Monday, January 11, 2010

Isn't she ADORABLE!!!! Well, I will know in just a few short hours if she will be coming to live with us today or not......We are HOPING, PRAYING, and well just HOPING some more that it will be so :)

I have been wanting a boxer puppy for quite some time now and this opportunity came about. She is 7 weeks old today and will be going to the vet this morning and if he says she can go ....I will be getting a phone call. My kids are so excited .....I am SO EXCITED :) We can't wait. I am so glad it will be warming up this week into the 40's at least so potty training won't be AS BAD ;0) trying to do this when it's 3' would have been a bit much!

I pray everyone has a blessed Monday and a wonderful week....Please don't forget to be in prayer for Denise and her lovebug Eddie and our friend Erica is out looking for a job and needs your prayers as well! Ron and Alle too! and for a whole other list visit my friend Beth who has a prayer blog .....Many are in need today so please join in and help lift them to the Throne Room!

Love and Blessings to you all!


He & Me + 3

OMGosh She is so cute. How fun. I hear you on the potty training. I hope it warms up for that:)


She is adorable. I will bet she just might start a blog of her own....she needs to get out there and tell her story about how she came to live in the Magoo's Zoo..I mean!
You MUST keep me know..I am your insane doggie loving friend!
Blessings and hugs,


I LOVE Boxers! I had one a few years ago (she unfortunately passed away) - you should check out my past blogs where I have a whole book of pictures on my Boxer named Roxie. That is such an adorable puppy, I hope you get it and post lots of pictures. I can tell by the coloring on the face, it's going to be pretty, it reminds me a lot of my dog.

I will continue to pray for Denise & Eddie, and Belle & Ron. God bless.

Girly Muse

She's DARLING!!! I hope it works out!!!


How cute! Hope she's wagging her tail in front of you now as I leave my comment :) Wish I can get a dog but I have an allergy, same with my child. :(
Thank you for reminding us to lift up the needs for our precious brothers and sisters in Christ. Have a great day!

Sassy Granny ...

Maybe someone ought to give you a puppy shower?

Blessings (and keep your slippers out of chewing range)!



She is so precious. I love you bunches, thanks for the prayers.

The Not So Perfect Housewife

Oh my!! What a cutie! I hope you get her and can't wait to hear all the puppy adventures!!

Simply Heather

Oh, Loren :) I've always wanted a boxer ♥ YAY for you all!! Yay-yay-yay. She's beautiful.

christy rose

She is adorable Loren! I hope you get to keep her!


Hi Dear One,

Thank you for your prayers for my beloved too.

I so love boxers! This picture brought tears to my eyes thinking about when our boxer was little. Aren't they just the most adorable ever? My daughter has her now but we had her for three years when she was a puppy at our house. Oh how her little boys just love her to pieces. They are really loving dogs, but they are also very protective of you when they become very attached to you. My daughter loves their boxer and they will surely let you know when someone is around your house outside that shouldn't be.

Love you,



Here is hoping that once again you can see all the wonderful signs of God's bounty of blessings coming your way. This puppy is so darn cute you can't help but say AHHHH! when you see the picture. Keep us posted.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


Hey Loren,
What a doll baby! She is SO CUTE!!
I know that you will love your boxer girl. They are so much work when they are little but they are the most loving dogs you will ever have. I can't say enough about them - my Ginger girl is so precious to me - she has truly been a gift from God and she has gotten me through so many heartaches - just by her constant presence at my side.
Can't wait to hear more about your little girl


She is so adorable.

I'm visiting from 5-Moms cause they announced you won the new header and I want to see what Miti will make for you. I won a few months ago and love what she did for me. Congrats.

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