Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pursuing L♥ve

This week’s portion from 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 is from verse 5 and says, “Love is not provoked.” The KJV reads, “Love is not easily provoked.” The word easily is not in the original language. The original language is actually worded very strongly, “Love is not provoked at all” not just easily provoked.

That last sentence really struck me....Love is not provoked AT ALL not just easily provoked. Wow! AT ALL??? How many times have I been provoked??? What I can say is this. I have learned over the years that SOMETIMES being provoked is really the Holy Spirit speaking to me and wanting me to learn something. My buttons "being pushed" or as we would say "being provoked" is truly an opportunity. But, being the Gentleman the Lord is ....It is up to me/us what we do with the opportunity and when we will seek HIM, and listen and allow HIM to work in us that is when we can learn some of the facets of this LOVE. When you see a pattern of situations in which you are provoked seeking professional help in a Life Coach or counselor will help! It did with me!

I can also say other times when I have been provoked that I could easily list numerous excuses....tired, selfish, worn out, not in the mood, etc. etc. see I told you they were excuses! ;) Would't it just be better to say the truth! Like ~ No I haven't had any quiet time with the Lord or Yes, I feel far away from HIM right now but I just can't find the time to spend with him with all that I have to do in a day and getting up that extra hour in the morning is just more than I can do right now.
Don't we know that if we were spending time with the Lord, honestly being with HIM, sharing our heart and being still before HIM not just running through the prayer list or reading the chapter of the day, we would be Filled with HIM and when we are Filled with HIM and walking with HIM, those times of being Provoked are fewer and farther between!

We have had those moments when the Lord reigns down on us and we are just filled with so much Love and Peace ~ When we see all people through HIS eyes. Yes, Our Love walk requires Much from us but more than that.....MUCH is given, MUCH is available, MUCH is waiting!

The next time you find yourself PROVOKED.....remind yourself of this verse and ask yourself to be honest within....pour your heart out before the Lord ~ He knows it anyway and Longs to lead the way to an intimate and authentic L♥VE

Please join Marsha in this pursuit of Love here

Love and Blessings



Great post! We definitely need to go to GOD when we are provoked....when I act on my own...I get in BIG trouble!

Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

PS: How is your Bible study going? Any more coloring sessions??? love you, girl!!


I always find myself getting wrapped up in the busyness of daily rut, while He is there patiently waiting for me, to make time for Him. He can easily hit my head, yet, He never does. He lovingly waits...And stubborn me...just keeps going and going...yet never accomplishing anything...When will I learn? I'm glad He is love. Real love.

Blessings and love to you sister.

christy rose

Ok I think this post was just for me!!! :) Thanks Loren!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

Oh, wow. Great post - one that I needed to hear! I love what you said - if we are spending the time with our Lord and truly studying His Word, the times of provocation will wane less and less.

Love you!


So many truths here, Loren! I love the way you weaved in the importance of being honest before the Lord about our time with Him and finding the time for Him. That was a theme that was in my session last week at the Get Revived online conference. I've got info under the Soul Care button about the resources I used and offered.

Thanks so much for participating this week! I missed you last week.



Awesome post my dear friend, love you.

He & Me + 3

Awesome post. I was easily provoked just today. So tired and not feeling well. No excuses. You have stepped on my toes & God has spoken through your post. Love you for that.

Beth E.

How many times have I been provoked??? Oh, my...I turned around to see if you were looking over my shoulder, girl! This post was written for me. :-)


What a wonderful post yet again Loren! Your thoughts reminded me of how God truly wants our PRECIOUS time, not our SPARE time. My greatest desire is to reach the throne of grace each and every time I pray..and in order for me to do that I have to take MORE time in the place of prayer. Thanks for this post.

Have a beautiful weekend my friend!

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