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Spiritual Sundays ~ Listening to HIS voice

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Earlier this week I shared about how the Lord had me awake for about 3 nights in a row really sharing some things in regards to our family and specifically our kids. Finally, after the 3rd day I woke up the kids that morning and asked them to grab their Bibles and meet me downstairs. The Lord had given me specific Scriptures and how they applied to each child and where they are right now spiritually.

As we gathered together I first prayed and asked the Lord to allow His words to go forth and for me to interpret HIS message exactly as HE desired. I shared with the kids something I had remembered from years ago. When our kids were very little, we had a friend whose teenage son was killed in a car accident. In his grief, the Father shared with us "I taught my son so many things about the way of the world, but I never shared the Spiritual ways." In their sons death they looked to the Lord and grew ever so close to Him instead of being mad or resentful. This has ALWAYS stayed with me! Anyway, as I began to share the Scripture & message for both of them I could see on their faces that their spirits were in agreement with what the Lord was sharing in me. I asked both of them if this was in fact true, and they both agreed it was.

For my daughter it was 1 cor 10:23
You say, “I am allowed to do anything" but not everything is good for you. You say, “I am allowed to do anything”—but not everything is beneficial.

I shared with her how the Lord showed me a buffet table and that, as she is entering this new season of her life (turning 18 and making adult decisions, college, etc) that truly the path for her future is wide open! She can literally do anything but that just as you walk into a buffet, everything is available to eat, but not all of it is good for you. BUT what the Lord really was saying was this.....While she is allowed to do anything, it isn't all beneficial. What HE really is asking from her is for her to DISCERN "what" is beneficial. HE shared that the Holy Spirit really wanted to take her to a new level and to really exercise that discerning spirit.

She said she immediately knew this was right on and confirmed some things she had been hearing as well! Thank you Lord!

I know the Lord longs to share specifics with us and HE will even wake us up in the middle of the night to speak to us. Sometimes it is the quiet of just reading the Word or in Prayer. He chooses many different ways to speak, but the important thing is that we listen!

Are you listening? Are you sharing those things HE is speaking to you? Are you being obedient to what HE is asking? I have been guilty at times or even too tired some nights when HE wakes me up and I will roll over and go back to sleep! I HATE it when I do this! I am soooo thankful for HIS grace and forgiveness! For HIS mercy that in my rebellion HE waits and when I repent HE shares HIS heart and plans at another time! Thank you Father!

I pray everyone has a blessed weekend!



Very awesome sis, love you.


Wow. Glad I came by.


Oh, Loren, I was curious about what He spoke to you earlier in the week for your kids. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! and the story about the couple who lost their teenage son, too. That is so sad, but I'm so glad they grew closer to Him.
Yes, as our children grow older, it is so important that they are discerning.
Thank you again for all of the wisdom that you always share!

Whidbey Woman



Wow Loren...this is powerful....and reading your daughter's comments also powerful to me. My 14 year old has been asking me how God we hear His voice...this post is so timely.


I just love how the Lord speaks to us. And I love when others bear witness and bring confirmation, especially our children! Have an awesome weekend!

Daughter of the KING

Wonderful post! I love that God is still speaking to His children today. Thank you for sharing with us.

Linda J



I can only imagine how beneficial that was to your daughter and I may just use this scripture reference for Caitlyn as she enters her final year in high school. I am going to journal her entire year and this will be the opening verse along with the insights God shares along the way.

Thank you for the gift of sharing what you are learning and teaching your kids.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


You are a Godly mother. You received from the Lord and in obedience shared with your children what God wanted to say to them. Oh, that all parents would be Godly and talk with their children about God. What a great post. God bless.


How blessed your son and daughter - and you, in turn, that they are so open and receptive to His word.
I've a hunch they will pay it forward to their own sons and daughters someday!


Thank you for sharing this with us, Loren. Your children are blessed to have you or a mother. I'm so thankful to God for his leading his children. Blessings,

It Feels Like Chaos

Awesome! I, too, have had times that God has woken me up at night to say something specific. I am thankful He works so hard just to communicate with me!

He & Me + 3

That is awesome Loren. What a great word the Lord shared with you.
I pray that I listen and hear everything He wants to speak to me.

RCUBEs what I always ask for. Not only for me but especially for my teenage son. This is a powerful reminder. For us to be in tuned with His leading. We can plan all we want but He is the One Who directs our steps. That was just a beautiful picture...of a godly mother sharing His Word with her children. May I learn to BE more STILL and meet our loving God in that solitude....God bless you sister Loren and may you have a wonderful week ahead.


Thanks for sharing from your heart. This kind of sharing is always beneficial. I am learning more and more to listen to Him.


Hi Loren, this is a wonderful message. When we know God is telling us important things to say. We must say them. I love your daughter's response.

Blessings, Jeanne

PS I scrolled down and played the video. Loved it!!!

Beautiful pear tree lane

Loren, What can I say, this is one of the most heartfelt,powerful inspirational post you have ever written. Just like us, God loves it when we, His children take the time to listen to His voice, and I am so glad that you and your children opened up your ears and hearts to Him. I am truly blessed beyond the right words. You children do arise and call you blessed.

Sassy Granny ...

The whole listening/hearing thing has been on my heart in recent days/weeks as well. We simply cannot obey, or even relish the day, if we don't have our ears turned in His direction. What wisdom you impart to your children with this truth!



very inspiring... love this blog! Thanks for visiting mine.. following you back!

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