Monday, April 26, 2010


What a WONDERFUL and Full Day everyone had! I am just going to show you all the pics and tell the story along the way :)

Took Jen to get a pedi and nails on...She HATES pedicures because she doesn't like people to touch her feet so she exactly enjoy this part....

Kenny MY Favorite Nail guy in the whole world!

Before hair updo


Ok so we were to meet all the kids and parents @5 at the specified location for pictures.....At exactly 4:45 as we were heading out the door it began to POUR!!! We had prayed alll day asking for the Lord to keep the rain away...but it came down HARD!
We texted everyone and just had them meet here at our house and my brother took some beautiful pictures. It did stop and then start again but we worked with it...came up and took pics on both our front and back porch...No one really got wet at all! Thank you Lord!

Jen and TY


Taylor and her Best Friend Drake

Kristen and Austin

Halie and Logan

All their pretty flowers

The Beautiful girls

The whole group

Here is the Dinner table ....It turned out so pretty! The Prom Theme was A Night Under The Stars and these were the colors.
My Mom and Jenna's friend Devon were here to help serve and my Uncle surprised us and came to town to pick up his girlfriend at the airport and her plane was delayed so we got to see Him and he helped us as well! It was such a treat and Brian and I were soooo very appreciative for their help! The kids enjoyed their dinner and had the sweetest compliments :) about everything! We were sooo honored to be able to have them here in our home!

Now Finally ~ they all had a wonderful time @ Prom dancing the night away and headed out for the Progressive After Prom Party. They played games at one house, went swimming at the 2nd house which woke them up :) but then they got in the hot tub and got really tired so by the time they arrived here at our house @ around 5a.m. they were exhausted!!! We asked them if they still wanted have breakfast and they said yes. So we put in the Comedy Video of Tim Hawkins and began cooking. I didn't hear much laughter and had an inkling that they may be asleep :) YEP, they were out!!!

Taylor and Drake

Devon stayed here with us so we woke her up when the kids were on their way back here!

Logan and Halie

We eventually woke them up and they ate breakfast and went home around 7am. It was a wonderful evening for all!

Happy Monday everyone ~ Pray you have a blessed week!



Awwww, they all looked so gorgeous. I am happy that their prom night was such a great experience for them. They will cherish this memory.

The Real Me!

I love all the different colored dresses that they had one in that picture. They all complimented each other. Very beautiful and what a fun time.
I"ll have to show my daughter the pink dress. It's her favorite color and the dress is gorgeous. LOL


They are all beautiful and handsome! What fun! Clean kind of fun! That's how it must be :) You are awesome sister! God bless you all.


Oh Loren, HOW fun, and I soo enjoyed going through the event with you! Your daughter looked GORGEOUS...I LOVED her dress...What a pretty color and it suited her soo well. All the girls looked soo pretty. The uo-do was a stun as well. I have soo many pics of Mel and her friends at "dance" times. Soo many memories. Seems like a 100 years ago now, and yet looking at these pics like yesterday...Thank you soo much for sharing them. Glad it all went well, they had a good time, and everyone arrived home safe....HUGS, Debbie

Girly Muse

I LOVE this!!! Everyone looks so pretty, love their dresses...and Jen's hair!!! So great!

The table looks beautiful. Lots of love put into this night.

Love that they all fell asleep in your living room! :) Just precious. You're special parents, all of you. Love you!!!

christy rose

Oh Loren, Jen is absolutely beautiful!!!! They all looked gorgeous actually! How fun to be able to be a part of such a fun evening with a bunch of young people. You helped to create memories that will last them a lifetime. I am going to remember some of these ideas when my kids are at the time of proms in their life too. It won't be long!! :)


Oh your daughter is beautiful, all of the girls looked so very pretty. I am so glad they had a great time and thankful the rain did not deter them from enjoying their special day!


It looked like a perfectly, magical evening! The girls looked beautiful, the boys handsome, the table gorgeous...I could go on! One amazing prom that is for sure!

Angel Muly

What fun!!! I do miss those days with Lindsey. The boys just really don't get into all that. Everyone looked beautiful and the table was gorgeous. I love doing all that. So glad you had such a wonderful weekend. I know you were probably exhausted, but it is always well worth it and they will never forget it!! You are a blessing!! Love you!


I love the method to your madness...what a beautiful and SAFE evening!! GOD BLESS YOU for providing this wonderful environment for the kids.
Hugs, blessings, and prayers,



WOW this looks like so much fun. Did you have dinner at your house prior to PROM? Caitlyn's is on May 8th but thankfully it's all be handled by the school and all the kids that are attending get chartered by bus to the location in the mountains for dinner on a lake. Nice huh?

Love Jen's hair and her dress. I think Cait's going to want to borrow that next year. Seriously we should ship them back to one another and save a ton of money.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Kami Scott-Day

It looks like they all had a wonderful time! And Jenna looked beautiful!! You are such a great momma :)

He & Me + 3

OMGosh everyone looks so beautiful and happy. That table setting turned out great and what a fun, memorable and safe night for all the kids. You are a fantastic Mom!

Steph T.

How fun! I love how involved you were in this. It says so much about your home...they are comfortable in it! WOOO HOOO!! Jenna is so beautiful!

Cotton Blossom

What a beautiful dress Jen picked out! Loved it!
What memories these kids will have!


They all look so pretty! I love the color of Jen's dress. I think that is so neat you prepared the meal for them.

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