Monday, March 29, 2010

So blessed

Last week my kiddos got the lovely stomach flu. I hate that bug! But honestly, we have been blessed because you know it goes around so many times and we haven't had it for quite some time PLUS, my husband and I were spared of catching it. PRAISE.GOD! MY DH cleaned up the yucky stuff when my son missed the toilet a time or two . Ya, HE IS THE BOMB!!! I can handle alot but not throw up :) Let's just say, I take care of handling any animal throw up or accidents so .....we are even, right? ;)

Anyway ~ it was a crazy week to say the least. But, my sweet hubby made this weekend so special for me. Quite a while ago my mom had asked us to be a part of her potluck group dinner because this month she was the host. We had made arrangements for our kids to stay with their sister for the night but after they got sick I just didn't know if it would happen or not. Well, I am happy to say on Friday both kids were back in school and by Saturday were feeling great and back to their happy selves. So we were able to have the night to ourselves and also enjoy being with my Mom and Stepdad and all of their friends....funny and oh so sweet friends! It was an entertaining evening :) My mom just always does a beautiful job and her personal touch on everything shows the love in her heart that she has and makes everything so special!

Unfortunately Mom was the one snapping pics all evening and there isn't one of her :( I will make sure that doesn't happen again!!!!

I am so blessed ~ Thank you honey for a night with you. Thank you Mom for letting us be a part of your sweet friends and enjoying a night filled with love and laughter. Thank you Lord for loving me and blessing me with such a wonderful family!

Have a blessed Monday!



What a beautiful couple you make! Family is a blessing from the Lord! Sharing the JOY with you!

[[hugs]] Stephanie

The Real Me!

I'm go glad your kids are better and you both were spared! And I'm not a big fan of throw up either. LOL! I'm sure it doesn't have a big fan club! LOL!
LOVE the picture of you. So happy!


What great pics of you and your hubby. Sounds like a fun night. Soo happy you escaped the stomach flu bug. How I hate that one, haha...My DIL and family spent the night here Friday and she woke up in the middle of the night sick. When they left late the next day she was still feeling quite punk. I felt soo bad for her, and I won't lie, I am a little paranoid I might still come down with that too as I am sure my resistence is a little low after the pneumonia. I have prayed about it, and what is, will be...Have a wonderful day Loren...Hugs, Deb


I'm glad your kids are healed now. Any illnesses is just a bummer! Yes, thank God for His protection! I believe that!!!

The pictures are awesome! Your DH and you look good together! The table setting is lovely! I think if I sit down on that nicely arranged table, my appetite is already working even before the foods come out! :)

God bless you always sister and your family, protect you and strengthen you all. May the Lord bless your mom and your step-dad with many more days of life, so you can all have more wonderful memories like that! To God be the glory!


Loren my friend...what a gorgeous picture of you! You are so beautiful and I love the one of you and your honey as well. Great couples picture. The table looked lovely...overall...looked and sounded like a perfect evening.

Glad your kiddos are feeling better!

Cherie Hill

You are SO blessed to have such a wonderful husband, sister! Praise God for that! AND UGH...I just HATE the "stomach thing!" Anything but that! So hallelujah you made it through! I always find myself counting the hours during that time!! Can't wait for it to be over. What's funny is that I also find myself longing for my two boys to be back to themselves, bouncing off the walls, driving me crazy!!!! What a joy it is for a mother to know her children are "well." Praise God they are all back to good health...praying this week is super blessed!
In Him,

Beautiful pear tree lane

Good Morning Dear Loren,
What a beautiful and love filled weekend, and it shows in your smile. What a beautiful couple you both make. You and I are blessed by God giving us such sweet and thoughtful husbands, and that we are able to share in events like this with our mothers. She did a beautiful job, thank you for sharing.
I am so happy that the children are well. Please pray for one of our granddaughters, she has been having continuous bouts with tonsillitis, and the Dr. is considering surgery.
Thank you for always encouraging me, but most of all for your prayers.
sending many hugs your way.


I am so glad that everyone is feeling lots better! That stomache flu is nasty! You have a very wonderful hubby there! I am so blessed too with my hubby as he would help me out when our kids were sick.. I sure appreciated and still appreciate all his help more than words can ever begin to express!

That is a beautiful picture of you and your hubby!


Beth.. One Blessed Nana

Oh, I just love all the pictures - you are just darling!

So glad that the Lord blessed you with such a great man. Mine never did the puke clean-up stuff around here. He just doesn't have the stomach for it...

Girly Muse

That's a great picture of you and your honey!!! So cute. I'm so thankful you both didn't get sick! Glad the kids are back to normal. Ugh. No fun.

Glad you've figured out whose job is whose. :)


Glad to hear everyone is feeling better. You two are SO adorable... love that picture! Your mom's table setting is fantastic. I love it when people add all the little touches that make something so special. It is SO pretty! :)

Love & Blessings,


I'm trying to think who is cuter...your DH or you???? So glad your weekend was great.


I am very glad that you enjoyed your weekend sis, love you.


You take amazing photos! You are stunning and you and hubby make the sweetest looking couple. So thankful your kids are better and that you and hubby were spared the flu. Oh, and mom's table looks beautiful. Loving the purple!

Steph T.

I love that pic of you by yourself! You look so joyful! Glad you got to spend the day away with your mom and hubs! I hope you know how much I appreciate you...:)

christy rose

I am so glad that your kids got all better so that you could have such a wonderful night with your hubby. You both look awesome in these pictures and so so so happy!! :)

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