Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesdays top 10

ONE ~ Love and Appreciate my wonderful Husband who is such a good Daddy and such a sweet Papa ♥

TWO~ Love and Appreciate my Mom who helped me sooo much with the Prom Stuff!

THREE ~ So thankful my brother took such beautiful pictures of all these prom kids despite some very devastating news just minutes before he arrived to take pics!

FOUR ~ Soooo thankful my Physical Therapist was understanding that I didn't do my exercises over the weekend....unless you can count coloring Jens hair, cleaning like a mad woman, planting flowers, cooking and serving to these precious kids therapy :) because.... I sure did LOL

FIVE ~ I have soooo many books to read...I need to carry a book with me at all times to get them reviewed in time! :)

SIX~ It was cold here and rainy today and sure makes you appreciate the warm weather we have been having! Thank you Lord....can the sunshine come back now ;)

SEVEN ~ Have just loved the Gentleness of the Lord lately...I feel HIS Presence and the atmosphere is just soo Gentle...

EIGHT ~ Only 4 more Mondays of school left !! Praise the LORD!

NINE ~ Got my Rylee girl today ♥ Got her a new swing and she loves it ;) When I was little my nana used to sit on the porch swing with me and LALA so while I push Rylee in her swing this is what I sing to her.....she loves it! and well.....SO DO I!

TEN ~Pray everyone has a blessed Tuesday ~ love on your kids today, do something sweet for your loved ones, listen to the Holy Spirit ~ He may have a Divine Appt. just waiting ~ remember we could be someones answer to prayer ~ a call, a hug, a note, offer forgiveness Who KNows but you and the LORD??

Love you all!



My dear sis, I love you to the moon and back.

He & Me + 3

The pictures were gorgeous. I just went and saw them. You did get a workout this weekend even if it wasn't physical were still working it.
It was cold and rainy here yesterday and then the sun came out. Just beautiful.
Have a blessed Tuesday.


Great list and I love no.10 the most. Thank you for the sweet reminder! :) God bless you sister and protect you and your beautiful family!

The Real Me!

Loved your top 10 my friend. You've been a busy beaver!
Have a blessed Tuesday yourself.

Girly Muse

aw, this post just makes me happy. i can hear the joy in your words and that makes me so thankful.

will be praying for your brother~ i hope everything is okay.

can just picture you and the sweet Rylee Girl swingin...

how DO you read all those books??? i'd really like to know!

wish i was coming over for a hair colorin' and coffee. :) love you!

christy rose

Have a wonderful day with your beautiful Rylee today!! :) Enjoy every minute!


I just LOVED your list, and LOVE your heart. ENJOY your Rylee today. HUGS, Debbie


Sounds like some serious physical therapy to me!
Happy reading!

Blessings, hugs, and prayers,


I can just picture you swinging on that swing with Rylee. Is it lullabyes or praise songs? Have a great day, my friend.

Love you,


Number 10 just seems to sum it all up just perfectly! The perfect 10! Enjoy your day Loren..with your precious Rylee!



I got to share the pictures of Jenna's prom with Caitlyn and she loves all the dresses. I only wish I could get her to step into something with more color, she is wearing basic black. I share pictures with you in the coming weeks.

WOW only 4 more Mondays? I am slowing Kailee's school down after her state tests, because there isn't much to learn after she is tested. We are going to utilize those days to do some fun hands on learning.

Love your top 10 list. I too am coming up on quite a few books lately and trying to get as many of them read as I can, and then again once school is out, I know it will fill my time while the kids are out and hubby is working.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


Love the Idea for a post!

Loren, I wanted to thank you for being a part of my first year of blogging! What a wonderful year it has been. I'm throwing a little party and as an honored guest, I would love for you to stop by and share a highlight of your year with all of us.

Cactus Happy,

Angel Muly

Love the top 10 list. # 1 is great, there's not much better than a wonderful husband, so glad we both have one. Can't wait for school to end, we finish this week!! Sounds like you got plenty of physical therapy this weekend anyway!! Love you

Cotton Blossom

hmmm, I had left a comment here and I see it didn't get published...I am really bad about X-ing out before the distorted word spam detector pops up...I for get which blogs have those...I'm sorry!
Anyway, I do love these top ten lists, they are so uplifting to read through.

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