Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesdays top 10 ~ Why I L♥VE Blogging

1) Everyday I am blessed to share in the lives of many Wonderful people ~ who love the LORD & their families!

2) I am able to encourage those who are facing a trial or difficult situation & Pray for those who need Gods touch and to also in turn, receive your prayers at a moments notice I know you are all there lifting up whatever request I may have!

3) I meet new people all the time! :)

4) I am encouraged by others & inspired in so many ways too!

5) giveaways are always fun to enter and even better when I win!

6) I learn Wisdom from sooo many and gain amazing insight into so many situations!

7) I have met so many people and developed relationships that without this blog I never would have met this side of Heaven!

8) This blog has really brought out a creative side to me and challenged me in ways that I never would have imagined

9) Because on days like Yesterday when Blogger was DOWN in our region and I couldn't post ( I was sooo upset along with all the others in this particular region) OR Comment I realized how much I love sharing my Faith, my Family and hearing from all of YOU ~ my Friends!

10) YES I L♥VE blogging so much! Thank each one of you for allowing me to privilege of knowing you, sharing our Faith together, and spurring one another on in Christ One day at a Time!



Awesome list sweetie, love you.

The Real Me!

I was wondering where you were yesterday. LOL!
We never had a problem over on the east coast. Not that I know of. Of course I wasn't sitting here all day trying either. LOL!

I love blogging too!!! And thankful that I met such a wonderful person like you and was able to pray for and encourage you while you went through a tough time not so long ago.
You are a blessing to me!!!

He & Me + 3

Yes, I missed so many of my blogging friends because blogger was down. Grr.
So glad that we met via blogland. I love your comments and your posts. You inspire me:)


Thank you so much for your prayers and support. I am emotionally and physically exhausted, right now. However, I feel the prayers of many and I know GOD is working in and through our lives.
Hugs, love, and blessings,


What a CUTE blog! Why haven't I been here before? :)

Great reasons to love blogging! I share a great many of these with you!

Have a great week!--- Lou


I can ditto your list. Blogging is the best!


ahhh, and I always love reading your blog posts!


...and I love the times I'm able to visit your blog where the LOVE OF JESUS is very present.

Love you!



Just another burp in the walk of life. I've learned that perhaps I am meant to do something else and refuse to give the enemy a foot hold in my life, I praise God that it isn't working when I need it to so He must have other plans for me.

Life is better when we can accept those times in our lives when everything doesn't always work out according to plan.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Still Learning

I couldn't agree with you more! It is a pleasure to get to know you also :) Love your blog by the way. There are so many wonderful benefits to blogging but I love the friendship the most.



What a sweet post! Thank you! I hope you pray for me today as I have terrible vertigo. Anne


i agree with the list!!! me loves blogging...:-)

Kathy C.

I know for one that I'm so glad you's been such a joy building a friendship with you!


Great list! I'm thankful to have "met" you and appreciate the encouragement from you. I was wondering what the deal was yesterday with Blogger! I remember when I won several blog giveaways in a row, it was so fun!

Have a good week,


Those are all great reasons ... ditto! But, oh my gosh, Blogger can go down for a whole day? I haven't experienced that yet *knock on wood* and hope I don't. Glad you're back!


Love this post and agree with all your reasons for loving blogging!! Yesterday was frustrating and I never did get around to all the blogs I love to read and comment on because of it : (

I love all my bloggy friends!!

Beth E.

...and I love you! Your blog is always an inspiration and a blessing to me! :-)

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