Thursday, April 22, 2010

Love notes from Jesus

Today Lynn is asking us to share our Sweet Moments in which we have seen Jesus this week....

Actually I have seen Him in his beautiful flowers blooming ~ all the amazing colors. The flowers that I would have thought died in my front flower bed, yet they bloom out again in their beauty and splendor ~ it just amazes me!

But as I pondered on what spoke to me most this week it was in the book I was reading. I took a little break from reading books for review and read a book of my choice ~ Karen Kingsbury's book "Take Three" As usual it was soooooo good! I laughed, I cried, and of course I couldn't put it down but there was ONE LINE in this book that I will remember for a long time to come and found it fitting for this post:

"Our job as believers is to be an answer to someone's prayer ....every long as we live"

Years ago when the Prayer of Jabez became a phenomenon people purposefully looked to bless others and actually sought the Lord each day for those "Divine Appointments." But like most things, people get excited and then as time goes on we lose enthusiasm and each day those request are fewer and far between. Do you know what I mean?

But guess what!!! The Lord NEVER loses HIS enthusiasm for YOU or for ME! We are HIS body and each and everyday HE has a plan for us to be HIS spokesperson....May we be reminded to seek how we can be a blessing to others in HIS HOLY Precious Name!!

How have you seen Jesus this week?



I see Jesus in you dear sis, love you.

He & Me + 3

I love that Loren...I have never thought about Christianity that way...that we are supposed to be an answer to someone's prayer everyday. Wow that makes our life that much more important. What a thought to wake up to.


Oh Loren as always I loved everything you had to say here. I especially love the Karen Kingsbury books. I can NEVER put them down however so I have to be really careful before I pick one up, haha...I just bought Take Three and I am almost giddy to get going on it. Tomorrow I should have PLENTY of sitting time to do it. Her books have brought soo many good lines that have stuck in my head, but this sounds like a really good one. I remember the Prayer of Jabez WELL and that whole idea of blessing someone. I think the Lord is trying to tell me something here as that thought is soo similiar to the message I heard on Sun. I am going to make it much more of a point to LOOK for those "Divine Appointments" Have a wonderful day Loren...HUGS = )


A wonderful TT post, enjoyed reading.

God Bless


I have seen JESUS in the eyes of my granddaughter as she experiences new aspects of HIS creation. What a joy and privilege to see HIM in and through the lives of little ones.

Blessings, hugs, and prayers,


"But like most things, people get excited and then as time goes on we lose enthusiasm and each day those request are fewer and far between. Do you know what I mean?" Yes! I truly know what you mean!!! And thank you sister for leaving me a great encouragement and reminder this morning to know that He continuously is working for us! Glory to God! Love you sister and praying all is well and your shoulder is continuing to heal. Have a great day!


Our purpose for being created is to be God centered, which means that we are to magnify - display or reflect the various attributes of His majestic character and then enjoy Him forever! He is to be our greates treasure!

We can see God and His wonderful character revealed in His love for variety, color, shapes, textures, design, and abundance of all that He has given to us, such as trees, plants, shrubs, animals, one another and flowers in order to remind us that He is, He is worthy of our praise, and He is worthy to be our greatest treasure.


Thank goodness we serve such a merciful and kind God. What a great always, and so thought provoking. I just want to make sure first that God is working IN me, so that He can work THROUGH me to touch anthers life. Thanks for sharing.


What an inspiring Thankful Thursday post. Thank you for sharing your sweet heart with us.

Blessings to you,


Angel Muly

Love the post today!!! I'm really sad, I haven't read Take Three yet but am dying too. Being an answer to someones prayer everyday!! Wow, does she ever know how to put us in our place. I love it.
A couple years ago we took a "stacation" and did just that. Dan challenged us all to pray and come up with something we could do everyday as a family to serve someone. It was wonderful and the kids, as well as us, learned so much about serving and giving. Unfortunately, we still do that, just not everyday. This has really been on my heart a lot lately, and as I told Kat, thanks for the extra nudge. Love you


I love that line you quoted from Karen Kingsbury. Thanks also for the reminder that Jesus' enthusiasm for me never wanes...that is so what I needed right now.

God bless



"Our job as believers is to be an answer to someone's prayer ....every long as we live"

Amen and this is awesome. Love your post. Girl, hugging you and see you again next week. Love, Lynn

Cherie Hill

Hey sister...okay, so I posted a comment and then the computer went "zap"...anyway...hope you enjoy "Wonders Never Cease"...I really enjoyed it and I'm VERY picky! I'd say I was hooked about half way through. Praying for you and yours always!
With joy,


"Our job as believers is to be an answer to someone's prayer ....every long as we live" I just love this quote Loren. It is such a wonderful thing to keep in our heart!
Love & Blessings,



OMGoodness.. I read this post this morning and was going to leave a comment then, but we had an appointment to go to. Since then all day has been real rough and my heart is broken because of lies, deceit and betrayal and my eyes sting since I have been crying all day. I came back and reread this post and it means so much more. There was a reason the window was still open and I didn't comment on this earlier. Thank you Lord! Thanks bunches for this post and thank you for the wonderful comments you left on my blog last night. I hope you had a great day and I'm also glad I found you on here :)


Loren, thank you for your sweet comments to me. I always enjoy reading your posts! Thank you for sharing from your heart! (as always!)

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