Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thankyou Edie

This blog world has just absolutely amazed me. I have met some of the most amazing and precious people!
Today I was blessed by Edie at richgifts! She made my dad a prayer button. We were sitting at the Mayo Clinic
waiting to go into Dads treatment and I pulled up my friend Andreas blog and saw my dads prayer button
along with two other men who are also needing prayer right now....Jim and Ron. Well, it brought me to tears and
it touched my dad soooo deeply! I was like Dad....this isn't even my blog!
He was SO moved!

My friend Andrea was so sweet to ask Edie to make this button for my dad and If I am not mistaken she also asked for Edie to make the other two! She has such a beautiful heart and always an encouraging word for those she visits so thankyou Andrea for your friendship and for being a part of this gift!

Edie has an amazing gift and uses those gifts to glorify the Lord and help those whom she doesn't even know. I am
one of those people! I have been so humbled at the things in which the Lord has done. I shared with Edie how along
this process the Lord has just shown His Faithfulness and whispered along the way "I am with you ALWAYS" and this
button was just another one of those examples! Thankyou Edie for being an instrument of HIS love, of HIS faithfulness
and for making such a beautiful button and to all who read it and pray.....THANKYOU!

There is a button on my side page if anyone would like to add it to their own blog as well. Thankyou so very much!

Love and Blessings!




I have to agree with you that the blogging world is incredible. You will never be lonely with friends like Andrea and Edie and everyone else you will find here.

Hope you dad is doing well and send along our prayers for speeding healing and 100% complete remission!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Proverbs 27:19

Edie is quite wonderful!



It's awesome when the Lord brings together His children and be an encouragement with each other, no matter how, no matter where...To God be the glory!

Sister Andrea was among the very firsts who I met and I was so blessed with her friendship! Though I only heard about Edie now, I couldn't help but leave a comment for her at her site because her service is totally done with love that comes from the Lord. She inspires, like many of you guys.

We all laugh together, cry together sometimes, even perhaps get antsy if we don't agree with someone else's post, but the greatest thing is that we can all pray together and the buttons are great to remind us, not only to pray for the needs, but to be thankful that we have His love that bonds us all in unity.

Love you sister and thank you for always encouraging me and your visit I treasure despite your busyness. I just prayed for all of you, my blogging friends, so hard that I thought my eyelids wouldn't open anymore :) I'm serious!!! God bless.

Warren Baldwin

Very nice!


Edie is awesome!

We will all continue to storm the heavens together!

Blessings and prayers, andrea


What a beautiful button! I gladly take it for Doug. How's it going?

Love you,

The Real Me!

You know I'm grabbing it my sweet friend.


I am praying for your dad. I enjoyed your blog. You have a beautiful family. God bless you sis!


Praying for your dad too Loren. You don't know what a blessing you have just been to me.

I just read the comment you left on my blog and I just kept saying "me too"! "The gift of Faith", "Lord let me decrease and you increase", "Trust and obey, for there's no other way."

Then I came over here and my favorite (or most referred to) scripture is the first thing I see. Isiah 41:10

Then your very kind mention. Thank you for blessing me.

christy rose

Love the button! What a sweet precious gift!

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