Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesdays top 10 ~ Randomness

Sharing my Randomness for Todays top TEN

1) Today is Kim from Homesteaders Heart's BIRTHDAY ~ happy birthday KIM♥

2) Today is ALSO MIMI from He&Me+3 BIRTHDAY ~ happy birthday MIMI ♥

3) Thank you ALL for your prayers yesterday :) I felt them so strongly! It means so much having you all praying!!

4) I LOVED the new Rheumatologist! He listened to me, answered every question, & made sure I had said everything WOW!


6) & Get this...I am tapering OFF the Prednisone :) WOOOOHOOO ~ within two weeks I will no longer take it ~ PRAISE THE LORD!

7) For now, He is just going to treat the symptoms and changed my meds & I will return to him in 2 months!

8) My DH had a crazy day with the company and they were able to work out most of the computer glitches but overall, IT WAS A HUGE SUCCESS :)

9) Got my Rylee girl today and I am hoping to take her swimming!

10) Looking forward to helping Angel this weekend :) She is catering a wedding and is allowing my Son and I to help :) it's going to be great fun!

What is going on with you today??

Thought for the day...... Are you leaving those around you thirsty for Jesus?



Celebrating the great news with you sis. Enjoy your day with Rylee. I love you.

The Real Me!

*Blushing* I was first on your list! I feel so so so SPECIAL! Hee! Hee! I'm on my way over to Mimi's to say happy birthday but the booger is only 39 today! LUCKY! LOL! And I found another blogger with the same birthday.
Yay, on all the good news. I'm so glad it's working out.
And if I had a pool I'd probably stay in it all day. It's so hot outside!
Have a fabulous day my sweet friend.
Love ya!


Praise the Lord for your good news. I am so thankful for this new Dr. for you.
I hope you and Rylee have a fun afternoon.


Oh Loren I am soo happy about your good news. Yay to NO Lupus and NO more prednisone!
And Yay to your hubby closing the deal after 18 months of hard work. We have been there and done that too and it is a good feeling. ENJOY Rylee today. I love your thought for the day ~ it is a good one. HUGS, Debbie

Girly Muse

This is such good news!!! Thank you, Lord!!!


Oh, Loren, I am thrilled that you found a good doctor and got all your questions answered and that you DON'T have lupus.

And I so hope that I leave people hungry for more of Jesus--that was a great thought for the day.

Have a good one.

Oh, and next time I am up that way to visit my kids in Tulsa, I would love to meet you and have lunch if possible.

Love you precious friend,


Yay! Great news.


Thanking the wonderful Lord that you
are doing well. One of my best friends
has been battling lupus for 35 years.
Glad to hear you do not have it.
Enjoy your dear granddaughter!
Richest blessings,

He & Me + 3

Oh that Kim. First on the list. LOL
Thanks for the birthday wishes both on my blog and yours. You are all too sweet. I love my blogging friends and I love you dear friend. Such great news from the Doctor and woo hoo about the medicine too. that is great.
Have fun helping angel.


Still doing the happy dance about the doctors report and NO lupus!! I just knew Jesus didn't want you on that Prednisone again!!

Sorry I added to Brian's crazy day, but so thankful for him and his willingness to help me out!! Dan would do it for you in a heart beat!! Boy are we blessed!! So glad his business dealings worked out great!! Yippee!!

Looking forward to Saturday, it will be fun!!

Love you


Wow, Praise God!!! It's great to hear the good news!! Have a fabulous day! :)


I am so thankful you found a good doctor. Praying for you!


Absolutely wonderful news my friend! I've gone through the gamut of testing for Lupus and other things too and being on Prednisone takes the aching away, but has undesirable side affects sometimes...I'm so with you there. My husband has been on Prednisone therapy for a while now.

You continue to remain in my prayers and I wanted to pop in and say "I love you."

Big Hugs,


Congratulations on your great news! So very happy for you!!! My Hubby has been gone to a conference for the last 5 days and I am picking him up at the airport this morning, which makes it a happy day around here. The dogs will go nuts when he walks in with his suitcase and we'll all try to sit on his lap. =)

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