Monday, June 29, 2009

motivate me mondays

Wow is it Monday???? I have sooo lost track of my days! and I am barely making it in time for my traditional motivate me monday post but alot has motivated me this past week. I thought I would share the defination first.....


1. the act or an instance of motivating.
2. the state or condition of being motivated.
3. something that motivates; inducement; incentive.

I am first motivated by my Heavenly Father! He is speaking to me, my children and doing amazing things in this family of mine. I see His Power, Healing in relationships, His Peace, and His word that truly has been a lamp unto my feet during this first week in Florida.

I am so motivated by all of my friends...friends the I know and see and others in this bloggy world that I know here daily....I receive encouraging words, I know that there are so many prayers going up for my dad and this truly motivates me. To think my dads name is going up by so many people to the Lord humbles me.

I am motivated by my children who have loved me, listened to me, helped me and have been here by mine and my dads side everyday lovingly doing whatever is asked of them. I am so proud of my daughter who at 16, would normally be spending her days/nights with her friends and doing teenage things has made the choice to be here with her Papa and Barb. My son, he is such a "homebody" and misses his dog soo very much & his friends to, but yet they know the Lord has them here and they are learning and listening to His voice and all that He has for them.

My husband who is holding down everything at home, supporting me, listening to me and just being there when I need to cry no matter what time of day or night. He is truly my best friend and I miss him but guess what ???? He will be here in 2 days! wahooooo....this motivates me :)

My mom who I am soo very close to, I know how hard this is for her to release me but yet she did....she told me to take care of my dad and meant it with all of her heart.
Having her support is huge!

I have been motivated by the number of people at my dads work who clearly adore my dad. He had a coworker come over on Sunday to pray over him. He brought his family with him and spent some time talking. It was a precious time with them. I was thankful to have been a part and I know how very much my dad appreciated it. He is just so amazed at people....why? I don't know. My dad is a wonderful, kind hearted man who in the words of his co-worker "You Doug, are the real deal"

and lastly, I am continually motivated by my Dad. No matter what he hears, how he feels...He is always positive, strong, and grateful. He motivates me with his love, his strength, and determination. His willingness to fight this disease... and trust me...the fight is on!

Motivation comes in many ways. What motivates you? I have always loved this scripture and I think the word "spur" is Gods word for motivate in this particular verse. :)

Hebrews 10:24 (New International Version)

24And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds

Love and Blessing to you all!



What great things you have here that motivate you as you start your week. We all have different spiritual gifts and I can see that through people's writings here in this blogosphere. They motivate me because their posts always encourage and yours.
God bless sister and God bless you and your family and praying for your dad's recovery still.


Is it okay if I adopt your family? They are the neatest bunch! I love to pray for them and you. You're blinding me with the bright light of Jesus!

Thank you for your prayers that are holding me up. The enemy is coming in like a flood but God is raising a standard against him.


The Real Me!

You are so blessed to be around such wonderful people, it sure does help when you are going through something like this.
Big hugs to you and prayers for your Dad.


What great motivations you have... you are truly blessed! It is so nice to hear about your kids being such a help, you have awesome kids! So glad to hear you get to see your husband soon... that will be so great!!
Love & Prayers,


You, my dear motivate each of us as you live out the example of CHRIST. You are truly a "living vessel" for HIM. You are amazing!!

Continuing to pray, andrea

christy rose

Loren, I have an award that I would like to share with you . Please stop by and pick it up.

Girly Muse

YOU motivate ME to be more positive with your upbeat attitude and all the love that pours out of you. I feel blessed to know you even though I've never met you in person. :)


You are motivated to blog!


I'm still praying!!.....Thanks for your words of advice about my diet. You are a great encourager.


you motivate me mommy. always have.
i love you.

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