Monday, October 19, 2009


After 3 long (VERY LONG) weeks of sleeping in a recliner due to the rotator cuff surgery I am officially back in my own bed~

I told my DH that I really wanted to try so he packed me like a fish on ice :) putting pillows on my side and he stayed real close to me so I wouldn't move or turn over on my shoulder and it worked like a charm. Now that he is leaving :( and I am praying I can stay there (in the bed) but will have to see. I am still having alot of pain and will see the Dr. this Wednesday and he will tell me if I need to have an MRI done to see if I damaged it or if I am just slow healing. Hopefullly it is the latter!

Today is the last day of Fall Break. We all had a good time and spent some really good quality time together! Today, the kids and I are just cleaning and getting back in gear for school. What are you all doing on this Monday? Did everyone else have fall break? How was is it?

Love and Blessings



I am praying for a good report on the shoulder! Following this has made me kind of nervous. I am really anxious about my shoulder surgery and the recovery!

Anyway, Fall Break was quiet. Drew to his dad's Hannah to Youth Convention! That's about it. Ours started on Wednesday so they went to school today!


Praying neither one is the cause of the pain and that pain is healed in Jesus' Name...Today I was excited because my son finally was able to go back to school, feeling renewed and despite him getting sick, I felt we had grown closer together with my hubby, too]. He finished all the homework he missed [tons of them] and thank God, by His grace, he remained patient and just wanted to finish them all. I hope that you will have a wonderful week sister Loren and take care of your shoulder...Don't forget to have it in neutral position :) God bless you and protect you and your family. Love you.


No fall break here, but I am making one of my own the first week of November. I am going to shenandoah National Park for a week of no phones, no internet, no tv. Just us and GOD!

I love you. Sorry, I have missed a few of your posts. I am praying even if I am not here. KNOW THAT FOR SURE!

I am soooooooo sorry you are still in pain! Please take care.

Much love, hugs, and prayers, andrea

christy rose

There really isn't anything like sleeping in your own bed!
I am praying for you to continue to recover completely Loren!
Have a great week!

Beth E.

I'm praying for your shoulder! What great news to be able to sleep in your own bed. I've been sleeping on a recliner for a very long time. It began when I had major problems with vertigo. Now, I can't seem to get comfortable in bed.

Our youngest was home from college on Fall Break. He went back yesterday...I miss him already!


He & Me + 3

No fall break here. So glad you are back in your own bed. woo hoo for sure.

The Real Me!

Oh I don't know if I could do without my bed for that long! Ugh! You'll sleep good tonight I hope!
Hugging you from here my friend.


Praying for you dear sister. I'm glad you were able to get into your own bed. Your hubby is preciously there loving on you. I pray for recovery and that all is well at your upcoming Dr's appointment. I'll be praying for you.

As for this Monday, I ran around preparing for the Retreat. No Fall break for us (smile). Daughter was in school. Hubby at work. :)
Love you.


I am so glad to hear you were able to sleep in your own bed... I'm sure that felt so good! I really hope that darn shoulder starts feeling better soon!! ((Praying for you))


I will say a prayer that you are feeling better soon.

God bless you Anne


So thankful you are sleeping in your own bed. I am praying for NO DAMAGE and complete healing. What is Fall break? We don't have it here...just Thanksgiving break in a month or so.


Hallelujah, Praise The Lord, Wahooooo!!

Girly Muse

That's excellent!!! Praying you'll get a good report from the MRI!

My daughter had two days off last week, has one day off this week, and two days off next week! Kind of a first around here...but we're not complaining!!! :)


Praying for no more pain, and great news on the MRI.

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