Monday, June 22, 2009

motivate me mondays

Dana is doing such a great job with her new venture of hosting Motivate Me Mondays! Thanks Dana, you shared a wonderful story and challenged us to share how Fear might have kept us from doing something that the Lord was prompting us to do!

As I read Dana's post I immediately remembered the time when our family was on vacation and we were at the beach in Florida enjoying a wonderful family filled day. We were walking along and saw a gentleman from far off. It didn't take getting up close to him to see that he hadn't shaven or even changed clothes for a very long time! I looked at my husband and we looked at each other and it was clear the Holy Spirit had spoken something as well to my husband. We talked about this gentleman and knew we were suppose to purchase him a meal! We were just about to eat lunch ourselves but some how this no longer seemed important. We purchased him a hamburger and fries and together the four of us walked the distance to this man. As we were walking we prayed and our kids who were younger then continued asking why we were giving a stranger this meal? We explained how the Lord had so clearly impressed on both of us to Feed this man. We let our children hand him this hamburger and said "May God Bless You" This man looked up at our family with such humility and said "Thankyou, I haven't eaten in days!"

Sometimes the Lord will drop us an idea.....make a call to this person, send a note of encouragement to so and so, make dinner for a single mom to help out, spend time with a elderly person at a nursing him or home care facility. We are all so busy doing our own things, and yes, sometimes, fear does keep us from "obeying" and serving the Lord through loving or helping others. When we don't act on those promptings it is us who loses out on the blessing for it is ALWAYS true. It is far better to give than to receive!

Lord, May we have ears to Hear and eyes to See and a heart that will Obey!



Wonderful story. What an inspiring Monday this has been.

Composing Hallelujahs

Thanks so much for sharing and for your kind words :)




"It is far better to give than to receive"...Amen!!!
It is the heart's condition and the spirit when giving that makes such a big impact to someone else who feels deprived of anything, much more with love and compassion. We just don't know, even a simple "hello" might mean so much for someone who's always rejected by people. Glory to God! And that's quite amazing that you and your hubby sensed His leading the same time. God is awesome and so are the two of you for sharing His love with that man. God bless sister Loren.


I came back because though we just met, I'm truly blessed by your friendship. I want to share a blog award with you so when you get a chance, pls. feel free to come over and pick it up if you feel like doing so. God bless sister.

The Real Me!

Amen sister. It's so hard to determine sometimes when a homeless person really is homeless as some of them down here are scammers. But I agree that the Holy Spirit can guide you in when to give and when not too. I'm sure that man was very appreciative.


Isn't it awesome to be on the giving or the receiving end of God's compassion!


You have quite a following these days .. and I know why .. BECAUSE YOU ARE AWESOME! I am praying for your dad and you and the kids. Continue to be safe and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! Keep me updated!
I'll be sad at Bible study on Thursday without you!

Warren Baldwin

Great story! So often we look for something BIG that God might want us to do. Often what he wants us to do is just be alert to the daily needs all around us. "Give us this day our daily bread" may be the prayer of a person around us. Being alert to that need and filling it could be God's call for us. How sad for us to miss that if we are too busy with our thing. You and your husband were sensitive, and God used you. Good job and good post. wb


What a beautiful way to teach your example. I love family ministry.

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