Wednesday, August 18, 2010

JOY Unspeakable

Do you know my friend Angel? If you don't, you should go meet her! I know you will love her like I do! She hosts this awesome meme and I don't know about you but I think it's awesome to have a friend who looks for the Joy in every situation! I hope you will join in and help spread the JOY

I am filled with JOY

because yesterday we woke up to Lightning, Thunder and Rain! Oh ya, and MUCH cooler temps! We seriously needed the rain! Rylee and I went outside and just sat on the porch listening to the storm! It was sooo peaceful! I loved watching her face when it would thunder and how she snuggled up to me for protection! Sweet JOY indeed

It was the last day of summer as well yesterday ~ well, as far as school goes....So since it was raining outside Jenna decided to build a tent :) Rylee thought it was sooo much fun and boy did it bring back the memories of when the kids were little

Joy filled faces don't you think?? :)

My son is just the sweetest young man! He is full of L♥VE and has given me sooo many hugs these past few days because he says "I will be at school and won't be able to give you as many hugs!" Joy to the brim I say!

My kids are starting school and while this does NOT bring me JOY LOL ~ I am choosing to be joyful knowing the Lord has wonderful things in store for this new school year!

What about you ~ What brings you JOY today?


The Real Me!

It's so funny when it lightening and thunders and it's just me and the kids. I'm a wreck but don't show it but when my hubby is home I'm fine. And it's not like he could do anything if lightening decided to strike me down but for some reason I know longer care! LOL!
I'm filled with joy because after Step Class today I get to share the peanut butter pie I made with everyone! Including myself. YUM!


I loved the days of indoor tents with my kids. Now my joy comes from my grandchildren. Everyday. I am blessed.


Oh Loren I love this post. As a So Cal gal we don't get those thunder storms very often. Mel does now living where she does and she too is just fascinated with them. She called the other day and let me listen over the phone, haha...Tents and kids just go together don't they? And your son sounds wonderful. My youngest son was that way too. I worked at his school when he was in junior high (and he was President of his school) and he hugged me every time he saw me! The girls all thought that was soo darling, and it was. He's the minister now. Who knows what the Lord will do with your son's tender heart? Have a wonderful day Loren. HUGS


I can feel the joy oozing out of this post sis, love it.

Josh Healy

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Girly Muse

Aw, I love your sweet kids. Those smiling faces are too precious for words.

I'm full of joy because we have a few more weeks before school starts here and I am enjoying every last moment.

Love you, Loren! Have a wonderful Wednesday.


Love your JOY!! Sad with you that the kids are back in school though!! The tent is great and shows up here quite often.

Love the hugs from Jantzen, just love our sweet spirited boys!!

Love you!!



I am so glad that you are starting to see some cooler temps. We actually sat in the backyard and watch a lighting storm about 40 miles away and watched the display in the clouds. We were completely safe but I miss the rain. Could you send some this way please!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


What a cute pic under that tent!!! And yes, those joy-filled faces!!! Your son was right! And what a sweet son! I miss my son, too because they started early. Once in a while, he would text me asking if I'm okay or if I ate lunch...Nothing like joy that comes from knowing the Lord. "Seek Him first and all these things shall be given to you." Take care sister Loren. I pray this pain will go away soon! I choose to remain "joyful" despite...because of Him. Love to you.


Love the storms that bring much needed rain and everything looks so clear afterwards and the rain smells so good. Glad you're cooler!


I loved when my nieces/nephews were little and they would pull all the cushions off the sofa and make tents. What fun and precious memories. Like you, I find joy in rain and I know how sweet it must be for Rylee to snuggle in your arms as you sat and listened to the thunder. God bless all the school children as they start a new year.


I love this post....first that rain...which we really need too but the kids...the tent...the fun....what comes through is a ton of love in your home....☺


We had a big thunderstorm a few nights ago and I made Hubby go stand outside and smell the rain with me. Gives me shivers and I love it! Making tents with furniture and blankets is a rite of youth that everyone should get to enjoy. Looks like fun!


Rain certainly brings joy to us here in the desert. Thanks for sharing your joy.

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