Saturday, September 19, 2009

Spiritual Sundays

I am reading Voices Of The Faithful Book2 and will be reviewing it this week but wanted to share this particular story for this weeks Spiritual Sundays. Thankyou to Charlotte and Ginger for hosting! Please go visit here and read other posts! You will be encouraged, inspired, and may the LORD speak to you and bless you as HE does me each week.

"Happy Birthday Boy"

God, how difficult Your thoughts are for me (to comprehend); how vast their sum is! If I counted them, they would outnumber the grains of sand; when I wake up, I am still with you" Psalm 139:17-18(HCSB)

A college student name "Boy" is a faithful encourager to fellow believers. His father died when he was only four. His mom struggles as a single-mother kindergarten teacher in Thailand. Boy likes to help volunteers who come to teach English to university students. As a result of the time he has spent with volunteers and missionaries he's fluent in English.

His uncomplicated understanding of God astounds me. I once asked him if he was ever angry that his dad died. Puzzled, he responded "you know all those verses that tell people to take care of widows and orphans?" I always thought God love me more than other people."

During a bible study gather, I asked what God had done that was special during the week. Boy quietly answered. "I've never had a birthday party, a cake, or a present in my life. My family is poor, and my mom works hard. She's never even said "happy birthday" to me." Tears burned in my eyes as he continued, not complaining, just telling his story. "But one night this week, I had a dream Jesus was standing in from of me with a birthday cake. He said 'Happy Birthday' Boy. I love you." I woke up and realized that it was my birthday. I had forgotten but God hadn't.

Our Savior's thoughts are countless for each one of us.

David, Southeast Asian Peoples
God of Grace, Who knows each star by name, nothing is too great nor too small for your attention. Thank you for giving us a home and a family in YOU. Amen

May these Words remind each of us How Precious We are to Our Heavenly Father!

Love and Blessings to you



Hi Loren. I recently became a TN Book Reviewer as well (thanks to the link on your blog) and am also reading that book and hope to have my review up soon. There are some very encouraging stories that that stir my faith. Looking forward to reading your review. Hope you had a blessed day!


God's love fills all gaps.


He gave His all.....can we dare to less?


Thank you for sharing this touching story and reminding us how loved we are by our Lord. I love you, too, Sweetie Pie!


God's sweetest blessings to you dear.


Great story. Everybody needs this kind of reminder from time to time. This is encouraging and uplifting. Thank you for posting this. (I will be looking forward to your review)


Beautiful story, sad but inspiring...God never forgets us, never forsakes us.

God bless,


Beautiful story...So unfathomable that we are the apple of His eyes...I'm so glad He looks into our hearts not the outer appearance :) Have a great week!



WOW to see things from a innocent prospective such as this is so humbling. I feel that I have taken too much for granted lately and need to go back to the simple basics and just be content in them. Here is hoping that someday this "boy" gets the ultimate birthday when God welcomes him home with the words, "Well done!"

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


What a sad story! It makes me wish I could wrap my arms around him in love - what a simple faith he has -to live his life for the Lord helping others even though he knows really no other love than FROM his Heavenly Father!
VERY inspiring!
I am going to look up this book so that I can read it myself. Thnak you for sharing it with us today!
Blessings to you,


I would love to find out your take on Thomas Nelson Book review site - I hate to give out my information via the web but am interested in becoming a book reviewer too.
Have you been happy with them and do they bombard you with spam emails or phone calls?
Thanks for in advance for taking the time to answer,

Gotta Have Faith

Awesome Post today Loren! It is such a different viewpoint how people can see things! Boy thinks that is is rich in love and spirit from the Lord and he is more than many of us probably!

Take Care and have a great Sunday!

enchanting cottage

Thank-you for this powerful story. It makes me sad to think that this really happens to a lot of people.
God Bless,


Thank you for sharing this beautiful story with us, Loren. Wow! That was so inspiring.

christy rose

Beautiful story Loren! God loves us so!!! His thoughts toward us would transform our lives completely if we could understand them all!

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