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Spiritual Sundays

Spiritual Sundays are hosted by Charlotte and Ginger. This is a wonderful blog that is open for inspirational stories, scriptures, or poems. It has grown each week and I am not surprised because the heart of the people who link up and share are full of love and long to glorify the Lord. I would encourage you to go visit here and if you have never joined us then please do! You will be blessed either way!

This is an entry from the book I just reviewed and posted about yesterday "Voices of the Faithful volume 2"

"The Unburned Bible"

Living in a war zone in a North African country "Omar" and his family relied on food distributions to live One day, national believers distributed food bags with Bibles in them. Omar's sister received one of these Bibles. When he found her reading it. Omar was enraged. He grabbed the book and slapped her face. Determined to destroy the Bible, he burned it.

That night, Omar had a disturbing dream. In his dream, he saw shining hands take the ashes of the burned Bible and form it into its orginal state. The he heard these words in his own language. "This is MY WORD. I am the ONE who sent this book to your family so that they might be saved." Omar jumped out of his bed, crying, and shouting. His shouts woke his family, so he told them about the dream. Frantic, he ran to the place where he had burned the Bible. Amazingly, he found the Bible lying on top of the ashes, unburned, clean, and new.

Omar's sister told him to go to the Bible distributors and ask them what to do next. Omar found them, and they told him about Jesus. He accepted Christ immediately and then reported everything he had learned to his family. I am so thankful for the many ways that Jesus reveals Himself to those He is drawing to Himself.

this is the prayer at the end of the story.
God of Miracles, You Astound me, You can part a sea, turn water into wine, and even restore your written Word from ashes. May Omar and His family bring you glory by proclaiming Your works throughout their country.

Psalm 119;89
Lord, Your Word is forever, it is firmly fixed in Heaven. (HCSB)

May you all be blessed on this Sunday as you rest in HIM



Very interesting. I just read your excellent book review. I am still studying and growing in my spiritual life and I know God can do anything--and I mean anything He chooses to do. But I still struggle with seeing Him restoring that Bible completely with it never having been burned. Not that I don't think He could or would. I just have a hard time with thinking that He did. I'll keep studying and praying. I am going to be reviewing a book this week on this very subject. It is stressing that we need more faith in things like this. Thanks for this post. Have a great week.

enchanting cottage

WOW! What an amazing story. This book sounds like a must. Thank-you so much for sharing this story with us.
God Bless,

christy rose

What a great story! Reading that would be a great way to start any one's day. Thanks for sharing that.
I pray that you are feeling better this week.

Beautiful pear tree lane

Oh Loren! What a beautiful story of God's unfailing love! I was so touched by this! Thank you so much for sharing.


Loren, What a beautiful and inspiring story. Thank You... Blessings,


What an incredible story! This sounds like a fantastic book...thanks so much for telling this story from it.

God bless,


Thanks for being a sweet blessing.

He & Me + 3

Wow, that was an awesome story! God is so GOOD!


Fantastic story--our God is so intimate and amazing!


Praising GOD with you!


What a grand story, Loren.... May we never stop believing in His miracles!

Thank you for sharing, and have a great new week!



Thank you for sharing this story that illustrates the lasting quality of God's Word. Have a good Sunday.


Just want to thank you and let you know how much I appreciate your prayers for me and my family. Praising the One Who answers our pleas, Who never leaves us nor forsakes us. Love you sister Loren. Praying for you, as well. Love you in Christ.


What an amazing story. Thank you for sharing it with us.


Wow, that is an awesome story. Thank God for His miracles.


Awesome post! We had an evangelist come to our church from Uganda. He said the we American had so many choices that often times we choose whether to believe or even obey God. In his country there were no choices. No hospitals, no food, no provision. Their only hope was God so they chose to take Him at His word. It was such a power message and indictment. Thank you for this beautiful post.



What a powerful story to show just how much our God loves everyone that not one should be lost! I love how well He carefully brought this entire family to come to know that He is God!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


Wow what an incredible story! Nothing is beyond God. Loved this!

Much love to you!


I got chills all over after reading this. I LOVE how the Lord revealed Himself to Omar.. wow! This is just fantastic!

Thank you for sharing... and thank you for being a faithful servant! Anytime we can further His Kingdom...I hope we do! (and you are doing it well!)

Many blessings-

Hi! I'm Grace

I love your post, Loren. Very inspiring. God's blessing be upon you and your family. :)

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

Love this Loren! I saw this book at Lifeway but didn't get it - think I will go back and purchase it!

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