Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September 8, 2009

For Today...

Outside my window... sunny, humid but in the 80's

I am thinking... how thankful I am that my Dad had a better day yesterday eating 3 meals and walking around which was a TOTAL switch from how I left him! How much there is to do in these next couple of daughter is turning 17 on Friday :( my husband is traveling 3 days each week for these next couple of weeks and my surgery is scheduled next Friday. Lord teach me to make the most of my time!!! :) thanks KAT

I am thankful for... the Lord and His presence and speaking to powerfully to me, my family and friendships!

From the kitchen... roast, potato, carrots and then simple since hubby is away, then birthday celebration but don't know what that is yet ......ah teenagers ;)

I am wearing... comfy clothes to work around the house today

I am reading... oh mY!!! When I got home I had received 2 books I won :) thanks Clif and one that I got from SarahMae's like a warm cup of coffee called Grace of for Sinners ~ wow! amazing read so far and then still Nancy Guthries Hearing JEsus speak into your sorrow....continue to go back to it

I am hoping... to get a plan for this birthday party and some organization for while I am down.....meals, cleaning done etc.

I am praying... for my Dad, my friend Beth and Jimbo & family,who just lost their friend JD and for his family and wife Lois, for Alle and Ron, Mary and her daughter, my friend Nicole and a friend here Tonya who had just found out she had colon cancer but she had surgery 2 weeks ago today and I saw her at walmart yesterday praising the Lord and looking awesome! and for my husband in his job and all my LOAM them! Kats mom, Rosel and the young boy Andrew!

Around the house...

One of my favorite things... the hint of fall is in the has started and I am sooo ready to start making soups and break out the hoodies and have a campfire

A few plans for the rest of the week... being all the God wants me to be, doing all He has for me to do, hearing HIS voice and obeying the call!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you..

My daughter, our athletic trainer (on the right) and her best bud LIZ

Love and blessings to you all



Loren, my thoughts and prayers are with you as you go through this challenging time. One thing, one day at a time. Remember that Jesus has already attained your victory and as you look to HIM, He will guide you to it and through it, one step at a time!

So glad we are blogging and Facebook friends! You are a blessing!


Today it was foggy and I got excited to even have a cooler temp to wake up to...Thanks be to God!

Thank you sister for your prayers. I feel those! I'm truly grateful for your friendship and "sisterhood" we share in God's family :)

Glad to hear that your dad is able to eat. Praying that's the start in Jesus' Name.

I have you in my thoughts and prayers always. May the Lord bless your beautiful daughter to have her life to the full!!! Praying for guidance, safety, strength, comfort, healing for you, your hubby, your dad and your children. May the Lord's holy blood cover you all and protect you with His army of angels! I love you sister in Christ. And take care of that shoulder. God bless you and have a great week!


A small voice is saying "Buy a motorcycle, leathers and a helmet and spread the word..."
Oh! Sorry sister. That's the voice in MY head...

Girly Muse

So thankful your daddy had a much better day!!! That is great news.

You've got a lot going on, girl! Some heavy duty stuff. Will be praying peace, rest and comfort for you and your household.

Guess what? My daughter's birthday is Saturday! :)

Love ya


It is rainy here on the east coast (Richmond, Va). I think of you constantly. I am amazed as GOD points my thoughts during each moment of the day to those I need to pray for. HE IS AWESOME.
I have begun to carry a small notebook in my purse with names to pray for in it. Everywhere I go someone asks me to pray and you know how my memory is... This simple task is really helping me focus during serious prayer time with GOD.
I love you and I pray you feel the prayers that surround you moment by moment and the gentle touch of your Heavenly Father on your very being.
Blessings and lots of hugs, andrea



SO glad that your dad is up and having a great day! We have to thank God for those days so your dad can get his strength back. I too am longing, begging and praying for cooler temps. We had a teaser this weekend but it didn't last. The temps are back on the rise again and wouldn't you know it, Caitlyn came back from camp with a sprained knee, requiring an knee brace to keep her knee straight and on crutches for 4 weeks. The great news, is she got baptized anyway despite all the pain before going to the ER. Hey at least she got her priorities in order.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


Yes yes, I like this.
And also, quite ready for the soup.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

Loren - You never fail to bless me and I was so overwhelmed at your kind words here today.

J.D.'s funeral was amazing. He wanted Jimbo to preach an evangelistic sermon and he did. There were 2 salvations! Can you hear an AMEN!! J.D. is probably still shouting in heaven over that!

We head to Biloxi, MS for his burial tomorrow. Full military burial.

Love to you sister.


Great, newsy, post. You have some much "on your plate" and a wonderful attitude. I always feel refreshed after reading your posts. You love life and it shows!......I got a HP computer and a new, larger monitor. Charlotte has a Mac and absolutely loves it but they cost more and I didn't think we both needed one. I like this one but I am still getting it set up.

christy rose

Love the picture of your daughter! She is just beautiful! 17? Wow! When I think of my kids getting older, I am just saddened to think that they are only going to be home a few more years and yet excited to watch them grow up and become adults. What a different relationship that will be and yet I think it will be an amazing one.

I am praying for you this week. Praying that you are able to make the most of your time :)
Praying that God directs every aspect of your life in these next upcoming weeks and that you come through your surgery and recover quickly.
Glad you are home safe and sound,



Please stop by my blog for a special blessing.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Nancy Guthrie

I'm so grateful to know that Hearing Jesus Speak Into Your Sorrow is helping you to hear his voice and rest in his arms during this difficult time.

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