Saturday, August 29, 2009

Book Review

This was my first introduction to this Best Selling Author and Women of Faith Speaker, Sheila Walsh and I have to say....I like her, I really like her.

Sheila's Book "Let Go" came at a very appropriate time in my life, but isn't that the way the Lord works if we allow HIM to and are aware of His voice speaking to us. This book is about women living free of the burdens we all know and experience at different times in our lives. Sheila knows there are times that as women we may feel "overworked, overcommitted, overtired or underappreciated." What do you do when you are walking through those times? Who do you turn to? Who do you seek assistance from or whose voice do you long to hear?

In this book "Let Go," Sheila shares topics ranging from deliverance, Gods grace, judgement from others and judging ourselves to letting go of our past ~ bitterness, unforgiveness, and making peace with those things that have happened in our lives so that we can live the life we are called to. Often times when dealing with these issues we "feel" we are in a dry desert and it is then that temptation comes a knocking. Her chapter on dealing with temptation is excellent and even her view of crying out for a miracle (which I have been guilty of alot lately) she speaks pointedly about: "Jesus knew: miracles don't change hearts. Obedience does." Sheila says:
"I don't know what situations you are facing right now, but I know that Christ our Saviour has left his footprints in the desert sand for us to follow. What Satan tempts us with is never what we are really longing for. It may appear to meet a need at the moment, but it will just take us deeper and deeper into the wilderness. Christ's steps keeps us close to the heart of God."

Sheila has given you questions at the end of each chapter along with scripture verses and even a prayer regarding each subject. As with everything what you put into it~ that~ you will get out of it. Spending quiet time in the presence of the LORD and searching to get to the root of these questions can be very powerful and truly you can find yourself free of so many of these burdens along with the tools to keep you from becoming overburdened the next time they come your way.

I recommend this book to any woman young or old or for any group of women who might be looking for something during the interim time when your bible study might be on break!



Long time ago, my family & I drove up to the mountain. Prior to reaching the top, there were very dry, arid lands and I noticed one cactus growing amidst the dry land.

If cactus can grow, how much more can we live and be useful if we allow the Lord to guide us and lead us and be away from any spiritual dryness we are in? For He lives forever.

Thank you for sharing S. Walsh's book with us. I think I had some of her writing and I remember loving the way she explains about things.

Have a great weekend and God bless you and your family. Love you in Christ.


Thanks for the recommendation. I have not read this one, but have read some of her other books and loved them.
Hope you are having a blessed weekend. Andrea

Kathleen "Kat" Smith


What a great book that God had inspired you to read when you truly needed some much needed inspiration and guidance. You needed to know that someone else had walked in those same shoes as you and Jesus had.

He truly works so beautifully in our lives and constantly works to the good of those that love Him and remain faithful in Him.

I love you sweet sister and thank you for sharing this recommendation to all of us.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Rona's Home Page

Sounds like a must read to me. Thanks for the suggestion.


Thank you for this book review. Sounds amazing. So glad to hear your dad is home!

Sea Glass

If ANY of you are ever able to attend a Women of Faith Conference..GO GO GO. My first experience was in the Philadelphia Collesum. 15,000 women lifting themselves to the Lord. There are no words. Sheila Walsh is a dianamic speaker and a inspirational singer. I use the Study Bible and the Devotional Bible from Women of Faith. Devotions are written by not on Sheila Walsh but Patsy Clairmont, Mary Graham, Barbara Johnson, Nicole Johnson, Marilyn Meberg, Luci Swendoll, and Thelma Wells. These women showed me how to recieve my faith again.


Sheila is my very favorite WOF speaker. I've read several of her books and saw her talk about this one on TV. Thank you for writing about it. I also enjoyed your thoughts about faith and miracles.


This sounds like one to read! Thanks for sharing with us Sweetie.

You're on my heart. Love you.

christy rose

I have been so not available for computer time this past week. And, I have not been able to blog or visit very much at all. I have missed stopping by and reading what is going on in your life and others too. But, I think, all is back on track and I am back! :) I hope so anyway. I am trying to catch up on visiting and I will try to post in the next day or two.
Anyway, I thought I would just let you know why I have not been around too much lately.

Love this book review. It sounds like a great book. I have several book titles on a list to get the next time I make book purchases. I think I will add this one to my list. :)


when I was ill in Hospital with brain Haemorrhage, and was saved. my sister Bernadette sent me Sheila Walsh's CD You Raised Me Up. as I live in Switzerland, and I played it every day until I could sing them all by heart. it gave me so much hope. and thank you Sheila Walsh. for that beautiful CD. Josephine Nobs.

hello I'm trying to contact Sheila Walsh ? I live in Switzerland , can you help me! please thank you Josephine Nobs.

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