Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hello Friends ♥ It's Me, Loren :)

I've been gone so long I might should introduce myself to you guys... hee hee!

I hope each and everyone of you had a very blessed Christmas and that 2012 proves to be the best EVER! We have been blessed with such precious family time. Our oldest daughter, along with her husband, and of course our grand babies spent the night with us before Christmas. Such a treat!! We had fun decorating cookies

We opened our gifts...while Bentley decided he would rather wear the packaging ;).... This is His
Bo-HoHo-Hawk LOL

We went to see my Nana (Dads Mom) She is 90 years old and just sooo cute! We took her out to eat @ one of our favorite restaurants ~ Fred&Reds Chili House....OHHHH EMMMMM GEEEE!! IT IS FABULOUS!!! Once we got back to her house, Nana allowed me to go through her recipe box. What a true gift. To have a copy of recipes that I have grown up LOVING and now I can share them with my kids and grandkids! Isn't that awesome!

We had a wonderful Christmas with my Mom and Stepdad! My Mom always pours everything into making sure everyone feels special. Her house is decorated just BEAUTIFULLY, the food is absolutely delicious, and seeing her special touch throughout her home never ceases to amaze me!!

As it all began to wind down we reluctantly began taking down all the Christmas decorations. We decided we should go through a lot of the stuff and clean out/organize things. This led to cleaning out the attic, cleaning out every Christmas box we had. Finally, After de-cluttering we then began to organize. It only took us 2 days and the last day was a STRAIGHT 16 hour day! We were EXHAUSTED but, boy oh boy, does it feel soooo good to have a nice clean and organized house!!

Then.... Our College Football team ~ The Oklahoma State Cowboys played in their Tostitos Fiesta Bowl game! We were #3 and Stanford was #4. We all knew it was going to be an amazing and very close game. Let me just tell you...we had NO IDEA how GOOD or how VERY CLOSE it would be ALL NIGHT!! I got so nervous at times in the game I had to leave the room!
We went back and forth, back and forth! At halftime we were tied. At the end of the game, we were still tied. So in Overtime we finally scored and WON THE GAME!! It was SOOOO EXCITING!! 41-38

Today my Honey will go back to work and then Jantz will return to school tomorrow. We have Jen for just a bit longer as they don't return to school until next week, so I will treasure these days for sure. It has been a WONDERFUL Christmas Break!

I wonder.... Will this next year fly by as quickly as 2011 did? I am sure it probably will... *sigh*

I am so glad to be back and to catch up with all of you!


Kim @ Homesteader's Heart

Oh it sounds like such a fun time, minus the whole cleaning and organizing part. LOL! But I know it feels good to get it done.
I love the Bo ho ho hawk! HA! HA!
I've missed you and glad am glad to hear that you had a wonderful Christmas!
Big Hugs!

Betsy from Tennessee

Hi Loren, It's great to hear from you. Sounds like you and your family had a great Christmas.

Isn't it nice to clean things up really good after Christmas??? It's like spring cleaning in the WINTER.... ha

Love seeing your grandchildren... How cute!!!!


Hi Loren, Loved seeing all your photos-especially of your girl licking the frosting. I watched the game last night because we were raised in Palo Alto-aka Standford territory and it was a close game but glad you guys won-seriously! This next fall when Standford plays Denver, my brother & sil will be out and we'll all go to the game together. So glad you are back and we'll be seeing you more.
Hugs, Noreen


Nice to read about your Christmas! Hope your 2012 is off to a happy start!


Beth E.

I've been gone for awhile, name is Beth! ;-)

So glad to hear you had a good Christmas. We did, too. We still have all of our decorations up, though. We need to declutter and reorganize like you did...I dread it!

We'll be watching the Va Tech game tonight...GO HOKIES!


It sounds as if you had a wonderful holiday season. Your grandchildren are adorable (but you knew that). We saw the Oklahoma State - Stanford game -- it was a thriller.

Girly Muse

Happy New Year, Loren! So glad to hear about your Christmas break. Sounds like so much fun. Enjoy your time with Jenna this week! Love you!

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