Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why I Count it ALL JOY and today's Love

I love my wednesday post :) Please join in with Angel and help spread the JOY and why not add some Love in there!! I am also joining Joanne and showing what Love looks like here @ our house!

I am filled with Joy because nothing says JOY to me like having our whole family together :) and since today was the day we have Rylee ~ Krista had said she wanted to come out and have dinner and see everyone! :) Remember ~ she is pregnant so I texted her and asked her what... if anything she was "craving?" Ha! Look @ what she said sounded good :0) Her request is in the white text

So her Daddy made her Breakfast for dinner and then.......malts

Rylee enjoyed them too :)

and I made her homemade chocolate cake... YUM

I am filled with Joy because I Love my family! I am sooo blessed to be a momma, a step momma and a noni ♥ and a very blessed wife! Thank you Lord for all you have given to me! I don't take one day for granted! I cherish my family with all I am!



May God continue to dearly bless your precious family sis, love you.

The Real Me!

Uh, YUM! I LOVE Malts. I haven't had one in years. We used to make them a lot. Now I want one. LOL!
Have a most excellent day my sweet friend.


How sweet is that??? I was thinking about chocolate cake yesterday but was too lazy to bake. Now that I've seen your picture, I may do more than think about it!


Good Morning Loren...If I ever (haha) get things back to somewhat normal I intend to jump in and join this event ~ what a GOOD idea...I love your post. You are a VERY blessed woman! The cake looks yummy, and there is nothing like a homemade malt to me....sigh.....Have a wonderful day. HUGS


Awww...what a sweet post! My family is everything to me too. :) And I'm called "nonny" by my two granddaughters.

Nana's Nuggets

Hi! Loren,I needed all this "Joy" today, just had my prayer time, and Thanked God for my family! I don't know what people do without christ first and then family! this post made me want a piece of that cake, and one of those shakes!:), but my post says Nooooooooo!but my mouth says:YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! LOVE YA! HAVE A GREAT DAY!


Everything she requested sounded soooo good! And she had them fulfilled! Awesome! May the Lord bless you all always and protect you. Praying you're feeling better sister Loren. Thank you for your prayers and sweet thoughts always. Love you in Christ.


Wow.....that's a pregnant Mommy's dream come true!!! LOVE your pictures..XXOO Your Momma ;)

Studio JRU

Aww... you guys are so sweet!! She is one lucky lady to have a family like yours. Easy to see why you would be full of JOY! :)

Love ya,


Beautiful post, as always, Loren! That cake looks delicious! I may have to join in and write another post today about our Family Love! My Joy post was short today, because I had to get to an appt., but wanted to get that post in! I love our Wed. posts, too! Thanks to Angel! Thank you for your comments and prayers!

Girly Muse

That is so fun! :) Love that you made all the esires of her heart. Soooo sweet.

Steph T.

I want to come eat your house too!! LOL! Love it!! HOw in the world did you get that text in here? COOL!!


That cake looks good! I love your family. I see Jesus there.



We had breakfast for dinner last night too!! Unfortunately there was no chocolate cake or malts involved...may have to fix that problem tonight, LOL.

Love her pregnant requests, too funny!!

Love you


You are right thanks for stopping by! Thanks for the prayer. Yes, there is nothing like family!

He & Me + 3

Y'all are too cute. I love what she texted you back. Gotta love chocolate anything. Cute pictures too. Love the artsy angle on the cups with straws.


It sounds like you have much to be thankful for and to feel loved. Hugs to you Loren!!


Joanne@ Blessed...


So nice to meet you! I LOVE your meme on JOY too! I'm going to have to make a point to play along with you this summer. :O)

I think it's such a blessing that you're encouraging your readers to seek out the places where joy (and love) reign in their homes and hearts. What a blessing your blog is!


God has given you many happy for you.....:-) Hugs


That chocolate cake looks so yummy! Sounds like a wonderful meal and being together.


Blessings and prayers,

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