Thursday, August 19, 2010

Simple Pleasures ~ Naptime

My friend Dayle hosts Simple Pleasures and here is what she has to say about it:
I've lived long enough to realize that the simple pleasures of life are the most important ones, but it's easy to let them slip by, unnoticed, during the busyness of an ordinary day.

That's why I created the Simple Pleasures series, to remind me to stop, to look, to listen, to slow down and pay closer attention to the simple things in life. And whenever I do, I'm never disappointed. It might be the sound of a baby's laugh, the gentle splash of a summer rain against the window, or flowers in a jar on the kitchen windowsill.

You're invited to share your simple pleasures with us here, every Thursday. Below are the guidelines for participating. I really hope you'll join us.

This week my simple pleasure is Naps!!

This.....Is what I felt like & my whole family looked like yesterday! LOLOLOL We are night owls in the summer and well, try as we may, getting back into the school routine and making everyone go to bed early just doesn't happen! So getting everyone up and out the door so early had us all soooo sleepy!

I love to take a quick nap...just give me 15-20 min. and I'm good to go. My husband LOVES taking Sunday naps!! Even my daughter LOVES when Rylee is here and it's nap time! She begs to go lay down with her so she can take a nap with her ♥
Isn't that sooo sweet!!

What about you? Do you like to take naps?

Thanks for sharing in my Simple Pleasure this week!



YES! I get sleepy after lunch each day and one of the joys of being at home now is the ability to nap with a cat or dog by my side!!!

The Real Me!

The older I get the more I "need" naps. LOL! And my husband likes Sunday afternoon naps too. But my younger boys don't. Makes for an interesting attempt. LOL!


I think an early afternoon nap is a
gift from the Lord actually! You
wake so refreshed if you only sleep
about 30-40 minutes. I think they
call these "power naps" and I
agree--Holy Spirit power! Even
sweet Jesus had to rest from time
to time.
Love & Blessings,


Love my tradition of a Sunday church, Lunch and a nap... my family knows weither they go down or not,, mom is napping..
Isnt it funny that when your little you fight not to nap and when your an adult,, you fight to nap..
love it..
and love that pictures.. too cute...


Ohh, count your blessings that you have a family of willing nappers! That's wonderful!

School rocks our world too. Hang in there! (And enjoy those naps when they come along!)


I love naps sis, snuggling with my lovebug is awesome.


Couldn't agree more...Naps are great as long as I don't go over 20 minutes or so. Just enough to refresh myself for several more hours. Soo happens at least twice a week now, haha...


Isn't that the cutest napperpicture ever?!?

I have a niece who can drop off exactly like that. She makes me giggle. I WISH that I could nap. For whatever reason, a nap just makes me feel even more tired. Sigh.

My husband is a napper. He can get into a deep snooze in about 5 minutes. I'm envious.

Steph T.

I love naps...but I only need about 10-20 minutes too. Just a "recharge" nap.

Warren Baldwin

I enjoy them but I fight them, too. When others are napping (like on Sunday afternoon), I get a coule of quiet hours to read!


Oh yes, I love a cat nap, as we call it... just enough time to wake up refreshed and ready to go. Perfect simple pleasure! And I love the photo! Thanks so much for linking up today. Always a joy to have you.


Love this picture. I remember when my kids were small they could fall asleep anywhere, I think they got that from me. :) Still till this day I love sneaking in a afternoon nap.


It's only 9 am and just seeing that adorable picture makes me want to crawl back in bed and take a nap!


OH MY!!! That picture is adorable!! As you know, ditto, on the night owl thing and we are all so sleepy now that school has started. I have wanted a daily nap, but haven't gotten to yet!!!

Dan on the other hand can take a nap whether he is tired or not!! Sunday afternoon naps are rare for me, but they are the BEST when they happen!!

Love you

The Not So Perfect Housewife

I love to take 'power' naps. They never last longer than about 20 minutes and I never need anyone to wake me up. It always just seems to happen... I think it's the Lord nudging me to get up and going :-)

Have a great nap today!

He & Me + 3

I do like naps...but they are few and far between. My hubs loves a sunday nap too. Must be a guy thing :) I kid.
Naps are great...I just wish my kids would think so.


You said it, sister! Nap time is such a simple pleasure. In fact, that sounds real good, right about now.


oh, my gosh, this is the cutest picture I have ever seen and YES I took one this afternoon. Nothing better than a quick nap.

love you,

Chatty Crone

Naptime - that's a good one. sandie


i love to nap! and this picture is way too cute!!!

Girly Muse

I adore naps! Sadly, I don't get to experience them NEARLY enough! Need to work on that! :)


I love a 15 minute power nap! Like previous poster, I just wake up. Great simple pleasure.


The older I get the more I like to nap especially on Sunday afternoon. Our neighborhood is soooo quiet,too! Great picture reminds me of my daughter who used to curl up under the coffee table and nap! Too cute!


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