Monday, August 15, 2011

Letting Go

See this Sweet Girl? Today begins a new Season in her life. Our Precious girl is College Bound. I am not sure how this day arrived so quickly. Wasn't it just yesterday I was bringing her home all snuggled up in her Pink Blanket? Or singing, Barney's "I love you" song. Surely, it was just the other day I was walking you down the hall to your Kindergarten class, waving good-bye with tears in my eyes amazed at how brave you are, and so very smart too!

Time has flown by, my girl. You are your Daddy's girl. Your quick wit has always brought such laughter into our home. Your smile lights up the room and your heart is so full of Love and Compassion. Your teachers were always so quick to share how thoughtful you were of others and how very successful they knew you would matter what you choose to do, they would tell me ~ She is going to be a Huge Success in every way imaginable! Of course, I knew that, after all, You are Your FATHERS' girl, and through HIM, You can do ALL Things!

You are your Momma's world, Yes Sweetheart, you are! From the moment I laid eyes on you and held you in my arms, I was a goner. Your sweet spirit is so humble, so loyal, and so kind too, but lets not forget the perfect amount of orneriness thrown in when the time is just right! ;0) Throughout the years, you have grown to be such a strong young woman, making choices that have made us so very proud. Not one to go "with" the crowd, but recognizing that you are "set apart." Learning that life may not always be easy, but knowing that in those times of difficulty is when God can and will prune you, teach you and change you to be more like HIM.

You have always had Ears to Hear what the Lord is saying, a gift given from HIS Heart to yours. Look to Him, Seek Him honey, with all of your heart, and all of your mind. Always remember, Success as the world measures it, is completely the opposite in the Kingdom.

So Kick up your heels and enjoy this new Season HE has prepared for you. Your Daddy and I are so very proud and even more excited to see what God is going to do in you and through you!

I Love you A Bushel and a Peck,


The Real Me!

Stop it! You're going to make me cry. Did you get through writing this without crying? I don't think you did.
What a precious tribute to a super wonderful young lady. She's going to shine my friend. But remember, a lot of who she is is because of you guys. The way you've raised her and loved her and guided her. The Lord has been so good to show you each step to take with her and now you get to see all that effort blossom into this new season of life.
Love you friend!


What a beautiful tribute to your sweet girl! Such an exciting time for her, and such a big change for you....Mel didn't go away to college (I think the Lord knew she was to move away from me RIGHT after college and I needed this extra 4 years) but it was still a HUGE change of seasons. You will watch her grow from a beautiful, smart, VERY YOUNG girl, into a full blown independtent young adult woman in the next few years. A VERY special season in both of your lives. I wish and pray for her all the best the Lord has in this next adventure, and a comfort and peace for you as she does. HUGS to you, Debbie


Well...way to make a reader cry! Beautifully written! Beautifully inspired by a beautiful daughter! Wonderful adventures await her. Can't wait to read all about them!
Peace and blessings.


Blessings to Jenna as she begins college years and brings to the world all the wonderful nuggets of wisdom she learned from Mom and Dad. I look forward to reading about her college life!


Awww Loren...feeling every emotion that you packed into this post. Your Jenna is a beautiful girl, with a beautiful future ahead of her. I know God will give comfort to your momma's heart at times like this, and courage to her heart for steps yet unseen that she will be taking. Sending hugs(((((hugs)))) your way. Love you!

Betsy from Tennessee

Oh what a sweet post, Loren... I can tell that your daughter has had a wonderful life so far---with a good one to come. She has wonderful parents --and because of that, she will do fine in life... May God go with her as she enters college...



This is a wonderful letter to your daughter as she prepares to head off to college. She is going to treasure it for years to come.


I can't say anything that hasn't already been commented, but just gotta say that I too loved your precious tribute. I came here to see what Loren had to say today, and right before I clicked on your blog, I knew it was going to be about Jenna going to college today. I am relating to you so much and tears are welling up in my eyes right now. Our daughter is almost all packed to leave Wed. morning for her final semester of college and our "baby" is a Senior in high school this year! And our oldest son's oldest daughter will turn 5 Sept. 6, and his baby will be 1 in October!


What a beautiful post! I can feel your pride for your beautiful daughter. May she go forth and shine brithly to all of those around her.


My heart is so full & my eyes are teary, but I am extremely excited with anticipation for our beautiful Jen's future! You and Brian have provided a solid foundation for her continued growth, and now your little bird must fly. Good job to all!! Love, Mom XO

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

awww. so sweet! what a great girl you have and she certainly has an awesome mama! Good luck to your sweet girl!

Girly Muse

Aw, tearing up for you. She is going to have a wonderful time (because she has fun no matter what!) but I know you will all miss each other SO much! Praying for blessed time at school and for strength for you at home without her. Love you!!!

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