Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Top Ten for Tuesday

I have a friend who does this for Tuesday and I think it is just so today I am going to do the same :)

1) Praising God for today Is my day with my Rylee ♥

2) Praising God for the BEAUTIFUL sunshine this week and the warmth....OH.MY. It feels wonderful!

3) I have made a decision and to be honest It is because I am just at my wits end with my shoulder ....So, I have made an appt. and will be going tomorrow to see if I can have the manipulation done on my shoulder. Yep, call me crazy! I had a friend write me an email. She had surgery after I did and she is completely done with physical therapy. She had the manipulation done but said while it hurt something awful it changed everything for the better. My favorite thing she said was this "I can raise my hand and Praise the Lord again!" Oh how awesome that will be! I have missed being able to do this more than I can even say!

4) Finding old elementary friends on Facebook is just amazing! I used to spend soooo much time with this friend ~ Her dad made!!! I am so looking forward to catching up with her :)

5) I am just in awe at how the Lord is speaking to me in the books that I am reviewing this week! WOW

6) I love watching my children with Rylee....they are soo very patient with her and she adores them so much....the feeling is mutual ♥ I can invision the type of parents they will be someday.....sniff sniff.... makes me so proud

7) Wishing I had the energy to spring clean! My friend Darcie has claimed Insanity because she has cleaning like crazy! Now that. I would like to see and catch !!!!!

8) Praising God for all HE is doing in the lives of some of my bloggy friends. HIS Provision for them is amazing, humbling and just so precious to watch! He has provided rent for ShortyBear Denise and her lovebug Eddie YET AGAIN! He is providing a way for our friend Lisa to be able to be treated at MD Anderson for her cancer despite the appeal that was denied her with her existing insurance company! He is with Kat and her recovery to living pain free in the days ahead!! Thank you sooo much Lord ~ Can I just get a Praise and an AMEN!!!

9) Don't you just love smiling! It truly is one of our greatest weapons! Besides the WORD of course! Smile at someone today and bless them!

10) Hoping you all liked the Top Ten for Tuesday! Praying you all have a blessed Tuesday! Love your sweet family today, give them a hug, tell your spouse/kids how much you appreciate all they do for your family, send a hand written note to someone just to say "I am thinking of you!"

Love and Blessings


The Real Me!

Wonderful top 10 list my friend. And I have to agree that FB is amazing. I've caught up with some old school chums too.

Big hugs my friend.


Oh Loren I loved this. My DIL has been doing this on Tues as well. I love hearing what is going on in another's heart. I will pray that this is the answer you seek for your shoulder. Does taking care of miss Rylee present any problems with your shoulder? I ask because my care of Cody does present me with a few with my arthritis...sigh...I used to go nuts with spring cleaning, but anymore not soo much, haha...I have noticed in your pics that you have a BEAUTIFUL smile and I am just sure you brighten many a day with it. Enjoy your day with Rylee...Hugs, Debbie

Angel Muly

What a fun blog for Tuesday!!! It is always great to spend time thinking of all the ways God has blessed us. So glad you have made a decision about your shoulder, I am praying for you!!


He & Me + 3

bEautiful top 10. I hope soon on your top 10 we will hear about your shoulder being all better:)
I have just found some great old friends on facebook. I love that too. So neat to hear how they are doing.
Enjoy your time with Rylee.


What an awesome list. Praying GOD works a miracle in your shoulder. He is greater than the pain and the issues and just like in the other miracles we see around us...HE is fully capable of working a miracle in your shoulder. I am believing HIM for it and I praise GOD ahead of time for what HE will do in and through your shoulder.
Hugs, love, and prayers,

Kathy C.

All such beautiful thoughts and praises today Loren...and YES, I LOVE to smile! :) :)
All, except the shoulder bit...not such a beautiful thought. My husband went through several weeks of manipulation for his shoulder and he is a VERY strong man, and said it made him want to cry. So, be prepared for the pain. But for a few years now he has NO pain in his shoulder, and full use (back in the gym, lifting weights even). So, PLEASE go, it will hurt for a time, but will be SO worth it!
Bless you my friend!


I think I am the friend you are talking about on your blog today. You are so sweet to remember Daddy and I am so blessed to find you again, my dear friend.


I enjoyed your list sis, praying for your shoulder. I am so blessed by God's provision. Take care, I love you so much.



I would strongly agree that you must get through your shoulder injury. It's taken too long and for you to move forward this is your next step. We will all be there for you and pray like no one's business! Thanks for keeping my close to your heart and lifted up in prayers.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Kami Scott-Day

Is there a "like" button for blogging like there is on FB?? :) Will be praying for your shoulder.


Love you Loren! I am praying that your shoulder is on the mend in the mighty name of Jesus and whatever decision you make regarding it, will be led completely by Him.

Love you list. You have so much to be thankful for. You are so blessed dear friend.

Big Hugs,

Cherie Hill

Praying you have a WONDERFUL Easter sister!
God bless you and yours!

christy rose

This was a neat meme! I feel like you shared so much of you here today! I love smiling too! Sometimes, I just can't help it! :) No energy here for spring cleaning either and I have zero excuses as to why! Just despise it, I guess! LOL
I will be praying about you and the decisions made for getting your shoulder back to complete recovery.


Loren, Next Tuesday, you should join in on the "Tuesday's Treasures" party for Grandmas!

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