Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Wrap up

I have to say the word of this week is HOT!!! The last day of July left us with 3 digits.....107 degrees! It is HOT here and this week calls for more of the same! It is going to be 100's everyday with most days calling for 104 or hotter with the heat index reaching well into 111 or higher! Our humidity just makes going outside to let the dogs go tinkle cause you to sweat!!!!

We spent Saturday in the pool! It was just about the only place to be! Our friends went out of town again, so we were blessed to be able to go pool sit and boy oh boy did we take advantage! It was a divine intervention for sure!! Thank you Lord!

My son and I went running a few nights this week doing the Couch to 5K program and one night look what we ran up on?

Scared the bejeebers out of me :) We just did a blog post on our book blogs about our biggest phobia...The number one phobia from those who participated was snakes!! I don't like them but honestly frogs scare me more than these do! Silly huh! Luckily this guy is a good snake and won't harm you! If you are going to have a snake around this is the one you want!

Sunday we went to a new church and we all loved it! We loved the Pastor and saw some great friends....Praying the Lord continues to show us His will and if this is where HE wants us!

Tomorrow brings my sweet Rylee girl and this week will be fast and furious. I seriously can't believe Aug. is here! Only 16 days til school starts :( Breaks my heart!!!!

How was your weekend? Is school starting soon for you all?

Pray you have a blessed week! Love to you all!


Beth in NC

Oh my!!! The snake! SCREAMMMMMMMMMM!!!! Another reason I am glad I'm doing the Couch-to-5K on my treadmill! Plus the heat has been too unbearable to do it outside. Blech. What week are you on? I start Week 6 today. Yay!

Pool sitting sounds perfect!


The summer went by way too fast! We start on the 20th.
To me, no snake is the one to have around! lol

He & Me + 3

I saw that crazy snake on my dashboard and had to get here quick. Glad everything was OK. I hate SNAKES. YUCK! They are awful.
Yikes on the hot temps. That is just crazy. HOpe it is cooler for you this week.


I think your temps were hotter than ours this week. It was only 98 on Sunday, which is pretty much a cold snap in Phoenix. School starts here on the 16th as well. Took the granddaughter school clothes shopping a week ago. She starts 8th grade ... yikes!


Our weekend consisted to a whole lotta nothing! Except I was able to go out with friends on Saturday night! I am totally afraid of bugs, scorpians and snakes...oooohhhh! And I feel you with your in AZ it is HOT and during out monsoon season it's even hotter with the humidity that we get! Hope you have a great week!


I don't care for any kind of reptile or
spider! And we now have a family of skinks
(that's a brightly colored lizard) living
in our back yard! Gross!
I'll say it again--your little Rylee is
beyond cute!! Enjoy her!


Like you, our summer went by way too fast. Saturday brought Kalyn home from her summer camp job, but only for a few days. She'll work YEC Friday night and Satruday, and leave at the crack of dawn Sunday a.m. for Glorietta. She'll be back on the 14th, and then go back to college on the 19th!
School starts for Jase on the 12th, and I could still get a job at the school before then-or not.
Thank you again for your prayers and encouraging words!

Studio JRU

Eww... dislike snakes... dislike snakes!! I hope you are enjoying your day with Rylee...I am SURE you are! ;) She is just so darn cute I can't stand it!!


M the triple digits! I like the heat, but only when the humidity is about...lets say ZERO!!! It was a gift of God to allow you to enjoy the pool for a few days.

Praying you have a great week.

The Not So Perfect Housewife

Hey there~
Wow, church looking.. been there done that. God will lead you.. praying for you..

We spent some of the weekend with family and the other part in the car.. for way to long coming back.. lol.

Have a great week


Here in our county in GA, school started today! It seems way too hot for kids to have to be in school.
I am ready for Autumn weather.
Little Rylee sure is a cutie. Hope you have a great time tomorrow.
I don't see many frogs at our home but we have lizards. My cats love to chase them!!! OOOHHHH


I wrote a comment and poof it is somewhere is cyber space. Rylee is adorable and I hope you get to pool sit again this week.
I know school starts early this years but not exactly sure of the dates.....:-) Hugs

Beth E.

The summer has flown by. Bo goes back to college this weekend, to help with freshman orientation. He'll be home on the weekends, though, until school officially begins.

Billy goes back to college the third weekend of the month. He's worked away from home the entire summer, so we haven't been able to see him much. I dread school returning too...our nest will be empty again. :(

Steph T.

OH my goodness! we had a snake in our garage last week!! LOOK AT you running! So proud of you!!
Praying God leads you to the church he has ready for you to be part of...they are gonna be so blessed...

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

ugh.. i do NOT like snakes. We had one in the foyer to our church gym Sunday morning!

I pray that God will show you without any doubt what His will is for you and your husband.

love you sweet friend,

PS - Rylee is just too adorable!


It is so hot here too sis. I would be screaming if I saw that snake, yucky. Enjoy your time with cutie Rylee. I love you.


My kiddos start back right after Labor Day. I do not know how you survive in that heat. I think you could have heard me scream in the next town if I had seen that snack. Rylee girl is precious.

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