Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

I saw this and just HAD to share it here with you all!

I pray everyone has a blessed Mothers Day weekend....I know some don't have their Mothers' with them and miss them very much. Some still long to be a Mother, while others that time has passed. I pray for each and every one of you ~ May you find Comfort in the LORD and experience HIS Presence anew!

Please visit Spiritual Sundays here. Thank you Charlotte and Ginger for being beautiful women of God and leading this each and every week! You inspire me always!

Love and Blessings to you all!



somebody sent this to me yesterday. I totally love it. Have a Happy Mother's Day....and a great weekened. Sarah

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage

I LOVED THIS! It's great. It's a great way to get the message out. I can't wait to share this with a couple of people I know.
Happy Mothers,


I saw this too this week and was soo blessed. It is really something. I am soo glad you posted it. Have a wonderful Mother's Day Loren. HUGS AND BLESSINGS, Debbie


Loren, Thank you so much for sharing this video, your prayer for all on Mother's Day and your thank you to Charlotte and Ginger. You are always so great with words and always say what I want to say!
Happy Mom's Day to you!!!

Steph T.

Happy Mothers Day Loren! You are such a great example to me as a Godly mom. I appreciate your friendship & I am so grateful God put you in my life. You are a true blessing. Enjoy your day with you babies!!
love you!!


Bless you for sharing this sweetie, love you.


Happy Mother's Day!

Angel Muly

What an awesome way to share Jesus. I love the gifts God has given everyone and watching how they chose to use them. Thanks for your sweet missing my momma pray!! Have a fabulous Mother's Day yourself!! Love you

Kathy C.

You are so sweet Loren...Happy Mother's Day to you too!


POWERFUL MESSAGE! Great communicator. Thanks for sharing this. Have a great Mother's Day!


Amen to the video. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful Mother's Day.
Hugs & blessings,


How fun to be shreddin' sisters!!!!! This was a cute video and man, I can't believe she got all the way through that fast talking with no mistakes (well, I didn't hear any).

I think I'll pass this on to my hubby, he's a pastor and he likes to have little things like this that can be worked into an appropriate sermon sometime!

Jesus is the way, amen!!!!

~ Nan


Every time I see this I enjoy it! Happy Mother's Day my beautiful and sweet sister. My visits are few but you stay on my heart and in my prayers. Life is going on but I love ya!


Thank you for sharing and Happy Mother's Day!


Happy Mother's Day sister! I've seen it from sister Wylie's and thought it was awesome! It's great to see this video again! :) God bless.


Tamara is amazing!

Have a blessed Mother's Day, Loren.

A Busy Single Mom

What a catchy, innovative video! Happy Mother's Day to you, Loren!


Hi Loren! I had the pleasure of seeing Tamara Lowe a few months ago here in Phoenix - what an amazing lady.
I hope you and all those you love enjoy a beautiful day!


Love you my friend. My commenting on blogs has been few and far between with everyone these days but I wanted to stop here and say that I hope your Mother's Day was beautiful. I love your beautiful heart and loving spirit. I know that you are the greatest mom to your children and I've seen pictures of your mom here before. She is a beautiful woman. You are truly blessed.

Thank you for always stopping by with your encouragement and prayers. I love you!!

Big Hugs,


Loren, Happy Mothers Day. Hope you had a perfect day. Much Love and Blessings,

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