Saturday, July 31, 2010

Spiritual Sundays

In my quiet time as I was sharing with the Lord about rejection. He led me to a devotional specifically about this ~ I found it in Prayers That Avail Much: I wanted to share it here today as I know this is not limited to a few, nor is it limited to believers. Rejection affects Many if not all at some point and time. But the Good news! Those of us who are Believers can lay their hurt, pain, and feelings of rejection at the foot of the Cross and pick up their Sword and begin the battle! Speaking these very words straight from the Heart of God about YOU and ME!!

I am blessed with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ! Eph 1:3

I am chosen by YOU, My Father Eph 1:4

I am holy and without blame Eph 1:4

I am Your child according to the good pleasure of Your Will Eph 1:5

I am accepted in the Beloved Eph 1:6

I am redeemed throught the blood of the Jesus Eph 1:7

I am a person of wisdom and prudence Eph 1:8

I am Your Workmanship Eph 2:10

I am a citizen of heaven Eph 2:19

I am a partaker of Your promises in Christ 2 Pet 1:4

I am rooted and grounded in Love Eph 3:17

How is that for the Lord encouraging us!! I pray if anyone is experiencing rejection that these words would wash over you and bring life and truth to you! Where there is Truth, there is Freedom!

May you all have a blessed weekend! Thanks to Charlotte and Ginger for hosting Spiritual Sundays and for those who came, thankyou for visiting~ You all mean so very much to me!



Amen sis, love you.

He & Me + 3

Amen do not even know how these spoke to me today. Like a breath of fresh air.
Thank you so much for sharing them.

Heather T.

Great encouragement and it's so true, everyone experiences rejection at some point in life...but not ever from our all compassionate and loving Lord.

Your note about my middle man and his mighty pepper really brought a smile to all of us, Loren. It's always good to hear from you and I know that you feel the's that bond of sisterhood ♥


Thank you for sharing these encouraging verses Loren.


Thank you... what a GREAT post


I've enjoyed Prayers That Avail Much for
many, many years. It's such a great source
of encouragement because you're praying
the very word of God into your circumstances.

Whidbey Woman

Hi Loren, What an awesome post! I have never seen this list before. How encouraging!


Great verses to remind us of what our true identities are in Christ! Glory be to God! These past few months, [and I'm still praying about His wisdom], the Lord had been etching in my heart the words "at the foot of My cross"...What do you see there at the foot of My cross? The first thing that came to my mind was I was looking up and He was looking down. It brought me great encouragement right away that the Lord is always watching over us, and we, in turn, should look up to Him anyway :) What great love! What great sacrifice! Have a great weekend sister. Sorry to hear about Jenna's dehydration. I honestly believed that was what my son had gone through also when he got sick and had those headaches. Everything was normal with his labs and he felt better right away after the nurse gave him IV fluids. Awful when our kids are sick. Love you sister. Thank you for the prayers.


Oh, Loren, my friend, like Mimi said, you do not know how these words spoke to my heart, like a breath of fresh air! It brought tears to my eyes immediately as I began reading, and felt like you and God were speaking directly to me.
I did not get that assistant job yesterday. The principal wanted me and the teacher liked me, and I answered all the questions correctly, but the other candidate's personality matched better with the teacher's "loud personality". The teacher said that there really might be something else come open, even though school starts on August 12! I have to keep watching, praying, waiting, hoping, trusting!
Thank you for your encouragement!


I have literally worn out my "Prayers That Avail Much" and the binder is gone. Love this prayer! Happy weekend, Loren.


Great post with some great encouragement. You encouraged me today - thank you for thinking of our bible study that starts tomorrow. I trust God will provide as He sees fit and blesses us with a good study. We are hoping and praying this will turn into the Central Point Christian Fellowship of Longview, WA!


Dear Loren, This book isn't in my library but sure needs to be. I loved this post-because even our spouses can reject us without knowing. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a blessed and rich weekend in Him.
Hugs, Noreen


Hey Loren...your posts...your words...always inspire me. Have a great weekend. Sarah


Is there anything more painful than rejection...if there is I don't know it. These are very reassuring Loren, and somehow I feel you are the one to understand how we feel. I think you are a very special lady.....:-)Hugs


I need this, Loren.

God bless you.

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage

Thank-you so much for posting these scriptures today. It is so reassuring just reading them.
God Bless you my friend,


Amen!!How encouraging.....


Loren, what an encouragement this post is! I needed it so much... and this spoke to my heart. thank you!

I've taken note of all the verses and as i read this post i claimed and prayed the verses over myself. Have a great Sunday!!

Lots of love and hugs..
Underneath His Wrapping

Crystal Mary

Dearest Loren, Thank you for being an "I am" person and revealing them to the rest of us. In the rush of life we sometimes overlook, all that the Lord has gifted to us. Thank you for visiting and following my site. God Bless you every day. Love CML


Wonderful selection of Scriptures to draw us closer to God and to assure us of His love for us. This is so timely and needed.


Thank you for this encouraging post, Loren. Everyone experiences rejection at times and these scriptures are good to remember.


Oh, this is so good! If we can find just one word from God that speaks to our situation, we can make that our foundation and base everything else on that. If we feel rejected, we can find so many promises in God's Word that tell us differently! We can stake our lives on just one word from God... and then another, and then another, until we are solid in every good thing God has to say about us! :) Thank you for this!!!!!

Karen Long

Hi Loren, my name is Karen from
I just wanted to introduce myself
I came across your blog via Enchanting Cottage.
I am enjoying your post, and love the picture of you and your grand daughter.. I have a precious 2 yr old grand daughter too, and one that is 7, and then my grand son is on his way, due Dec..
well i hope you will stop by and visit me sometime soon.. I will be back for sure..
God Bless your week..

Pain to Purpose

This post was very encouraging to me! Thanks!

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