Monday, February 1, 2010

A must see for parents and teens

I want to share a movie that has been released but only in a few areas. It is called "To Save A Life." It is a Christian movie with a powerul message for todays youth! Go here to check out the story or find out if it is in your area and if not how you can bring it there. My daughter and I saw the movie and I really felt compelled to share it with you all. I think every parent should see this movie with their teens. It is so relevant to what they deal with but also a story of grace along with having a heart to seek after the Lord no matter what life brings our way. To stand for Christ. I highly recommend this and I will be buying this movie when it comes out on DVD. If any of you work with teens this would be a great night out with everyone!

Here is the movie trailer for you to watch


Beautiful pear tree lane

Good Morning Loren,
How great for me to be able to visit you today.I watched the clip you showed, and this does look like a great movie with a great message, even though we don't have teens at home we do have teen g-kids, that we can advise to see it. I hope that my dh and I can see it too.Thank you for sharing.
Your desire to help others whether through recommending a book, or like this (movie), and always encouraging us here in blogland is so inspiring to me.
I want to thank you for all of your prayers as well as all the encouraging words you give me. I am so thankful that I am able to be visiting once again, I have so missed everyone. God is always faithful and gracious to me.
Hugs and blessings,


The trailer made me cry.
Blessings, andrea

Sarah Dawn

What a wonderful movie! I am going to have to find it. Thanks for sharing and blessing my day!

Sarah Dawn

Sassy Granny ...

Our Student Ministries has rented a theater and plan to take our teens this Wed night to view it. I've heard nothing but RAVE reviews.


Thank you SO much for sharing this with us! I have two teenagers and in one more year 3. We as parents can use so much guidance during these pivotal times.

I also read your post from Sunday...SOOOO sorry it didn't work out for you with your husband...I actually could of cried for you. But what a beautiful spirit of thankfulness you had regardless. So wonderful to see.

He & Me + 3

Wow Loren...thanks for posting about this. I know several teens that need to see this.


Loren, This movie looks like a great one to see with my granddaughter Annabel. She is 13, but a pretty advanced mature 13. Thanks for the tip. I am soo glad that I am finally able to write to you. Now this is REALLY weird, but for some reason EVERY time I came on to comment on your post, my computer would freeze and I wouldn't be able to. Yours was the only blog this would happen to. It happened for at least 3 days...Soo frustrating...Not that what I had to say was soo important, haha, BUT I wanted to say it...

I am soo sorry you had to miss your trip you had planned with your hubby. Soo disappointing. And you know what, I think "brief" pity parties are OK. haha I think the Lord understands when we are feeling disappointed and let down when we were really counting on something. But you didn't linger there and that is the important thing. And I know you know that there WAS a reason, a GOOD reason, and you may never know what it was, haha. But you also know He has something much better in mind. Trusting Him sometimes isn't easy when it comes to little things like this for me. I am always quite sure that SURELY this was a mistake, haha. Of course He doesn't make mistakes and everything is firmly in His control where it belongs. OK, guess that's all I really had to say about that and as you can see it was hardly earth shattering. lol But I feel better having said it.

OH, and I LOVE your new look...Soo cute. Have a wonderful day my friend, and thank you for the anniversary wishes.

Beth E.

What a powerful trailer...I want to see this movie! I'm sending a link for it to our youth pastor right now. Our church has movie nights several times a year. I think this would be a great one to show.

Thank you, Loren, for sharing it with us!



Bless you for sharing this.

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