Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fun and Thanks

This weekend my DH and son were able to go on a Father/Son retreat. They had a WONDERFUL joy filled time doing all the "guy things" like flying on the Zip line, fishing, canoeing, playing frisbee, richochet ball, screamer (the overall favorite!) they shot bow and arrow and rifles too and had some special time of praise and worship and great teaching too. My son came home telling me how Studly and awesome his daddy is :) I have to tell you a funny. You know my husband just spent the whole week caring for me and I think he was looking forward to at least sleeping through the they get to their cabin and settle in for the night and fall asleep. They were soon awakened by the young boy in the room (the beds were petitioned off) YELLING.....STOP SNORING! DADDY TELL HIM TO STOP SNORING!!! OOOOOHHHH my poor DH!!! He felt awful and said he was soooo conscious of his snoring that he barely slept at all. Poor baby! But he didn't let this keep him from having fun with Jantz! Here are some pics of them having fun

Jantz playing soccer frisbee :)

shooting the rifle

the screamer!

DH on the screamer

Well, while they were having a great time bonding My mom and Jen were here continuing to take care of me. We had a good time chillaxin and watchin movies. Mom made a comment something like this "Oh! I am just oozing with love right now!" I said Oh really? I am hoping you remember that in the middle of the night when I wake you up to help me go to the bathroom. LOL
You see, I have slept in a recliner since my surgery and I am unable to put the foot part down or the lever because it is on the right side of my recliner and wouldn't you know, it is my right arm that had the surgery so if I need to get up and go the restroom in the middle of the night someone has to help me up and also carry the ice machine (it's connected to my body) along with me so the cords reach along with me.....It is quite the ordeal if you get the picture. Well let's just say it is like having a new born because I go to the rest room about every two hours!!! HEY...I DRINK ALOT OF WATER ~ what can I say?
My Mom was amazing, such a trooper. She didn't complain, just got up and helped and loved me everytime she put me back in the chair! My nana (my moms mom) was a nurse when she was still here with us and was always the one who would come here and stay with any of us when we were sick. My Nana was smiling down on us and would be sooo proud of my mom and my daughter. Jenna has the patience and love like no other 17 year old I have ever known! She has gone far above and beyond in helping me this past week but this weekend shined like no other. I finally made the turn on Saturday morning and started having not near the pain I have been Praise God! Anyway, we had a wonderful girls weekend and I just have to thankyou MOM and JEN for taking such wonderful care of me and for all the laughs!

and Honey, I am sooo glad you were able to go and have a special time with Jantz. God is sooo good to give you two this time together and for Jantz to see more and more what a wonderful daddy he has here on Earth and His Eternal Daddy as well! Thankyou for loving and caring for me and our family the way you do! We are all so blessed!

Love and Blessings


christy rose

That looks like such a great time for your husband and your son. I am so glad that they got to be able to go. And, I am so glad that your momma is able to take care of you while they were gone. God loves you doesn't He? :)
Great pic of all you girls!

Girly Muse

That is hilarious about the snoring!!! :) Poor guy. He was probably snoring EXTRA much after the sleepless week.

I'm SO glad you've turned the corner and are starting to feel better! Thank the Lord. You're on the upswing now.

Nana, what a precious thing to do for her grandchildren!!! I love that she did that. It sounds like her caring nature passed on to generation after generation. A beautiful thing.

Love you!

P.S. Your new layout is really cute! :)


Look at you with your new blog design!! Fancy!


So glad that your hubby and son had a wonderful time together, and so did you and your mom and daughter, despite the recovery period!

Thank you for your prayers sister and please continue to pray for my son's health. God bless. Love your new look! Love you. Praying still for your dad. I pray he is eating well and that his health will be back to normal.



Love the new blog look. Hope you are feeling better, today.

Blessings and prayers, andrea



Love the new layout. Such a fall like layout! Stop by my blog for an extra special surprise blog award.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

E @ Scottsville

Oh, it sounds like a truly WONDERFUL weekend was had by ALL!!! My boys will be going on a retreat with their daddy in two weeks. I hope they have as much fun!

He & Me + 3

Now that sounds like the perfect weekend. Just the girls and Just the guys. So fun.

Kelly's Ideas

What an awesome time!



Sounds like the boys had a great time! Isnt it wonderful though to have Mom around for those times when you need the extra help? Bless her for taking such good care of you!

OH! I love your new layout! I love anything and everything harvest and fall!

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