Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Journey to my Dad

Wow What a Weekend! We received a phone call from my Dad on Friday to see the Mayo Clinic Surgeon in Jacksonville. He was told he was NOT eligible for Surgery due to the size and location of the tumor. I have to be honest, I was devastated for him and my family. I realized we all (my brother, myself, my stepmom and nana) had really counted on him being able to have this surgery....remove the lung with the tumor and begin chemo and just plain be healed of this cancer. My dad on the other hand was very positive and not surprised at all with the news. Now, don't get me wrong it wasn't what he wanted to hear it's just that he expected this. He also informed me that they would have an appt. with an oncologist on Monday morning.

That evening my husband and I were discussing all of this and I just really felt like I needed to go to Florida. We have a family meeting and asked the kids if they would like to go with me and if so, what were their concerns and/or fears. After putting all of those things to rest was unanimous. We all were going! Halleluah! I REALLY wanted the kids to go but didn't want to force them! We packed our bags Friday night and I did my mom and DH's hair on Saturday since I will most likely be gone for a couple of months and we were on the road by 3! It was a tearful goodbye for all for so many reasons but knew Gods hand was on and with all of us and we were doing EXACTLY what we were suppose to be doing. We had some friends come over on Saturday and make a list of Snacks for the road and OMG they loaded us up! What a blessing! We stopped in Tupelo on Saturday night and made it to St Augustine Sunday night about 10 pm. just in time for Fathers Day to be ending but hey, we made it!!

We had some fun times in the car:

We saw this right away and KNEW God was saying: I am with you!

Me and my girl :)

How many pieces of bubblegum can you chew??? heehee

My son blew a REALLY big bubble.....landed on his head and hair!

Our final hours in the car.....yep she is soooo silly!

Sooooo Glad to be here and spend time with my dad doing whatever it is that He needs
Thankyou each and everyone for interceding I will share with you tomorrow a note from him.



well now, isn't this just ironic. the girl who complained of her mommy ALWAYS being on the computer bloggin' now has one. HA. anyway, here is my URL, so you can jus copy & paste it to follow me.

i lub yooh.


I'm so glad you are able to spend time with your dad... I'm sure it means a lot to him to have you all there!! Great pictures! That first one is great, what an awesome sign to see at the beginning of your trip. Looks like you all had a fun ride! Let your dad know we are praying for him!!


I'm glad you are able to see your father on a special day, as prompted by the Greatest Father. Your pics show the "joyful hearts" you and your family share despite the trial you are faced with. Definitely, the Lord is with you! May the Lord bless and keep you all!


Once again, I see a fully surrended woman here trusting her Heavenly Father for her earthly father. I've been checking in on you and am so glad you wrote today. The cross is spectacular. Prayers are going up for your dad. I know your being there is such a comfort to him. You're a dear daughter. May God bless you big!

Be safe! Love & hugs,

Girly Muse

I am SO glad you are with your dad right now. That is just what everyone needed. Will continue to hold you and yours up in prayer. Enjoy your time together.

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