Monday, April 16, 2012

The BIG 5-0 is almost here!

Good Monday Morning everyone :) How was your weekend? I hope it was ♥wonderful and blessed♥

I shared with you all on Friday that I was planning some Surprises for my husbands upcoming 50th Birthday! (♥It also happens to be one of our dear bloggy friends birthday that same day as well "Happy Birthday Darcie!! Love you my dear friend!!♥)

Years ago, my husband and I learned soooo much about our personalities, our love language(s), and just overall communication! I have learned very clearly that my husband does NOT like surprises. Well, to clarify "surprises"
I mean in the party manner. Sooooo, when I asked my honey what he wanted to do for his Birthday, he said, "NOTHING!"
Well, he knows there is NO WAY I was going to do "NOTHING" BUT, I translated that to mean that He wanted a low key weekend with his family and absolutely no surprise parties of any kind!

For Friday night, I made a reservation at a Fabulous Hotel downtown. I was able to get a GREAT package that allowed us to stay in the SUITE!!! and boy oh boy, it was.... ssssuuuuuuuwwweeeeeetttt! I texted my husband and told him that when he left work he was to come to ... and I gave him the address to the Hotel. When he arrived I had a warm bath waiting on him so he could begin to relax and then I gave him a massage. Now, now, now....really, just a massage! :)

We had dinner reservations @ 7:30. OH. MY. GAW! You guys, our meal was the MOST AMAZING MEAL I have EVER had in my whole life! Now, I am a very picky eater and when it comes to trying something new, well, I just don't. BUT on this night, guess what! I DID! and I am sooooo happy I did. Our meal started with a Spring Mix Salad w/honey & berry vinaigrette. I guess I should tell you guys I am really NOT a salad eater either. But OH MY! It was Fabulous! Our Entree' was Pan Seared Sole, with orange-mango risotto, and grilled asparagus. For desert we had...Get this.... Sea Salt and Caramel Gelato. Now this has to be the most unique desert I can say I've ever had. When you first tasted it, it was salty and then after a few seconds the sweet caramel would come through. WOW. JUST WOW!!. The awesome thing was that even though we cleaned our plates. (No, I didn't lick it clean but trust me, if I could have without being seen, I soooo would have!!!! LOL) we didn't have that horrible full feeling or bloated. Nope, not at all! When we went upstairs it started storming. We were able to fall asleep listening to the rain and the thunder rolling! It was a perfect night, a fabulous way to end our day.

On Saturday we spent the day together all the while My Mom was preparing a Surprise Dinner for him with all of our kids and grandkids there. It was a very relaxing day and weekend, and my husband couldn't have been happier or anymore thankful!

He won't turn the BIG 5-0 until Tuesday and sadly, he will be out of town. :( He will actually be out of town ALOT over the next few weeks....sniff sniff. But I am so glad he will leave having had a relaxing and joyful weekend with his family around him - just the way he likes it!

Here are some of the pics from this weekend

Moms beautiful table
Our yummy dinner
Papa blowing out his candles with Bentley
Holding his grandbabies

Happy Birthday Honey! I Love you sooo very much!


Beth E.

Now THAT'S a birthday celebration! Sounds like your husband's weekend was a great one. Happy 50th to him on Tuesday. :-)

Betsy from Tennessee

How sweet, Loren.... Sounds like hubby had/is having a fabulous 50th birthday.. Sorry he'll be out-of-town on the 'real' day---but at least, you all could celebrate early...

Hope you didn't get any of those storms..


It sounds as if you arranged a perfect birthday celebration for your hubby. I'm glad you both enjoyed it.

Girly Muse

Happy Birthday to your honey! So glad you had that time together. That meal sounded amazing!!! And your mom's place is so beautiful. You're a good woman, my friend. Lots of love to you today.


HOw absolutely perfect was that!!!! You are such a sweet, lovely, adoring wife, and I am sure your honey knows just how lucky he is! Happy 50 to him!!!

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