Monday, July 20, 2009

Back in Florida

Wow! How can a week go by so quickly??? It seems like just yesterday I was getting in the car heading home with my kids!
The week flew by and I cherished each day as a family, was able to spend some time with my step-daughter and grandaughter :)
She is crawling everywhere, saying dada and mama too now and has the cutest silliest little grin you have ever seen....well I know I am biased but hey! :) My mom came over and spent the night because my husband had to go out of town so thought it would be a perfect way to spend some extra time with my mom. I was able to do her hair and we didn't go anywhere just enjoyed the day with one another and the kids! Saturday my honey took me on a date early and then we had some friends come over and had a GOOD PRAYER TIME and caught up with one another! On Sunday we had all of the family over, except my brother because he went to St Louis to enjoy a baseball game. We cooked out and it was a beautiful day and the Lord blessed our time so very much.

I returned to Florida today and was so happy to see my dad. He looks so darn cute with his hair gone and honestly looked so much better than I had expected. Each time I had talked to him last week he sounded awful and I was really scared. So seeing him as I got off the plane tonight was such a relief! I have to say the enemy was at work today ATTEMPTING to attack me with fear and anxiety to an extreme. I don't travel well alone anyway, but let's just say when I went to order a hamburger before I got on my connecting flight in Dallas and came out only to find they had moved my gate and I had 10 min. to get there and dropped my lunch and made a huge mess of ketchup, mustard, pickles etc all over I wanted to cry! Well, the enemy didn't win, never does and seriously the Lord just washed over me, then and there, I just laughed it off, picked it up, and moved on. Got to my connecting gate just in time to board and as I was walking to my seat I felt the Lord with me in a way that was so powerful. I can't even describe ~ it was just that Peace that passes ALL understanding and HE was with me. That is how He has been through this whole ordeal and I am humbled to the core!

I have to share we were driving to the airport my son says to me "MOM, when you skype (where you can talk to each other via the computer, seeing each other too) me one night I am going to turn the computer to the tv and put my arm around the computer (which will have my picture in it) and we will watch a movie together ok ??? Is that not precious??? He is soooo sweet! I am blessed beyond measure!



Thank God you felt His peace that no matter what the enemy tried to spoil that "joy" from Him, nothing he could do to upset you because the Lord is still in control. Amen!

That is so sweet of your son to say that. That alone would put you in "cloud 9"...

Thanks for sharing that you're back now to see your dad and I'm keeping you in prayers. God bless you and your beautiful family. Love you in Christ sister Loren! Have a good night.


Yes, that is a precious son you have there and he loves his mom. I don't like to travel alone either and have had to do a lot of it lately. So glad you felt God so near. I loved reading that.

Prayers continuing for your dad. And you! Love you, dear one!

The Real Me!

Oh my friend. I'm so glad that you had such a great time with your family and that you made it to your Dad's safely! God is so good and I can see Him working in your life and your Dad's.
Though I wish you were a bit closer to me! LOL
Florida is a big state isn't it?
Hugs from over here on the east coast!


How about rubbing your dad's cute ball head for me and telling him we are praying for him in Virginia.
I have a tender spot in my heart for oncology patients!! I love working with them.

Blessings and prayers, andrea


Sounds like God is working in all these circumstances. I'm glad you overcame the enemy's attacks. How sweet of your son.

I sent you an email with the code for the button. Let me know if you have any trouble.

Much love to you!!


I just posted a prayer request on my blog for your dad, jim, and ron, using the prayer tags Edie made.

LOVE YA, andrea


It makes me wince when I think of you juggling a ketchup filled burger (my daughter LOVES, LOVES ketchup!!)& running to get to another gate in time! (I know how important it is for you to have FOOD!) But...I'm glad you found peace from above & all was well when you got to Florida. I love you so very much & miss you already. XXOO Mom

Proverbs 27:19

I love the movie idea!




What a precious son you have! I love your post today! So full of love and compassion for the people in your life!

I am praying for you that the enemy will not steal your joy! You are required for a much greater purpose!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Girly Muse

I'm so glad you had such a great week at home! Sounds like it did you good.

I think Dallas airport might be Satan reincarnated. I can't tell you the times that whole running to catch the plane after they've changed GATES, usually with a baby in tow.

Evil, Evil, Evil. Thank the Lord you made it.

So glad your dad is doing good this week! And that is just adorable about your son.


Terri Tiffany

Praying now for your father and you.

christy rose

Oh Loren, Your son's words are so precious. That is so wonderful for a momma's heart to hear that their children cherish spending time with us. Eat it up!
I am praying for you this week,

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