Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesdays top 10 ~ Why I L♥VE Reading

Don't you just love the Lazy Days of summer!? I sure do! I love being able to live without a schedule and trust me ~ this summer is extra special because my Jenna will be a Senior (gulp) next year, so this time with her is PRECIOUS!!!

I love reading and summertime provides that perfect opportunity to read The Word outside in the morning while I listen to the birds singing and sip my coffee

I love being able to read a Christian Novel and share it with my friends

I love being able to Review books and Jenna is joining me on my book blog and reviewing them as well! DOUBLE SCORE!! :)

I love receiving FREE BOOKS!

I love sharing/discussing about these books with other Bloggers and my friends who borrow them!

I love those nights when we are all in the living room with NO TV on and everyone is reading together! Simply Bliss I tell ya :)

I love to sit with Rylee on my lap and read her a story ~ Oh to pass on the Love of reading!

I love being able to read more than one book at a time and now that I am reviewing that comes in quite handy!

I think it is funny to watch my husband read because it never fails ~ He gets about two paragraphs into it and he's gone! Fast asleep LOL

I absolutely LOVE finding other Christian Book bloggers/reviewers and am seeking to help promote the Christian genre! Believe me ~ there are soooo many others out there and I hope to create a meme for those of us who love to read and promote Christian authors!

What about you? Do you love reading? What is your favorite book so far this summer? Where do you prefer to read?



Your hubbby sounds an awful lot like my hubby! I LOVE to read as well and have 3 of my 4 children that share that passion. As for my husband he usually just ends up reading, ZZZZ's!


I love that I don't have to rush in the morning and just take my time as my son doesn't need to go to school early now that they're off...I just don't like the sweltering heat! God bless and have a great week sister Loren.

Sassy Granny ...

I so love reading, but all the bustle surrounding our move has left little time for anything other than boxing up my life.

When I do grab a book, it's usually a historic novel of some sort, or a biography, or a specific Bible study. I have a comfy recliner in a cozy, quiet corner, which is where I love roosting.

We readers have so-o-o-o much in common!



Have you read the O'Malley Chronicles by Dee Henderson? My sister sent them to me and they're wonderful! Sitting outside in the coolness of the early mornings with a cup of coffee and something to read is the best way to start the day! Especially when we're supposed to hit 115 degrees tomorrow afternoon. Whew!


Enjoyed this, love you.


I actually hadn't read much until this year. I read the Bible, but until now that was about all I read. Since I started reading, I love self-improvement books, some health books, and biographies and autobiographies. I'm pretty new to reading, so I'm sure I'll find more books I like. I especially love books that teach something, like painting. I have a whole collection of those! :)

I also want to let you know that I awarded your blog here:

Hope you like it! :)


I could go into how I could have written this post, but you already know all that!! LOL

We do the everyone reading and the TV off this and I LOVE it!!!
Your comment about Brian reading two paragraphs and falling asleep cracked me up because it described Dan to a tee. The kids joke and make fun of him all the time for it!!

So excited about the Christian genre meme, Dan and I are ready whenever you are!!

I don't have a favorite book so far and I prefer to read EVERYWHERE!!

Love you


I love Bible is always my favorite, but I also read lots of other genres! i am reading a secular memoir right now, called "the glass castle"



I am an avid reader, always have a book beside me in every room in my home.....I would prefer to finish one without starting another but I find one, open it and the reading is "on". We are so blessed with our lives aren't we Loren, so very blessed........:-)Hugs

He & Me + 3

Your hubby sounds like me when I read. LOL Glad you get to read and review.


I love those free books too!!

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