Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quick little bit of news

Hey friends ~ I just wanted to share a quick PRAISE REPORT

You know I have been sooo concerned that I would have to have a "manipulation" done on my shoulder. This is:
putting me to sleep and RIPPING my arm through the scar tissue so that I could have some more range of motion in my arm.
I have been going to Physical Therapy 3-4 times a week for the last 4 weeks and also doing some work here at home. Well, today was the day I went to the dr. to see if I had to have it done. I have been sooo concerned as have been my physical therapy girls bc I am still not at 50% of where I should be BUT I have made serious improvements since being home from Dad's. Sooo ~ I go in and he checked me out. He asked ...
Can you shampoo your hair or dry your hair yet? NOPE
Has driving improved. YES
Chores at home ~ have they improved? Yes, I am really pushing myself and stretching. It is still difficult but I see an improvement for sure.

He looked at my progress note and said you have definately improved so I want you to continue with physical therapy for 6 more weeks and we won't do the manipulation for now. We will recheck you in 6 weeks and see where you stand.


Here is a quick update on the STORM
They let school out early just a tad today and it is already cancelled for tomorrow. It is currently pouring down freezing rain (BAD BAD BAD NEWS) and they say it will do this most of the evening. If we got anything this is the worst case scenario. This means power outages are more likely. We had a severe ice storm here in 07 and were out of power for 10 days....It was awful!! Actually our neighbors were only out for 8 days and we kept thinking it would come on any minute. Finally we called and who ever turned on the power forgot our little street and the culdesac. Now it's kinda funny but then NOT AT ALL!! We didn't get the generator until about day 5! After that it was so much better. Now you know why we are all so panicked!

I tried to call to see if my flight has been cancelled...I was on hold for exactly 1 hour and then was told to call back....SAY WHAT??? I guess I will keep you posted.....



Praise God for this good news about your shoulder. May the therapy continue to help you sweetie. Praying the weather will not get too bad there, love you.

Andrea ice storm. We are slated for some freezing stuff, too. Ours is not suppose to come in until Friday evening/Saturday morning.

I am praising GOD with you for not having to go through the procedure. Praying you will continue to make progress and NOT have to endure such.

Hugs and prayers,

Girly Muse

Thank the LORD that you don't have to do the manipulation!!! Will just keep praying!!! Keep up the good work!

So sorry the weather really has turned so ugly. Will still keep hoping for you until the last minute.

Beth E.

That's great news about your shoulder...praise God!

We're supposed to get 6"-12" of heavy, wet snow. That's what we had in December, and it caused massive power outages. Some people were without power for three weeks! Praying this weather won't have the same effect.

Steph T.

Yeah! So happy for you on your shoulder! Oh...10 days! I was feeling sorry for myself with 9 days with no day makes a huge difference! I cried when my mom called me at work and told me the power was on. It was horrible! Praying for electricity! :)
Can't believe you went to Phylis also! That is the craziest thing ever! But I thought it was very interesting. I learned a lot. Hope you guys stay warm!!
ps Matt had coffee with Sean from BL the other day...I was so jealous of him!! He said Sean was cool. Can't wait for his testimony!

christy rose

I am so excited about the news on your shoulder. That is what we were praying. No manipulation but recovery on your own. Praise God!

Freezing rain is the worst! Hope you don't lose power! Keep us posted if you can! :)


I'm so happy that you don't have to have that procedure done right now and for that matter I'm speaking positive over this whole thing and saying that it won't have to be done at all in the name of Jesus. Amen!

Love you,


I'm glad to read of the improvement in your shoulder. But that weather; oh my. I will be praying for your part of the country and that you would be safe.

Blessings and love,


Seen the weather and it looks like some real nasty stuff headed your way...sorry to see, and sorry it happened on your weekend.

Interesting about your shoulder. I have had shoulder problems for 4 years, but horrible for the last year...and two MRI's, PT, and they just can't figure out the problem. It sounds similar to yours...hard to do the hair, shoulder locks up while trying to reach above my head, can't sleep on my left side without pain. Can I ask what you did to hurt yours? Don't know if you are like me, but I have NO idea what I did to mine. It's been so frustrating.


YAY for your shoulder!!!! Keep up the hard work! I was supposed to go back to my Dr. today (Friday). Well, obviously with the storm, I cancelled!! Soooo, Tuesday is my 6 week update. Keep me informed of your process! Work it girl, Work it!! Love ya!

He & Me + 3

Glad you are able to wait on manipulation...keep working hard so you improve more in the next 6 weeks. Hope the storm lets up.

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