Halibut, baked potatoes, garlic-cheese biscuits...YUM

It was such a JOY to be making these Homecoming posters that will be on the sides of the car while Jenna is being driven down Main Street in the Homecoming Parade. Brian, Jenna & I all worked together making them while Rylee sat in her highchair and colored! JOY JOY JOY

It was such a JOYFUL occasion to find a package @ our front door! My friend Bernie@ OnMyOwn is from Canada and I have shared how VERY MUCH my Son LOVES Canada!! Welllllll ~ Bernie sent Jantz a Canadian Calendar!! Isn't she AWESOME!! Thanks again Bernie for bringing both of us SUCH JOY!!

Today was absolutely Gorgeous outside! It didn't appear as though it would be. It started out raining and dreary but this afternoon it all cleared off and OH MY! It was heavenly. So Rylee and Brian AKA "Papa" went out back and jumped on the trampoline together!!! It just brings me such JOY to see them play & laugh together!!!

Ok get this .....I know I am almost 44! I know I am getting older but seriously when I got an AARP notice to sign up for in the mail I was a little taken back! I mean seriously ???? We got a big kick out of it and nothing says JOY like having a good belly laugh with your Honey! Because believe me ....HE gave me a REALLY HARD TIME ABOUT IT!! ;)

He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy JOB 8:21

Hope you all have a JOY-filled week!! I am linking up with Angel today


The Real Me!

I'm so excited for your daughter how fun! And what a wonderful hubby to have dinner waiting for you. What a blessing.
AND you remember when I got my AARP notice this year when I turned 40!!!! I feel for you sister friend. Ha!
Have a Joy-filled day!

Country Wings in Phoenix

Oh Loren Sweetie...
Good Morning. I so love this post. I love the car posters that you made for sweet Jenna as she rides in the homecoming parade. I can't wait to see the photos. I know she will be so gorgeous, and how exciting for her senior year. I love it.

And your handsome son, oh my gosh is he ever cute. Just look at the smile on his face with his calendar. Don't you just love it when we can still make them smile? Teenagers are so difficult it seems. I have (3) grandchildren that are now teenagers. Boy do we have lots of happiness when they are all together.

Love the last photo. Aren't PaPa's just the best? Priceless sweetie.

Have a gorgeous Wednesday. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

elaine @ peace for the journey

I'm 44 as well. No AARP notices, but some other very vivid reminders that I'm getting older...

Oh, these aching bones! Love the homecoming signs--took me back to another season in my life.


Steph T.

Love those signs you guys made!! Bobby & Liz Reeds son is gonna be the little watch for him too. I will see you at the parade. I will be driving a green truck pulling our football boys. And you must come find me Friday night so I can meet Angel!! I will be sitting with my class reunion bunch. It's this weekend and we are all going to the game together.
If you really want some sausage let me know. I can hook you up!
Enjoy your precious moments this week with Jenna. I know you are so excited for her. Love ya!


May you and your family always have joy in your glad Jantz likes his calendar. Have a great day.....:-)Hugs


Yay!! I am so excited for Jenna!! It doesn't even matter if she wins, she is the winner in my heart. What a beautiful and sweet girl she is!!

Jantzen is so cute with his calendar!! What a cutie!!

Papa and Rylee on the trampoline is such a JOY and so much like times at my house. So glad we are blessed with our FUN husbands!!

Not even going to talk about the AARP things that's just WRONG!!

Love you!!


Your Hubby is just plain awesome. Love the picture on the trampoline. And congrats to your daughter. Tell her to be in the moment while she's riding down Main Street. Remember how it feels and smells and looks. She'll need that when she's as old as we are. Okay, I'm a lot older than you, but still ... =)


How exciting for your daughter! All that prep was worth it!!! It's a big blessing when hubbies are sweet like that! :) And that pic of your hubby with Rylee jumping together looked so much fun!

Sister, regarding the AARP, all I want to say is:

"Welcome to the club!"

Love, the 90 yr. old sister :)

Love you and God bless. Take care of yourself.


Love those homecoming posters. So you have a senior too? Exciting year for us both. This is my second and last graduating...=( It's a great time. Enjoy it because it goes by in the blink of an eye and although there are other graduations, there is nothing like high school.

Glad you enjoyed yourself with the AARP thing. Nothing like a good laugh. Love and blessings!


It gives me joy to read of YOUR joy! And as for that CRAZY stuff you referred to as going on around your house--it was crazy GOOD, Huh? Keep a joyous heart!

Nana's Nuggets

Hi! Loren this post is just too cute! filled w/happiness! And girlfriend, do not knock the AARP Thing!! and I don't want to hear that you are 44 either! Ha-Ha_JOY!! I loved this Happy Post:). Have a wonderful Thursday as well!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU

Ok... I have the JOY JOY JOY song in my head now!! :) Love the posters! Love the trampoline photo... how sweet!! That was so kind of Bernie to send Jantz a calendar! :)


Nana's Nuggets

Hey! forgot to tell you! Your son is so handsome! and hubby fixing dinner!WoW! You go girl! Love Ya!


Keep that joy sis, love you.


I would never have guessed that you had made it to your 40's. Makayla keeps reminding me that I will be 50 next year.
Have a blessed weekend!!!

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