Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sunday Spiritual ~ Perseverance

My Son, Jantzen is do I say this? Persistant. No, He is...... VERY Persistant! I have shared with you what a sweet and tender heart he has. Yes, I am his momma, but I can honestly say he is such a good kid. He has a HUGE heart and truly a Servants Heart as well! This week we started school and on the VERY first day he wasn't even seated in my car before he started telling me that he HAD to get a schedule change. This was NOT THE NORM for Jantzen AT ALL! We have learned over the years that having a difficult teacher gives us opportunities to grow, to pray for that person/teacher, or just listen to the Lord as to what the assignment might be and why HE placed this person/teacher in their (my kids) life. So of course, I reminded my son of this, yet he was adamant and started to explain why.

There were 2 classes in which he wanted to change ~ Math and Honors English. He shared that he wanted to be moved up to honors math and that he just KNEW that's what was he was suppose to do. He said "I will not be challenged in that class and think I need to move up." Honestly, I had to agree with him on this one. But for the other class ~ honors English, it was simply a personality issue. Upon receiving his schedule I was "concerned" when I saw he had this teacher because she really does have quite the reputation! But again, I knew our thoughts on this. I also know we ALWAYS pray and ask the Lord for the kids teachers way before school begins and We trust the Lord completely in the ones they receive.

I told my son I would call the counselor the next morning to see about Math. In the meantime, My son CONTINUALLY brought up changing both classes! Seriously ~ IT WAS BECOMING ANNOYING ;0) He would wake up and talk about it, after school he began again! Persistance!

Finally, I was on the phone with the counselor explaining why we wanted to move Jantzen Up in math and learned the steps I needed to take to see if it was a possibility. Before we hung up I asked her about changing his English class as well. She told me the other teacher (the one he wanted) classes were completely full and that it was not an option at all! Yep, sounds like a closed door to me~ Surely, He was suppose to be with this English teacher.
I asked.
I did what I could.

I explained to Jantzen that he was most likely going to be moved to honors math and that he needed to be prepared to work really hard and that he would CERTAINLY be CHALLENGED! Once again, he started in on me about changing Honors English as well. PERSISTANCE!!

I finally told Jantzen I had done everything I could possibly do. It was out of my hands. I suggested he pray about it and also said "You know what! If you want this so badly, maybe you should go talk to the counselor and show her how important this is to you!"

Well ....He did just that. PERSISTANCE

When I picked him Friday after school he was walking to my car.... BEAMING!! He handed me a piece of paper telling me not only did he get Honors Math AND the new Honors English teacher that he wanted BUT...... she ALSO changed the hours around to where he has the classes with his best friend!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!! God is sooo good!


As you know, we consider blessed those who have persevered James 5:11

I am so thankful the lessons my son learned in all of this! His Perseverance brought about HUGE Blessings!

Happy Weekend my friends ♥


Heather T.

Praising God with you, sister!! What a perfect testimony, I'm so proud of your boy for following his heart and not being defeated....


First of all, KUDOS to your son...He has certainly shown a lot of perseverance.
In His sermon on the mount, Jesus talked about the virtue of perseverance...
So we should keep on asking, keep on seeking and keep on knocking.
Joy & Blessing,


Way to go Jantzen!

We serve an awesome God.

Wishing you and your family a blessed weekend Loren.

Sassy Granny ...

What a powerful lesson for one so young to learn. For the rest of his life it will be a milestone he can return to; a reminder that God never fails, and is ever faithful.




I just LOVE this story. Working out all the details for him the way He did is such a perfect way to show your son how much the Lord cares about even the small things to him. I just love it...Praying your son has a good year! HUGS


What a neat story, Loren, and what a "cool" son you have. Yes, persistence certainly pays off. I predict he will go far in life. I think God also likes for us to be persistent when we ask him for something. Isn't there a scripture about that? I can't remember where it is found.


A very persistent son indeed! And Loren, it also sounds like he's very smart.

Daughter of the KING

Perseverance pays off... God is a faithful God who cares about the smallest detail of lives, doesn't He?

Linda J


Great post Loren..And Perseverance can be a good thing in the right setting..
You are doing a great job..
God Bless

Whidbey Woman

Thanks be to God! Blessed are those who persevere.


I love the way the Lord works
everything out for us when we
trust Him. Your son sounds
like a good lad. All the best
to Jantzen.


Great story. If--and this is a big if, it turns out that this wasn't the best move for him. Hopefully he will then realize that God allowed him to have his way to teach him a lesson. But the bottom line of this experience is certainly true. We do need to persist in things that we believe are right. I would like your son very much. (Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment on my post. You are a major source of encouragement.)


Loren, I think you have an awesome son on your hands. Way to go girl cause I know that takes some great parenting.

Sure wish I could have been one of his teachers! smile


Might seem like a simple step but I know that this will play a big role in his future. Great job Jantzen on being "assertive"! Praying now for the Lord to always give you discernment and as you start your classes, may those people around you see the Light that you reflect. Glory be to God!

Have a great weekend sister Loren! God bless and protect you and your family always!


Hey Loren...what an amazing kid you got. I hope when mine get to that stage they'll fight for what they want too. I loved reading this...Have a great weekend.

Pain to Purpose

Great post. Tell your son WAY TO GO from me!

Nana's Nuggets

Hi! Loren, yes God does care about even the slightest of what we might think is not that important! This was a great lesson in teaching him that Prayer is the way to go! even when we have done all we can do! Love It! Praying for him as well as those teachers, for a great year:).


What a wonderful story .....your son defintely has perseverence and is teaching us something about it too!

He & Me + 3

That is awesome. I am so glad that he got them changed. Hope he does well this year.

Deb Shucka

What a great story this is. You're an awesome mom to give your son these tools for living his life. The lessons he's learned from this will serve him well into and through adulthood. Persistence pays, clearly. I love that you trusted his heart.

Merana Leigh

CONGRATS to your son. You've raised him well that he would take the bull by the horns, with a loving, giving, humble heart. He's LISTENING to where he feels he needs to be. I had to go to bat for my son & pull him OUT of merit math this year, against the protests of the principal & counselor. I told them that on paper, yes, he EXCELS in test scores, but the struggle he endures throughout the entire year with the pace is just entirely too much. God blessed us in son has peace, he excels in the class (tho' it's EARLY in the year), and now with the changed schedule...he has 6 of his 8 periods with his best friend too! (and we have peace..well, sorta! ;o} our home again)
Hugs ~ Merana

A Busy Single Mom

A great example that persistence pays off!

The Paint Splash

I am also glad your son has gotten the classes he wanted. Thanks for sharing your story. Blessings. Debbie


Praise God, that is amazing.

Kaye Swain

Great examples and lessons for him. And awesome answers to prayer. Thanks for this encouraging story. :)

Beth E.

Praise God for answered prayers! He cares about every concern we have. Kudos to Jantzen for his persistence!

Steph T.

Who could say no to that sweet face?? Not me! LOL! He is an amazing guy! Glad to see his persistence blessed!!!

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