Saturday, January 23, 2010

Are you Anointed? Spiritual Sundays

"The Lords goals and plans for us requre HIS power" says Priscilla Shirer in my Anointed, Transformed and Redeemed Bible Study. Of course in our own natural abilities we can....
mother children
teach a class
stay in a marriage
or even write a book
BUT to fulfill the supernatural purposes of the natural activities demands an anointing by Gods Spirit.

Are you anointed? If you are a Believer in Christ and have been saved ~ according to 2 Corinthians 1:21-22 the answer is YES!

Now HE who establishes us with you in Christ and has anointed us is God, who also has sealed us and given us the Spirit in our hearts as a guarantee. 2Cor 1:21-22

The verb to anoint and its derivatives appear over 140 times throughout the Scriptures. The word anointed come from the Hebrew word mashach. The word is used for the cermonial induction into leadership offices by the pouring of oil from a horn on the head of an individual.

Anointing set apart and consecrated a person to divine service. Anointing with oil was often accompanied by another important and interesting spiritual event. When Samuel anointed David, the Spirit of God rested on him in a new way from that day forward to empower and strengthen him for the particular task at hand.(1 Sam 16:13) Anointing means "a divine enablement to accomplish a divine task or a supernatural empowering to accomplish supernatural goals."
written by Priscilla Shirrer

I am so thankful to be ANOINTED and because I am and because you are we will be able to accomplish divine tasks for HIS glory! How does this change things for us?

The anointing causes a woman with children to become a developer of Christian soldiers.
The anointing gives a mere speaker a message that penetrates the hearts of the listeners.
An author can pen a book without the anointing, but only the anointed author can write words that carry the weight of God to accomplish eternal purposes in the lives of readers.
~written by Priscilla Shirrer

The anointing causes blogs such as Spiritual Sundays to grow and penetrate the hearts of its readers with love and encouragement!

Thank you Charlotte and Ginger for operating in your anointed calling and sharing this blog with so many! Go here to read other Spiritual Sunday posts

Praise God from whom ALL Blessings Flow!



Loren, those words are so powerful. I'm so thankful to be anointed by God for His purposes. Now I just need to cooperate as my flesh sometimes gets in the way. But this Bible study sounds awesome. I appreciate your sharing on this today.

Love you,


Wow, Loren, thank you for sharing this insightful post with us and especially for the kind words about Ginger, me and our Spiritual Sundays blog. I feel so blessed to have gotten to know you through blogging.
Blessings & hugs,


Praying I will always carry the anointing of our Heavenly Father, in all I say and do!



this is a great reminder that we have the power in HIm... to make changes.....Stay strong. Sarah


Bless you dear anointed one, love you bunches.


Popping over to say a quick hello before I take a nap and off to work I go tonight! With the rain looming in the horizon...But feeling peaceful and joyful despite my neck pain [old injury]..Grateful I came because I'm so thankful for His anointing. That when we feel limited, because of that, He gives us the boost we need. Glory to God! And not just to do what we want to do, it makes me joyful to know that I am useful in His loving eyes doing things for His Kingdom. Thank you for your post tonight. You are a blessing! So grateful to cross path with you. Love to you sister Loren. God bless and keep you.


BTW, if my words do not make sense, it's not because I have taken pain meds [I have a high tolerance to pain] but I'm a "zombie"right now as I worked last night and just had little sleep today :)

Beth E.

Awesome post, Loren...praising God for His anointing! :)


Good words. One of my favorite Scriptures. I like the part you emphasized but I also like the part about receiving the Spirit as a guarantee. It's like a wedding ring for the married.

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage

I love to witness someone getting Anointed, it is indeed so powerful and spiritual. Like Charlotte said thank-you so much for the kind word about Spiritual Sunday. We are blessed to have bloggers like you participate.


Thanks for this, Loren.


You have an award at Arise 2 Write.
Blessings, andrea


Hi Loren-
I also just finished the "Study of David" the Annointed,Transformed, Redeemed this last fall and enjoyed Priscilla Shrirer as well!
The Lord uses are "gifts" for his good and in my case it meant helping a grandmother with cancer see her grandchild one more time before being with the Lord. Long Story short the Lord used my church and me to get it done! Annointed -- I believe so! God Bless and Thank You for Sharing!


Now HE who establishes us with you in Christ and has anointed us is God, who also has sealed us and given us the Spirit in our hearts as a guarantee. 2Cor 1:21-22 Precious Promise!! Thank you.


Beautiful, Dear, thank you ~ Blessings ~

christy rose

The annointing is definitely on you as you wrote this post! :)

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