Monday, May 11, 2009

SarahMae has asked us to post our schedules as a means of motivation this week and I have to be honest while we as a family don't have a schedule per se we do have our weekly "family meetings" because my kids are much older so they are not home during the day, my daughter also works and is an athletic trainer and her schedule changes daily :)

So as a family on Sunday afternoon we sit down with our schedules, bibles and each other and share what the Lord has said to us and the things that we could pray for one another that week and then we give each other our schedules to input into our phones and/or calendars. If we miss a week of doing this it brings chaos and even the kids notice, not just my husband and I, so we try to stay very committed to doing this.

For myself I have learned so much from the bloggy world about schedules and Nicole had a tip one day that I have definately put into my daily schedule that I will share with you. In my quiet time as I sit reading the Word or just listening to what the Lord might be saying that particular day I use a notecard and put down the things I need to do on that day (ie; grocery list, errands to run, etc) but I also know that the Lord will put things in my path that are of HIM and not MY own plans Proverbs 16:9 :) (People may make plans in their minds, but the Lord decides what they will do. NCV) I enjoy at the end of the day when I am able to mark off the things on my list, but more than that I am more fulfilled when I know that I have accomplished what the Lord has given me to do on that particular day. Time management brings peace and order and God is a God of order and we learned that as a family, we are a team. We plan the meals together and help with all of the housework as a team and for us it has really worked and we all appreciate each other and the things that we do and none of us feel overwhelmed. If we have a special event that we are planning on we know that before we go we must have all of our work done so that we are free to relax and truly enjoy without thinking we have to go home to get work done. Sometimes when life gets crazy we fall off the wagon but we know that at that point we just have to regroup and pull back together. And when we do that and ask God to help and forgive us HE Does and we ask ourselves what it was that we did to so that next time we are aware and can stop it before it gets out of hand. We have learned that God cares so much even about the little things in our life and when we commit those things to Him, He will guide us step by step and day by day.


Sarah Mae

Very cool! I LOVE how you all sit together and talk about what the Lord is doing in your lives - wonderful!


Wonderful post and what a great tradition for your family! Love how you schedule your "family" time together!

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