Thursday, January 28, 2010

Unexpected Thankfulness

Lynn is hosting Thankful Thursdays for the month of January and today we are sharing our Thankful hearts ~ specifically the unexpected moments.

It didn't take me long as I began to ponder what the Lord has given to me that I found unexpected....

Yesterday as I went about my day with the impending storm on everyones minds, on the radio and tv we had the MOST BEAUTIFUL sunshiney day with the temperatures reaching 65!!!! SIXTY FIVE!!!! NO WAY .....COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED :)
I drove with the windows down and just relished in the sun and warm air. As I was walking in the mall I overheard a older woman tell her husband "Come on Honey ~ lets get out there and say hello to the sun....Lord knows we won't see it for another week" Too funny Thank you Lord for the Sunshine and the Warm Air unexpected

I shared with you all about our preparations for this storm. One of those being firewood. Well we were suppose to have a rick of wood delivered and stacked during the day, so when 5 pm arrived and we had no wood I called the person to see where he was. He explained something had come up and wouldn't be able to make it. OH NO!! WE ARE OUT OF WOOD and every other call my husband had made before he left he found that each person was either out of wood or couldn't make it until the weekend which was too late. Sooo I knew we were in a pickle. I texted my husband and then just prayed. At nine o'clock last night I received a phone call from one of our best friends. He told me he and his wife had some wood and he was in our driveway ready to drop it off and where did I want it??? HOLY SMOKES :) We all unloaded it together and then He left me with some IceMelt and assured me that if we lost power he would return to hook up our generator and also bring my children some deer jerky! Total Blessing Thank you Lord for Friends like the Stumps!... unexpected to say the least :)

I hope everyone has a VERY BLESSED DAY today....Praise the Lord for whom ALL BLESSINGS flow!! What has HE shown you unexpectedly?? Tell me about it and we will praise HIM together!



I think the link for divinely designed was messed up when you tried to access it from arise 2 write to read sarah's interview. Please come back and access it. I have fixed it. You would NOT believe the lengths the enemy has gone to in order to try and keep this interview from being posted. I am more determined than ever to try and help her get the word out. She has a strong message and I know there are many who need it.


Definitely two things to be thankful for! Love the ladies comment...yes we should enjoy the sun while it is around. We have sun today, but temperatures are in the single digits. UGH.

My husband was telling me about the storm that was suppose to hit your area...not sounding good. Glad you got your firewood!


The Lord knows your needs. And He is quick to provide those especially at desperate times. Just visiting friends today and popping over to let you know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers. God bless and keep you and your whole family sister. I don't know if you need to hear this, but you're the 2nd person I wanted to give this to :"I will make my people strong in my power, and they will go wherever they wish by my authority. I, the Lord, have spoken!" -Zechariah 10:12.

Love and blessings to you sister. Stay strong and be safe.


Aren't we thankful for those little rays of sunshine in the storms of life? Speaking of storms, sounds like you are in for a big one. When is it supposed to hit? I am so thankful you were able to get firewood. Be blessed today!


Oh Loren how wonderful is this?? I have been wondering what happened to you and the expected storm. And what a blessing from your friends...Yes, MUCH to PRAISE HIM for...Have a wonderful day. Blessings, Debbie

The Real Me!

Don't you love it when you can see the Lord at work? I'm thankful that you were able to get some much needed wood.


Praise God for the sunshine! You my friend are a bit of sunshine in this blogging world no matter what your weather.


Girly Muse

Thank the Lord for the small/huge miracles that can just happen right when we need them to! So neat to hear about your blessings of the day.

Love you so much!!! Praying that tomorrow will stay CLEAR and least enough for you to GO!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

Loren - so glad that you had some sunshine and great weather! We have had a beautiul day here in Louisiana also!

I pray for you daily my sister. You are dear to my heart and I just pray His abundance on you and His "much more" in your life!!


Thank God for the sun, it is so easy to take it for granted! And praise Him for good friends, they are few and far between.

God bless you.


What a blessing, and what a reminder to know the One who is really in control! Glad you got to enjoy some sunshine! Oh, and by the way send some of that jerky this way! Yummy!


You are so beyond precious.

He & Me + 3

Prayer does cool about the firewood and I just love sunny days in the winter.

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