Monday, March 22, 2010

The Love of a Grandchild and prayer for a friend

My dear friend and sweet sister in Christ Kat from Heart2Heart will be having surgery this Thursday for a hysterectomy. If you know her you know she has battled severe pain for the last 5 months and to be honest longer but finally has found the right Dr. and knows it is the right time for her to have this surgery. Please join me in praying for her this week. She is a wonderful woman of God and I have been so blessed by her friendship. She was there for me in such loving ways while I was going through losing my Dad and we have grown so close. We have cried together, prayed together and are so thankful the Lord brought us together in friendship! I will be so happy when she is feeling pain free and able to live life as the Lord intended for her to! Please take this button and post it to your blog if you would be so kind

Also my friend Lori at Girly Muse is feeling under the weather and it has just continued to attack her and her kiddos and I am asking the Lord for this to be the end! NO MORE SICKNESS! NO MORE COLDS, COUGHS, AND YUCKY SNIFFLES :) Be well my friend be well!

Today I am NONI ♥ Yep! As of today I will be able to have my Rylee girl with me on Tuesdays. Our daughter made the decision to go back to work doing hair! I get to have Rylee on Tuesdays and her other Nana will have her on Fridays :) It will be such a wonderful treat each week to spend the day and even the night before with our precious girl. She brings such joy and laughter into our home and being gone last week we missed her sooo much! I never knew how precious it would be and yes I know what people say It is the best thing in the world to be a grandparent! Boy were they right! :) We will have sunny skies and she already enjoyed being outside last night playing with the remaining piles of snow. I can't wait to take her for a walk and maybe even have a matter what it is we do I am so thankful to be blessed by this precious Love....The Love of a Grandchild!

Mommy and Rylee

I treasure you all! Love and Blessings


Kelly L

Beautiful little girl! I have been and will continue to pray for Kat - I agree is an amazing woman and I am blessed to know her..

Love to you

christy rose

Rylee is absolutely adorable!! My mom watches Jacob for me on Tuesdays too. She looks forward to it every week and so does Jacob. Have a blast with her tomorrow!! :)


I will be praying for Kat. I am thankful she has found the right doctor and that God has given her peace. I am so happy you will get to love on that granddaughter of yours more now! So fun!

Steph T.

OH my goodness! That red hair...I Hope I get a red headed grandbaby sooo bad! She is precious! Enjoy your days with her!


I have already lifted these precious people in prayer. Your friend who is having the hysterectomy will be so glad she finally can put that behind her. I had one 4 years ago and what a blessing that ended up being. I am soo happy for you that you are to have that grandbaby 1 day a week. I do that too and how I love it. I have missed it so since I have been sick. Mel is here this week, but I will be back to it next week. ENJOY her...Hugs, Deb

Kathy C.

Oh! Sooooooo cute and sweet. You are blessed my friend....I can't wait to be a Grammy! :)

Girly Muse

Aw, thank you, my sweet friend!!! I so appreciate the prayers! Indie slept through the night, thank the LORD! So we're already seeing the blessing.

Will be praying for Kat. So thankful she's going to finally have relief.

I love the pictures of Rylee! She is so very cute and just looks like fun personified. Have the best time with her, Noni! :)

Love you!


Good morning sister Loren. Prior to me getting on line, the first friend to come to mind was sister Kat. So, I lifted her up in my prayers. I know everything happens in His perfect time. Despite her pain, she remained strong in the Lord's power. And despite that battle, she continued to bless many others...including me.

Praying for your other friend. It's really nice that we are able to do this together. And I'm so happy that you are going to have that wonderful time every week with your cute grandchild! You both are a blessing to each other! Thank you for sharing that kind of love, a special bond that only belongs between a "nana" and "grandchild". How special!

Take care sister and praying that all is well, for your continued healing for yuor shoulder! May you have a wonderful week! Love to you.



I have been following Kat for a time now too, but I must have missed the news that she will be having surgery. Unfortunately when you take off a week from blogging it is nearly impossible to go back and catch up. Thank you for sharing this and I will be sure to keep her in my prayers.

I am learning more about you with each post(love that). I guess I didn't realize you were a grandma...I heard it is the best, and what a wonderful grandma she has in you, and she looks like the sweetest thing ever! Hugs!

Beth E.

I agree, Kat is a sweetheart! I'm praying for her. Praying, too, for your friend Lori.

Rylee is a little doll! I love her facial expressions. lol

Sassy Granny ...

How precious that you've rallied the prayer warriors on Kat's behalf. Love that girl!

Your Rylee is a charmer. Her little pigtails and pucker cracked me up!

My own Rylie arrives next week for a ten day visit. Since she's 13, I'm thinking she'll take great delight in whalloping this grandma at Wii Boxing and Uno Spin.



Love the pictures. Kat is a blogging friend I will visit her blog after I leave here. I will pray for her and Lori too.


I am praying for healing with you.
Rylee is so precious; she looks so animated. No wonder you two have so much fun. Tuesdays will be your favorite day of the week, I bet!



You are right when you stated we have had our shares of laughs and tears this past few long months. I am hoping that once we put this behind us we can begin to plan for a very fun summer. Thank you for posting this on your blog and thank you for sending along prayers.

I truly appreciate each and every one of them and they are making a difference in keeping the anxiety at bay. I completed all my tests today for Pre Op stuff so I am ready to go. I just need to show up on Thursday and we are good to go!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


Rylee is so beyond precious, enjoy your time with her sweetie. I am joining you in praying for Kat, and Lori. I love you.

Gotta Have Faith

Sorry for not putting the button correctly on my blog. I fixed it so you can copy the link and then paste it into your side bar.

Thanks and God Bless

He & Me + 3

I am praying for Kat. Said a prayer for your friend Lori too. It is no fun being the mommy and feeling so bad.
What a blessing to have a special day with your grandbaby every week. plus you are helping mommy to feel at peace when leaving her precious baby to head to work. I know I don't worry at all when my mom has my kids.


Praying, praying, praying!

Oh my goodness... Rylee is SUCH a cutie! The pictures are great. That last one is just gorgeous, the colors are breathtaking!!

Love ya,


Thank you for sharing the adorable pictures!
Congratulations to you for winning my Blogiversary drawing!

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